Labour security LINED the pavement outside the Brighton Metropole Hilton Hotel with PLANTED SUPPORTERS to try to HIDE the growing public anger with the political estblishment for the tyranny of the #CovidClimateCon, and Labour’s treasonous surrender to the NWO establishment.


But Piers Corbyn got through with his microphone and called out Kier Starmer’s brazenly fake charade of opposition, that endorses despotism to disgrace not only his Labour leadership, but the political establishment of which Her Magesty’s Opposition is a part. In this regard, it continues the sorry reduction of political leadership to an executive role on behalf of the NWO, as when Tony Blair’s #NewLabour lied to help make 9/11 a springboard for illegal, deepstate-driven invasions.

The routine nature of protocols to shield politicians from the public at key moments undermines democracy by making them less accountable. It is accepted by the public in the same way as Hollywood entourages, yet is deeply dangerous, especially now as freedom’s restoration depends on the real vox pop being heard.


On Tuesday, 28 Sept, in Brighton, at a fringe meeting of Momentum’s #GreenNewDeal initiative, ‘TheWorldTransformed’, #Momentum drowned out Piers Corbyn’s anti-Globalist #LetTheUKlive.com. Piers, and fellow campaigner Heiko Khoo, had been speaking for mere minutes, in the open air, outside the event marquee, when security attacked them both, and — although some attending members clearly supported both men’s right to be heard — Heiko was physically dragged out, with Piers forced to leave some minutes later.

Debating by silencing and ejecting the opposition indicates not having anything to reply: the jealous emptiness at cancel culture’s core.


This Stalinist approach to debate came just two days after the same group’s Guardian-reported ejection of the same pair from a panel discussion meeting. That, previous silencing of disagreement followed debate moderators’ ignoring Heiko’s and Piers’ raised hands for a #ClimateChange question and answer in favour of a sought contribution from ‘a black person, a young person or a woman’.

The party of progress thus brought racism, ageism and sexism to one, idea-blocking edict: showing not judgement-poisoning prejudice, but also fear of the truth of #ClimateChange’s being natural, not man-made, with CO2 changes an effect, not a cause, of sun-driven climate change. For it had been pronouncing this that got Piers Corbyn silenced. Labour would not listen to a lifelong human rights campaigner, and scientific demonstrator, through his successful weather forecasts, of his sun-driven climate assertion.

This proved that Labour follows neither democracy, nor science, and that — through its mindless, common-purpose surrender to globalism’s communo-fascist indoctrination — a once-genuine movement has become deliberately, toxically and dangerously deceptive.

The time is ripe for independent people power to replace Labour’s empty, authority-hijacked opposition-failure.

Million-by-million, they are doing just that.

#ScamdemicBusters Piers and Heiko mask up as disguise to get past security, in the form, Labour’s anti-opposition heavies.


With wars, or openly turning on their own people, governments and super-governmental world powers could destroy economies much faster, and save everyone time.

But they don’t, because doing that would incriminate them. That is why they use an engineered virus of little consequence to fake a plague, as an excuse for a long drawn out assault on life and freedom.

Official ponderings on life never being free again sit unconvincingly next to debunking, unpoliticised science, and the pre-planned globalist #GreatReset, the harmful, impoverishing and enslaving nature of which for humanity means it would never be accepted unless by force, on the grounds of a fake emergency, alleged by organisations who retained the denial-fortified confidence of a public, the betrayal of which was their institutional mission.

So years pass as the charade of pandemic waves license murdering injections, and authorities keep people in prison to make it seem real — and enable the crime to go on.

Having seen that, we can stop it.


‘I’m the head of that school … I’m in favour of this!’

Those were the words of the Head Teacher of Fulham Boys School, on rejecting a #CovidJab information leaflet as he returned to his school building, the day of the vaccine rollout for 12 – 15 year olds, by the government, against its advisors’ recommendation.

The most frightening aspect of his utterence was its automatic linking of being a teacher, and being in favour of the jab — even extending to a slight sarcasm of tone, to the effect that, if I had known that he was the Head Teacher, I would not have had the nerve to approach him.

In reality, his position makes it more important that he investigate this issue critically, and that others inform him of all viewpoints, given the matter’s vital importance to the teenagers in his care: teenagers that he should be teaching free, critical thinking, not least by example.

The attitude underlying his fleeting, telling comment to me suggests that he is failing as both guardian and educator. Luckily, the intelligent, open response of many teenagers, who took leaflets on their way out of school, confirms that, even in the institutions at the heart of the establishment’s brainwashing centres, an awakening is spreading throughout humanity: the ultimate education.


The dark pyramid is visible.

It flickers in the evil heliography of refraction via the illogical, destructive decisions of those world leaders bent on pushing for the #GreatReset.

Only their relaying the unacknowledged will of a hidden power explains the continued economic destruction and blackmailing of humanity on the false licence of containing a non-existent plague: long debunked, yet to no avail, as moderate libertarian media, like the Daily Telegraph — which last year recommended the Swedish approach — has failed to campaign against the establishment properly despite its anti-lockdown leading article of Autumn 2020 being ignored.

Familiar faces, besuited and sobre, announce madly destructive policies, backed by illegal though draconian laws. Behind that absence of reason lies the evil truth, of the pyramid summit’s urgent need to squash rising consciousness with fear and injections that block the natural intelligence of intuitive connection to the divine, and to the ascension-giving logic of universal law. Those emotionally attached to Western body politics hide from the incriminating illogicality of designer destruction, solely because of their stale yet entrenched loyalty to the authorities involved — and their shocked incapacity to digest these people’s true nature.

The NWO will fail. The severity of evil’s assault on life shows its desperation in the face of the Aquarian dawn that burns its vampiric ego — and without which emergency it would not have shown as much of itself: an instance of darkly telling haste that has awoken millions.

Let there be light — and music!


As the anti-jab drumbeat grew across London on Friday, one taker of the first jab RETURNED — with her family — to a vax minibus parked outside Victoria station, to make them aware of the bad reaction that she suffered to this government-pushed, bigpharma-engineered programme.

More details to follow on this story.

!!! ILL INTENT !!!

Without studying a single Petri dish — never necessary to establish basic, personal freedom, in a reality where genuine emergencies are obvious without needing laws — we know that if BigPharma’s Covid vax programme was an imperfect but genuine response to urgent need, they would pay compensation when it went wrong.

Their indemnity — whether legally valid or not — shows a lack of integrity in their approach.

So does the very notion of holding basic liberties hostage until people accept jab as promised key to freedom. Needed products sell themselves without blackmail — until 2020 unthinkable, state-sanctioned on this scale in the Western world.

The blackmailer — and thence any product they push — are rendered untrustworthy by the blackmail. This is especially noteworthy if their product is an irreversible injection, through which any takers place their health and life in the pharma industry’s hands.

Freedom, and wellbeing through personal effort, are taken, not given. For the past year, the globalist establishment has been showing that.