!!! YOU TOO !!!

When sun shines through a window, it projects itself onto the opposite wall. Thus, its transmitting nature makes it create a self-portrait, just like a human artist.

Like this, does consciousness naturally clone itself? Is this phenomenon behind artificial intelligence, as organic, carbon brains synthesise silicon brains?


In 2023, #AnimalFarm becomes #BatteryFarm.

In 2020, the ‘pause’ suspended logic and life, in one, imperiously abusive silence. Now, two years on, the latter has partially choked back into action, but the former remains comotose.


An mRNA vaccine — now demonstrably toxic by design, and already the killer of many — was pushed on the public through the blackmail of normal life’s suspension without it, and, in some countries, through legislation and fines. Yet mainstream media, including the lockdown-sceptic #DailyTelegraph, is not campaigning for exposure of, and justice for, this deliberate, economically destructive, mass-murdering outrage.

We should have deafening headlines, as on day 2 of a war, or terrorist attack, for the #WEF, the #UN and British politicians and advisors are, indeed, terrorists of the mind and the body; as well as a criminal, occyping force on our daily lives.

!!! OH, SO QUIET !!!

Yet the press remain largely unoutraged; those commuters not ‘working from home’, or marooned on the #UniversalCreditSedative, continue to go to and from work, often via anti-car LTN mazes, whose council authors see stopping people from driving as an aim, not a means — as revealed by #CamdenCouncil in #Dec2019, when Labour Councillors discussed how to make a society, which had voted for THEM, experience life as under the #GreenParty.

Now, amid the new dystopian tyranny of zoning, the media’s sly silence of summer 2020 recurs: it ignores the country’s new descent from #AnimalFarm to #BatteryFarm.

!!! WELCOME TO THE #BondAge !!!

Unbelievably, in the UK, more and more councils plan to ration car travel outwith a 15 minute urban cage, bounded by road-barriers, with the monitored permission of an available quota needed to exercise this basic, inalienable right — and the deployment of fines for transgressions.

The justification for this #CommunoFascist outrage on basic liberty — which will reduce life to incarcerated, choice-bereft misery — is the long-calculated lie of #ManMadeClimateChange. Aside from the misappropiation of public funds probably inherent in the passing of these anti-citizen measures, by the councils in question, the nightmare of an #OpenAirPrison is unlawful and unenforceable.

!!! THE TRUTH !!!

The #ClimateCO2N fails on the fact that CO2 is not a driver of our #SolarActivity-governed climate. When CO2 rises, it does so as an 800 year delayed result of previous, natural, sun-driven warming — just like the CO2 rise since the 1600s, following the sun-driven #MediaevalWarmPeriod of 1000 AD to 1250 AD. As CO2 now continues to rise to 0.04% of the atmosphere, the world starts to cool, in line with solar activity cycles which have been falling since their 1990 peak.

Since money is a proxy for energy, declaring the attunement of energy to human life to be a punishable offence penalises wealth — and creates a platform from which to control and choke life. Therein lies the depopulation-linked motivation behind maintaining the desperately metamorphic #ClimateCO2N — from #GlobalWarming, through #ClimateChange to #ExtremeWeather — as nature’s bent jetstream, and chilly descent to a #GrandSolarMinimum has proved the despotic liars wrong.

Globalist #Continentale, the tyre maker, join the #BatteryFarmBandwagon. Their facebook post, copied below, shows a pedestrian stopping a car at a crossing, symbolising, with cynical calculation, the orchestrated end of driver freedom. This is not the #FourthIndustrialRevolution — the oft-quoted title of #KlausSchwab’s book on #Agenda21: rather, it is the #FourthTechnocraticImposition.

!!! #JustSayNo !!!

#TheFirstHumanRevolution is ALREADY rejecting this outrage.

On the 21st February, JOIN US to #KeepOxfordOpen !!!

Stop the #RishiSunak’s #WEFcoup from turning the UK into #CrateBritain.

MoveBarriers !!! #ArrestErectors !!! #DriveFreely !!! #TakeFreedom !!! #JustSayNo !!! #OpenOxford21Feb