As we watched Hurricane Matthew roll towards Florida, we prayed for the safety of those in its path.

But we also waited, resignedly, for the Clintons and the Mainstream Media to start blaming the storm on Man Made Global Warming – in a world which is actually cooling, due to natural solar decline; and in which there have only been 2 land-falling American hurricanes in the past 11 years – the opposite of the forecast increase in frequency.

The Big Picture is not a cyclone, however damaging. Rather, it is the world’s approach to cosmic cold, which, as solar activity declines over coming years, will soon build on recent cold winters to crystallise a 17th Century chill around modern America – and the world.


Disgracefully, the mainstream media still ignores this and promotes alleged Man Made Global Warming: government justification for taxing working people’s energy. Yet, despite NASA’s bake-faking upward adjustment of recent temperatures, the world continues to cool overall, as shown by satellite temperatures.


Time and reality are against the diffuse “green blob” of environmental charities, whose existence and funding requires public belief in Man Made Global Warming. Despite Al Gore’s 2007 prediction, the Arctic wasn’t ice-free by summer 2013. The Sierra Club’s bold-eyed defensiveness in response to Ted Cruz’s surgical questioning last year, showed their fear of cold truth’s penetrating public consciousness: bringing their music to a stop. Their $100 million annual budget is inflated by suing the EPA for profit, when they consider it is “failing” in its environmental duty. They often receive damages out of court, from the EPA or the Federal government – and thus, ultimately, from the taxpayer.

Not that the EPA may object much, such is the revolving door between itself and various green activist groups like the Sierra Club. According to one report, it colludes with them on shielding proposed EPA regulations from congressional review.

The more blind faith the public has in scientists – whose job title makes them the infallible priests of the modern world, followed by the wannabe worthy as a badge of enlightenment – the more the Green movement becomes communism: able to claim anything it wants to have a reason to tax the money of success – and its creators, energy and carbon.
If scientists’ are credited with sole understanding of ideas considered beyond the tax paying public, their accountability vanishes – along with the public’s money.
They become dictators, who, like the UN this weekend, announce without a public outcry that they will impose a world carbon tax on airlines – projected into the billions by the 2030s. This will see the public pay for unproductive, bird-killing windfarms in their flight tickets.

The UN draw problems on the wall and charge for them.

As Shakespeare said, “it is the eye of childhood that fears a painted devil”.

A healthy world is happily self-sufficient, not craving the costly bedtime stories of a wicked nurse.
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The mainstream media still ignores the world’s approach to cosmic cold, which may soon freeze Britain’s mild Atlantic gusts to a 17th Century chill.

In summer 2015, as cold Westerlies blew Autumn in early, UK “Silly Season” front pages were snowed up with #MiniIceAge headlines – briefly. Yet, without broadcast echoes, the story faded into the silence of the snow it foretold – never becoming a water-cooler talking point.

Even in the press, the chilly account of burgeoning low solar activity was filtered through the Met Office’s distorting lens – helping sustain the establishment’s alleged Man Made Global Warming, and thus government justification for taxing working people’s energy.

Did they hope that, by fitting the imminent cooling to the miscalculated, jargon-bloated warmist lie, they could regain “climategated” credibility – long lost by corrupt University of East Anglia email leaks, and failed, 2013 ice-melt predictions?

Did they want to regain the mantle of Noble Friends of Society and the Planet? They could be heroes, praised for great work in unprecedented, unpredictable conditions – their supposed sole understanding of which would enable them to say anything; and let their client governments tax carbon in any way: a clever way of disguising an extra success tax, since energy and work are so strongly linked.

Their coating a warm lie with frosty reality would shelter their wages from the cold winds of blogosphere truth, currently an uncomfortable draught for those on the NGO green gravy train – whose civilian tax payer sponsors now know that they, themselves, are paying for the falsehoods that they are told.

Like banks, Man Made Climate Change is too big to fail.


The sun isn’t listening.

For the fourth time this year, 2016, the solar disc has gone blank, creating new #MiniIceAge stories in three papers just this week – and matching the predictions of various scientists worldwide over the past ten years: ignored by the establishment, yet proved right by reality.

In 2012, St Petersberg-based Physicist Habibullo Abdussamatov published a paper predicting a new #MiniIceAge, caused by declining numbers of sunspots, with the coldest point around 2055, as a bicentennial reduction in solar irradiance of Earth sets off a cooling chain reaction, intensified by the seas’ continuing to radiate stored, 20th Century energy into space at the same, unreduced rate.

Mr Abdussamatov’s said: “Since the sun is approaching a bicentennial decrease of luminosity on the basis of observed accelerating drop in both the 11-year and bicentennial components of Total Solar Irradiance from the early 1990s, we can forecast its further decline similar to a so-called Maunder Minimum”

The Maunder Minimum was, of course, the name of the 1645-1715 Little Ice Age. He went on to predict “the 19th deep minimum of global temperature in the past 7500 years” for 2055, give or take 11 years.

He continued: “In the nearest future we will observe a transition (between global warming and global cooling) period of unstable climate changes with the global temperature fluctuating around its maximum value reached in 1998 to 2005. After the maximum of Solar Cycle 24, from approximately 2014 we can we can expect the start of the next bicentennial cycle of deep cooling with a Little Ice Age in 2055 plus or minus 11 years”.

In basic agreement are Terri Jackson, MPhil MInstP, the 2008 founder of The Energy Group at the Institute of Physics, London, and Professor Valentina Zharkova at the University of Northumbria, who both forecast dramatic cooling. Professor Zharkova described how two fluid wave effects on the sun will cancel each other out completely in the 2030s, greatly reducing the energy reaching Earth.

Terri Jackson – of Principia Scientific International – said the combined effect of bicentennial solar cooling, and sunspot-poor 11 year solar cycles, will mean a “rapid global temperature decline over the next few years, and until well into the 22nd Century.”

He confirmed that, “there will be no further global warming this century. Instead of worrying about global warming, governments should be preparing now for worldwide global cooling, and the fast approaching new ice age. Indeed, an unstoppable global cooling is in progress, which is not in any way connected with human causes.”

“Man Made Climate Change does not exist. The Russian Academy of Sciences said, in a recent release, that Man Made Global Warming is a myth. As far back as 1979, the US National Academy of Sciences rejected any mention of the so-called Greenhouse Effect! In a recent paper, the US NAS have said that it is the sun and ocean cycles that are the causes of climate change. Nobel prize winner in Physics, Ivar Giaever, in a recent conference in the US, reported in Scientific American magazine that Man Made Climate Change is ‘pseudoscience’ ”.


But governments love the control afforded by the vogue zeitgeist of a secular, Green religion. It replaces the old, popular fear of God, which helped “fire and brimstone” authority control the population. Politically corrupted science lets governments make any claim that suits them, since many people think that they could never understand it. Yet they trust it, blindly, as a fashionable badge of their modernity and enlightenment.

Terri Jackson discusses the dishonest politics of the Man Made Climate Change movement: “As a branch of the UN, the IPCC is itself an intensely political, and not scientific, body. The IPCC charter requires that it investigate not climate change in the round, but solely global warming caused by humans (which is actually non-existent!). Faced with widespread propaganda aimed at public opinion and young persons, and strong lobbying from powerful self-interest groups, such as government research scientists, alternative energy providers and financial marketeers, politicians have had no choice but to fall into line. Politicians are mindful to assuage the green intimidation and bullying to which they are increasingly subjected.”

Even as trace CO2 has risen by ten percent to 0.04% of the atmosphere, the sun’s activity – and sunspot numbers – are declining: and driving a longterm cooling trend, as indicated by honest satellite data – the most accurate. This shows that rising CO2 levels do not make temperatures rise – at all. In truth, CO2 levels rise a set period AFTER past, sun-driven warming has taken place, when this gas is released by ocean water; so a CO2 rise is an effect of natural, past warming, and not a driver of future climate. Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” disguised this detail by using a tiny scale on a diagram.

The cold European winters of 2009–2011 came in the 11-year solar minimum, before the 2012-2013 max gave way to #MiniIceAge2014; giving us a taste of the frosty future, and showing climate variation in synch with solar cycles. In addition, since 2012, we have had growing icecaps, and falling seas, again as shown by satellite data.

NASA’s and the NOAA’s upwardly adjusting recent temperatures, and reducing old ones – brilliantly exposed by journalist Christopher Booker – is beaten for farce value only by the fact that Warmist climate models require a flat jetstream (the high altitude wind driving weather systems from West to East around the globe); and, presently, the early #MiniIceAge jetstream is forming 3,000 mile North-to-South bends – hence the much vaunted “extreme weather”, with hot and cold blasts to North and South, amidst overall cooling, as this meandering air-stream sinks SOUTH overall. Long range weather forecaster, WeatherAction.com, has predicted this since 2008, over which period – and no more so than in 2016 – its forecasts have come spectacularly true, on month- and year-based timescales.


So, declining solar activity will soon make Christmases as white as cards: 17th Century cold will return to our near space-age world.

This should be headline news everywhere: an ultimate Autumn, followed by decades of “Frost Fayre” Christmases, is being chilled to life by a sleepy sun. We should be warning food producers; filling children with wonder, and students with fascination.

Yet, broadcasters continue stale, cynical global warming lies. They relay heat-cheating NASA’s inflated temp statistics. They present stories of isolated glacier recession, and local, undersea volcano-caused ice-melt, as signs of general warming – when the big picture is cooling.

Triggered by the sun – our romantic, myth-rich source of light and life – Earth’s cooling climate should be an incentive both for the tough to get going, and for a renaissance of consciousness: a new, cool enlightenment, fired by an awareness of our closeness to nature, and dependency on it – yet not a shabby excuse for fraudulent energy taxes, and for oppressing human wellbeing with needless guilt and foreboding.


The power of mainstream media propaganda is choking in declining newspaper sales and TV channel multiplicity.

But alternative online media is a soaring revolution. Its originality is untrammelled by thought-recessive political correctness. The oxygen of openness drives it beyond the hamster-wheel drone of the BBC News Channel.

Real excitement lies in truth; which, distilled, is simple – thus intrinsically accessible and populist.

Here, in cyberspace, we can share Planet Earth’s imminent, deep-frozen drama. We can alert people to their own creative power – and their right not to pay energy tax twice.



Thankyou Sun, for shining heat and light and fun for so, so long:
you cooked the street’s pneumatic beat;
you blessed the coke, and loved the throng!
you scorched Ibiza’s nineties decks,
as Twentieth Century lovers kissed:
the planet’s pulse at solar max,
on febrile, shimmering, sultry mist.

Such galactic nuclear power –
which breathes the oak
from seed to tower –
doesn’t know or give a toss
what Al Gore says our fuel should cost.
Twentieth Century ice was melted
by the hyperactive sun:
not cars, nor trucks, nor gas emitted,
nor us, nor Bernie Ecclestone!

CO2 doesn’t warm the air –
and blaming it just isn’t fair!
Released by cars and warm conditions,
its levels grow with each ignition,
up and up – yet, now, temps fall,
as brilliant Helios sets to stall.

As the fiery orb gets tired,
turns down its dial,
and chills a while,
the Earth cools, too:
its glaciers grow,
and blizzards blow –
through schools of fools,
who sit and chat about the heat
– even as they lose their feet,
from record frost,
that scratches veins through glass and ice,
confounding myths of sweaty vice.

1645 was cold,
when shivers froze
the floods of old!
Decades died and winters grew,
with sunspots gone and summers too;
The Bank of Engand crept to life,
in frozen 1690s strife.
Now, round we come, the same again:
more summer lows and winter snow.

“You’re all to blame”, shout Warmist priests.
“We warned you of the Sooty Beast:
Until we steam in Hell (as planned)
Your life is cold – for summer’s damned!”

“…But this cold snap is just a trap,
while the arctic leaves the map –
melting into murky depths,
thus cooling flows that warmed the West:
changing weather patterns fast,
so ‘barbE’ summers never last!”

“You must”, they say, “pay carbon dues,
and sponsor windmills, built on cue –
for now, the answer’s blowing in”,
(as birds are smashed by blades that spin):
power comes from ghostly towers –
unless it’s calm for several hours,
while UNocrats debate the fate
of the world they didn’t make –

“whatever happens, it’s CO2:
it’s from your car – and so from you!”
They want your taxes – and your fear:
more and more of them, each year.

They’ve spun a yarn of humid sweat:
full of guilt and wretched sorrow.
“Now? The freeze – but soon the heat,
coming: ‘The Day After Tomorrow’…”

We knew extremist vicars quit
when they outlawed burning witches;
now carbon exorcists get hits
with oppressive science fiction.

Ignore their piffle and rejoice!
We’re Walking on the Earth tonight!
See history made, as ‘Arctic blasts’
whisper bicentennial flight,
of Nordic flakes, to drifts that last,
like myriad sparkling Christmas lights;
which lift the soul,
to twist and soar
through Solar Cycle Twenty Four;
which fly the flag for windblown white —
and heated soup and howling nights!

The Sun will chill for many years –
half a lifetime, it appears!

So sod the cheats who want your cash
to fund their G8 climate bash –
their pamplets as from brothers grim:
fraud, through fantasies of sin,
from Western witchdoctors,
who need
to blackmail people to succeed;

who yearn
to make us all believe
in blame and debt, and more regret –
that we be cowed
to pay and bow:
and never try to fathom how
a gas which once ruled frozen Earth
can now purvey a steaming curse.

Ski the freezing, drifting dream:
a small ice age starts now, it seems!
Fetch your coat and scarf and sledge!
Dance with huskies’ bright eyed fun!
Sparkling frost for years is pledged –
diamond holograms to stun!

We’ll rejoice in Helios’ lore,
and surf the snow and live the show,
of Solar Cycle Twenty Four —
go go go GO!!!

Poem is Copyright Jonathan Graham, 2014


!!! TruthExcites.com !!! Oct, 2016 !!!