On Saturday, the “This Changes Everything” Climate conference rallied around a dream of world socialism — and debated ways of popularising the CLIMATE CO2N-driven imposition of top-down world governance, on free, creative individuals. As solar nap driven cooling makes a nonsense of Global Warming’s predictions of sweaty Armageddon, the focus shift from science to spin — sometimes with open declaration of science’s irrelevance to the grand scheme — was no surprise; yet still disgraceful: many climate activists now see their fudged science as a meditation aid, to sustain social momentum for change; their own herd instinct rightly tells them that social pressure, not reason, is the engine for shaping medium-term human behavior.

That this Monogovernment Mondiale movement’s open priority is to sell world socialism makes democracy meaningless, given the trillions spent in the name of its imaginary, yet still official, CLIMATE cause: money raised from working people — including from the fuel poor — through carbon taxes.

That a movement which seeks to influence world leaders, and whose founder Naomi Klein has featured on the BBC, can have utter disregard for observed truth shows the moral arrogance of those behind it — and highlights the danger it would pose society if it gained traction. The “This Changes Everything” rally’s main purpose was to act as a life support machine for climate hysteria, not for the planet: to be a vehicle for the desperate Left to use as catalyst for a pan-demographic, government-controlled global cooperative — which they want to establish before Global Cooling is clear — and their credibility smashed.

¡¡¡ SELLING HELL !!! Their emerging campaign strategy made frightening sense; not least, the separate targeting of demographics to give each a stake in the project; and the change of tone to a more positive, people-friendly one, in place of the oppressive, guilt-demanding threats of doom that have reigned bleakly until now. Though most activists were thoroughly decent people, keen on REAL conservation, as well as the CO2N they have been sold, their problem is that their project is based on the illogicality of a lie, which de-energises all those involved, AND their communication: which freezes the wealth of living, growing thought, into a mind-inert, dead mantra. Further, if a “wind-powered global collective” ever did become reality, it would go with a worldwide client state, comprising all the groups that had been cunningly offered a “stake” in the movement. The system would be all takers and no givers — and so short-lived! The “MILLION GREEN JOBS”, now endorsed in principal by one or two Trades Unions, would vanish, in the absence of the vital, subsidy-funding tax-take — which would have been destroyed along with the corporate structures.

¡¡¡ MIND NUMBING !!! In his evening guest appearance, Russell Brand’s rolling maul of misused abstract nouns was whoop-reflected to the rafters. But building a feel-good brand — a wise aim for them — needs more than the drowning of THEIR OWN reason in the mandatory din of sacred, post-Obama progressive cool; and its auto-validation of everything and anything. Noisy denial of reason has seen many incarnations of socialism fail over the centuries, as believers have hidden from truth in chanting cliques; allergic to thought and thus bereft of the power to persuade. Lies are necessarily complex, multi-camera angle illusions; far harder to construct than auto-resonant reality is to reveal. Lies’ collapsing, porridgy transience is dull: and, after ages in the making, it can be skewered, simply, with vision-fired truth: the latter a natural fit for a modern ad campaign, with corollaric posters converging on the same, core slogan.

¡¡¡ TOGETHER, IN ELECTRIC BEAMS !!! The Electric Universe, via which the sun drives climate, and our “Mother Earth” generates life, is a flux — part of which is our perception: the seeing, decoding and source-mapping physics of thought. The fusing of Physics, ancient paganism and contemporary spirituality is creating a new Renaissance of inherently complementary science and art: of reason and expression, respectively. This holisticism gives mass to consciousness, spirituality to life — and recognises wealth as energy: recorded and communicated as dollars, yet created and channelled in reality by individual living beings. Creation is capitalism: perceived and decoded, it is truth. And only Truth excites. !!! Be happy, not CO2NNED !!! 😉