When Breitbart arrived on the British media landscape, they improved it radically.

They filled a void by being the sole, radically Libertarian voice which questioned Big Govt, and Big Corruption, at every turn.

Have they now been nobbled?

Their reporting of the UN climate summit has — surprisingly — been purely factual and apparently uncritical of the main, invalid assumption that CO2 causes climate change.

Is James Delingpole going to write a piece questioning the basis for the fairy tale science and fraudulent, yet real, taxes, which are still imposed on its imaginary strength?

TruthExcites hopes very much that Breitbart continues its cutting, forthright journalism in the way its growing army of readers have come to expect over the past year.



Oil plutocrats the Rockerfellers have announced an investment move away from their old mainstay oil to renewable energy.

These GASBUSTING priests of false science continue to peddle the mad myth of carbon caused global warming — as the sun continues to cool the world, while emissions do nothing.

What a huge house of investment cards to have collapse, when subsidies for failed wind finish — and cold winters boost a post-Barack need for coal and oil…

…unless, of course, the Rockefellers know something that we don’t, and have influence over the levers of world power.

And over the UN’s sinister Agenda 21.



Unbelievably, the claims of Western Antarctic ice’s MELTING to a sub-marine SLUSH — made earlier this year — were based SOLELY on computer predictions; and NOT real measurements.

Antarctic ice has actually expanded to record levels and is getting deeper too, as the world cools, due to a quiet sun.

Despite CO2 having no effect on temperature, Emma Thompson gave an interview at a London climate rally, speaking of the (funding hungry) 97% consensus — yet not accounting for the Middle Ages’ having been hotter than today, 7 centuries before car emissions began.

Millionaire Emma’s ramble about oil being as passé as cigarettes may strike a bum note with people who need energy for work, who suffer from cold…

… and who tire of spoilt celebrities puffing politically-driven lies.