The #SocialCreditSystem has government assign values to services and products according to its own criteria, and as distinct from those which would result from the open market.

So, if people want petrol, but government wants it to be phased out, then — despite high demand for this product — the state’s issuers of social credit penalise its sellers and buyers: they redefine petrol’s official value to ignore the market, and reckon only with their, governmental disapproval.

By valuing commodities according to authority’s judgement, not market demand, they are redefining money itself in the same way. The price of items becomes not the amount that the buyer will pay, but the amount that the government — with or without an ulterior motive — thinks that they should pay, if the transaction is to be allowed at all.

This centralised and biased twisting of money’s free contract essence would be bad enough if governments’ missionary re-evaluation of it were done honestly. But, to have it instigated as presently planned — on the basis of the causality-reversing lie of the #ClimateCO2N — would be to have imposed upon us a valuation system for goods and energy that is, at its core, criminally market-manipulative.

Social credit measures not the buyer’s desire for the product, but the government’s desire to control, if necessary by making rules that outlaw and negate existing demand. If real money is the inherent voltage of market appeal, via which peer-to-peer liquidity flows naturally, social credit is an externally imposed counter-voltage, which abuses human market forces with coercion against their will, and, sooner or later, exhausts itself to deserved death, since the effort of forcing people is, to use the #ClimateCO2NSTERS’ favourite word, totally unsustainable.

As we keep trade free with physical cash and crypto, the Globalists’ #CommunoFascistFix will fail: market-rigging attempts always do.

#BuyerSetsValue !!! #KeepCash !!! #TakeFreedom


Aged 12, and having failed an entrance exam for a small, private school in Northern England, my mother made me feel good with her sense that its vibe was basically unworthy anyway.

Her giving wisdom, through which I always felt on the best route, quoted other parents as content with early subject specialism, since keeping a diverse subject range ‘was not an earner’.

Here, amongst the ambitious British middle class, was a contentment to have childrens’ learning cater for the focussing criteria set by prospective corporate and government employers, rather than to have individual free-thinking engendered by exploration, conversation and the corollaries of interdisciplinary comparison.

This early focussing of education — accepted by parents hungry for the valueless, printed money issued by the instigators of the same — created, as graduates, only blind executives: financially motivated to operate on behalf of employers, whilst not understanding the substance or context of their actions, such had been the enslaving effect of the tunnel vision of premature specialisation, channeling them, each, to a separate, impotent, padded blindness. We have seen the result of this hypnosis of the professional pawns charged with relaying the #Scamdemic and #ClimateCO2N hoaxes.

As the early manipulators of voltage, who created switching computers from patterns of energy in wires, must have noted, to compare is to think; and to think is to assign one’s own notion of true value to any phenomenon.

By making comparisons, instead of being isolated by a blindness conferred by convenience-acceptance of another’s lies, just souls converge, independently, on light. While this journey finishes with God, its path is the holistic appraisal of reality that — like honest capitalism, and not cabalism — caters for real need, instead of contriving fake desire through deception.

That is why the Land of the Free is the land of the market, not of the employer. The simpler any transaction’s structure, the less corruptible and more purely divine it remains.


The globalist hoaxes of #Covid and #Climate gained traction, significantly, because modern society’s unwritten rules value trust over reason and verification. The lazy, fake ‘good vibes’ of trusting with neither genuine sixth sense, nor triangulated secondary logic, have become a badge of belonging to the mainstream, and especially to the university-indoctrinated professional middle class.

The rotten and dangerous contract of compliance with #ScamdemicRules was pushed by widespread acceptance of the notion that unquestionning collective trust was good and would be rewarded: the declared duty was to follow, not to question.

This evil inversion of universal law — which itself demands we apply our divine reason, along with our free will, in persuit of truth, light and love — created a sense of sick paralysis, that hung in the air of #CabalCoupDenial, and emaciated the fearful eyes of those who mask-pinched their sight to hold belief in #CommunoFascist lies: an emotional submission which debilitated logic.

The great political and media-based leverage acquired by false UN and WEF authority has resulted from the great duration of unquestionning trust that it has enjoyed. From the illegal spawning of the #FedReserve, through orchestrated wars to soul-tracking healthcare contracts, false patriotism has broken God’s word by demanding obedience instead of divinely orientated reason.

Centuries of supposedly pious branding, in the form of national flags, ceremonies and enlisted churches, do not change the fact that such overriding of freewill — the one essential to make choosing light count — is the mark of the beast.

Yet, after all this, as #MikeYeadon’s deeply British, logic-anchored light is shared, from Florida to the world, soul by soul, its people are seeing the reason, and knowing that they, too, hold it.

After a long fall, we are starting to return to the light.


Why are #KierStarmer’s Labour not supporting the RMT union strongly in its opposition to the Tory’s dishonest forcing of rail customers to book journey’s online, only then to cite the ticket office disuse that they have orchestrated as reason to close ticket offices, automate an electronically tyrannical service, like those of China’s #CommandEconomy: the opposite of human liberty?

Is the reason that Labour — and KierStarmer — are signed up to the #WorldEconomicForum’s and #UN’s #Agenda2030, of which job-wrecking, freedom-killing destruction of the human customer interface is a part?

#TakeFreedom !!! #KeepCash !!! #HumanIntelligence NOT #AI


As people awake to the anti-human automation agenda, pushed by a tiny minority of Fascist elites, the public know they have numbers on their side. It is time to strike.

At Carlisle Railway Station, amid this week’s rail staff strikes, we asked RMT Union Organiser Craig Johnstone what was motivating the industrial action.

He repeatedly cited, as the cause, the “sustained attack” that the transport sector and its workers were under.


He continued to show the inadequacy of pay rise offers of 4% last year, and 5% this, given that inflation is at 12%, including food inflation of 14%.

As he pointed out, like this, the value of wages is consistently going down.


Both the train operator corporations like the West Coast line’s #Avanti — itself owned by #TrenItalia — and the governing Tory Party are trying to instigate automation by closing every ticket office, and removing guards from trains, along with thousands of safety-critical track workers. This putsch by a combination of government and corporations is the definition of fascism, in a manipulative coup against humanity.


The answer to this cynical, destructive manipulation is the clear cut negotiation of a strike; in unison, witholding labour from the intentional abusers to force justice.


Mr Johnstone goes on: “Automation is something that the train operating companies want. They do not want a human interface”.

“The Tories say that ticket offices are underused, but they have removed the products that were for sale in those offices, forcing people to go online”. Northern Rail scrapped #AdvancePurchase for same-day journeys from availability in ticket offices, again driving people to use machines more. This policy must have GONE AGAINST PUBLIC WILL or it would NOT have had to be forced. The fact that it WAS shows that, for the establishment, an online-only economy is an end in itself, and not a means — even though it is less efficient, less tailored to human need, and benefits only government and corporations, creating an unaccountable near-monopoly under which customer service standards fall in the absence of hired humanity, while costs to the customer rise — the “profiteering” of which Mr Johnstone spoke.


So, by reducing product range, the Tories have deliberately orchestrated the “underuse” of ticket offices that they now cite as their excuse for closing them.


From the outset, DID the Tories WANT people to have to go online to buy train tickets? Have this goverment run down human interfaces IN ORDER to have a Chinese-style command economy, where the customer must both PAY and OBEY a robotic service provider, rather than having the automatic choice conferred by human-to-human negotiation?


The above phrase is often used when people do not believe that they can control their own future; when they cannot put their finger on the clear driving force behind the worsening of their lot. Yet the very wording of this statement SHOWS that there MUST BE a driving force, or “things” would NOT all be going in the same direction.


It is by IDENTIFYING that driving force, behind the #Fascist march to a forced monoply of electronic customer interfaces, that we can REVERSE it. An explanation of that force lies significantly in a book called ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’, written by Klaus Schwab, the founder of the #WorldEconomicForum, in which he describes his plan, by having #WEF members like #RishiSunak in most key governments, to organise a human society micromanaged by a technocratic authority, through which the elite 1% control and enslave the rest of the world’s 8 billion people.

For anyone who has tried to change an internet password recently, or to phone a human being in the call centre of a web-reliant company, the rigid, unnavigable electronic menues, unhelpful chatbot windows and generic FAQ pages, all show a system designed to stop the customer: they indicate that such enslavement may be getting too close. That is without even mentioning the driverless cars that may be electronically locked into zones within #15minCities, as Oxford, in the heart of democratic Britain, shamefully plans to make itself.


In attacking the human customer interface, the Tories — the #CommunoFascist cheats, whose fake help mocks the humanity that they hurt — also attack the basic liberty of trade: their supposed reason for being. They want trade to be electronically regulated, not agreed independently between shop keepers and clients: between free people.

They say that ticket offices are under-used when they have brought this about on purpose.

The economy’s wealth is human energy. For the #GreatReset, and #UN #Agenda2030, and for its ambitions of automation, the so-called Party of the Market is attacking this very thing.

With Craig Johnstone and the RMT, the people are fighting back.

#KeepCash !!! #TakeFreedom