!!! IN THE DARK !!!

Have London’s lights been muted – in homage to the CLIMATE CO2N?

Is that why, just as UK and European citizens are CO2NNED with bogus climate science, so money-spending tourists are kept in the dark, with historic national landmarks left unlit – and all but invisible – through August’s iconic summer nights?

Truth hopes that PM Teresa May will end this cultural and intellectual vandalism.


!!! TruthExcites !!! 2016 !!!


Happy, Belgian French ripples between tracks, as music and DJ energy exchange the baton of the routine géniale.

At Brussels airport, and beyond Starbucks, sunbeams of melody trip the afternoon away to its pit-stop nomad customers, via CONTACT – one of a growing breed of Euro-centred video-radio music channels.

Having just returned from Atina, Southern Italy, I immediately think of RADIONORBA.TV, which alternates stretches of several, seamlessly bumper-buffered video tracks, with the finger-drawn, spiral-winding, palm-cup-cake trampolines of Mezzogiorno charm.

On mid-Tuesday afternoon, working at the airport, Claudia tells me that she loves r’n’b, especially BeyoncĂ© – and prefers non-stop music to streams with deejay chat, since, with the latter, the “mix is not the same”.

Generally, I could not agree more!

Yet fascinatingly, as well as fusing videographic beats to the tune-torrents of old, pirate-radio rollercoasters, this emerging breed of video-radio streams combines melody flow with incidental – and delightfully flip-side – documentary: gestures and hurried, mouth-mimed exchanges between sonically offline radio presenters juxtapose the polished aural flow with a sweating, though laughing, backstage.

This transforms a tune tapestry to surreal art – and makes the day sing more loudly!

TruthExcites, 2016