Met Office forecast on the domino principle: that Earth’s weather is an intra-atmospheric chain reaction, in which each day’s weather has been determined by the previous day’s.
This will not work over a timescale longer than 10 days: our weather is driven by the sun’s activity. So Earth weather forecasts come from sun activity forecasts.
And the greater number crunching capacity of the Met Office’s new computer will not help forecast weather better: it will just apply the wrong method — and get the wrong answer — faster.

But it will still cost the taxpayer money.

And its failures may cost lives.

WeatherAction.com are the best indie forecaster by a very long way — the pioneers of solar forecasting, and predictors of recent freezes; as well as of the Polar Vortex, as She chilled the “Land of the Freeze” last year!

Enjoy the winter!

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The Daily Telegraph saw fit this morning to publish MORE global warming PULP FICTION — from Geoffrey Lean, the deluded columnist its dwindling readers loathe…

…yet who DT bosses chose OVER James Delingpole.

The DTs credibility is sinking…

…just like the sea for the last 2 years, despite what Geoffrey would have us think.


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“Latest research suggests bendy jet stream and cold winters are caused by Global Warming”, bleats desperate, wheezing Geoffrey Lean to his long suffering Telegraph readership.

A bending jet stream is a feature of a Mini Ice Age, and is certainly part of the cooling mechanism — as climate-realist WeatherAction.com have been saying for years.

But this well documented event is NOT caused by CO2 emissions. Jet stream bends are driven by the sun, as all climate always has been; including the Mediaeval Warm Period, 700 years before the car, when Greenland was green.

Secret warmist computer models have long been UNABLE to make the jet stream bend (as well as unable to predict the climate!).

So they have written a new “study” — and said, “hey, look!”.

This tiresome rubbish, re-written monthly, would be a lousy novel.

As publically funded science, and the basis for government orchestrated carbon taxes and fuel poverty, it is a disgrace to democracy and reason.

The wellbeing and sometimes lives of the cold and poor should not be sacrificed to spare the blushes of the politicians, and their pet-sponsored scientists, who have built an industry on a Man Made Global Warming trend which isn’t happening.

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