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Whether or not #StephenKing be ‘awakened’ in the #FreedomMovement sense, his #TommyKnockers’ analysis of an evil fall’s attracting subscribers, and stealing their networked life-energy to sustain the zombified souls of those marooned by rejection of God, seems a prescient description of the NWO’s transhumanism, and its eerie pushing of the jab as a common, grid-constructing violation of all human beings.

As with #Agenda2030, StephenKing’s stories unfold with supernatural reality emerging as the unbelievable driving force of the very 3d world that mocks and denies its existence: a world painted with the hyper-reality of King’s photo-satirical detail, hardwiring with deep credibility the cosmic philosophy that his heroes’ plight always reveals.

As with humanity’s fight against the globalist UN, the problem has been fed by part-unwitting human sponsorship of evil: it is the sudden, unintended intensification of this connection — and the loss of control as a cheap thrill becomes a living nightmare — that turns criminals and victims into saviours, as those with consciousness brutalised by the bass TV, and survival imperative of suburban America, suddenly find heaven by recognising hell.

To borrow from another King tagline, ‘We don’t need to float down here …

We can fly, instead!’

ShareLight !!! #ShineTruth !!! #TakeFreedomAndKeepIt !!!


RT tries — and fails — to push climate CO2N, as Piers Corbyn makes truth count to worldwide audience.

Corbyn CRASHES #ClimateCO2N, as flailing RT anchor can only use clichéd squeaks quoting the (sponsored and false) #ManMadeClimateChange consensus. He did this because there is no logic linking industrialisation to climate change: the post 1600s CO2 rise to 0.04% is a delayed result of the 1,000 AD to 1,350 AD sun-driven #MediaevalWarmPeriod, and a cause of no climatic effect whatsoever.

The present #GrandSolarMinimum now has the Earth cooling, as natural cycles continue unbroken — and as predicted by Piers Corbyn’s

The UN’s energy taxes, and their legacy of fatal fuel poverty, are fraud and conspiracy to murder, and those who push them, including the #WorldEconomicForum, are potentially guilty of these crimes.

#ShineTheTruth !!! #SunDrivesClimate !!! #FakeCrisesLicenceDictatorships

!!! #PartyLikeIts2020: #Gov’s #SatNightFever SHOWS plague was always fake !!!

!!! #TurningPoint !!!

The leaking of the #DowningStreetParty is the exposing of the government’s lack of fear of assembly, despite their professed, lockdown-justifying declaration of a plague. Their lockdown mockery, partying as the public suffered and died alone, show callous malintent and unfitness for public office.

Yet, the day that his lockdown 2020 Christmas party was exposed — showing that government had had no health concerns — Boris had the nerve to impose restrictions for mythical next phase of the #GreatReset’s phantom scamdemic.

As before, his fascist assault on life is introduced with manipulative gradations, that make acceptance easier than fighting for many, and present as reasonable the outlandish, unreasonable fascism at the policy’s occult, destructive heart.

But the exposé provides a new context, which the slowly tightening choke of #LockdownsPast did not have to contend with. After #PartyGate, both the truth of Covid claims, and the integrity of the government’s social contract with the people it serves, have been shown to be non-existent.

With public trust in government intent gone, does anything remain to stop successful rebellion against #BrazenBoris and the permanent prison of his betrayal of Britain to the #WorldEconomicForum, the #TriLateralCommission, and the #CityOfLondon?

UseNumbers !!! #AnyComplianceHarms !!! #DefyNOWforFreedom


All summer, the #LondonUnderground announcements have pushed their oppressive mantra: ‘You must wear a #FaceCovering … Please ensure that you wear your #FaceCovering over your nose AND mouth. It is there to protect us all’.

35% of travellers have hardened against the pressure. For freedom, they have defied.

!!! #NaturalImmunity !!!

By mistake, Globalist #SadiqKhan has thus given them natural psycholigical immunity from Boris’ #MadMaskMandate: a legally impotent, medically bankrupt fear-booster, to raise failing jab-uptake, create absent lockdown demand and depopuulate, all to further the #WEF #GreatReset.

This is a wonderful basis from which to #DefyForFreedom.

#FreeYourFace !!! #ShareYourSmile

#StandWithAustria !!! #FlyLikeFlorida

!!! A deadly divergence of economic interests – and the power of seeing it !!!

Until now, capitalist competition’s automatic meritocracy, and generation of quality, meant that the interests of coorporate bosses and workers coincided roughly.

The problems of popular yet unhealthy products, worker exploitation and the inflation of advertising’s falsely added value, still left this, Western economic model benefitting from the productive confidence instilled, by it, in each individual: there were more makers than takers, so the ship floated.

!!! #GreatReset !!!

But now, the inter-class harmony of capitalism’s universal empowerment has gone. Corporations and governments, intent on replacing human workforces with cheaper, more obedient and more efficient AI, no longer want to employ, or sell products to, people: they want to cull them.

In this situation, in the instititions that drive the great reset, the profit imperative no longer guaruntees integrity. Remembering that lets us get our bearings, and see where the criminals lurk, and know what sources not to trust.

It also lets us see solutions to this hijacking of capitalism by corporations. Like stars, these burn worldwide: from the non-masking cornershop, through the #StayOpenSalon, to the pro-human, reset-rejecting capitalism of #ConstitionalAmerica, lead by Florida’s heroic governor — and now effective #LeaderOfTheFreeWorld — #DeSantis.

To #FlyLikeFlorida, be as strong as Floridians. Stop auto-trusting the sadly fallen capitalist press in the UK: #TheSun, #TheDailyExpress, #TheDailyMail, #TheTimes and #TheTelegraph are all now agents of the NWO, and all pushing the new, #MoronicVirus, not the jab, as a threat.

The latter is the true source of the death surplus, a phenomenon that only existed after the jab’s murderous roll out.

By facing the real problem — that the fascist criminality of mainstream politicians and media has been unleashed by a new economic phase that would replace workers with robots — we can shed the sick tension of denial. It feels relaxing and empowering, like diving into water, and letting it support us.

It lets us focus our energy on the real problem, of toxic, governmental jab-pushers, not the fictitious one of viruses.

That let’s us solve it.


!!! #BorisFearBooster: DON’T WEAR IT !!!

#BorisJohnson wants to speed up booster take up — hence the ridiculous scariant story, and the #MaskMandate, designed to make people wear fear on their faces — and infect others who see them with the same.


But, inadvertently, by stealing freedom, he has given us the chance to take it OURSELVES, without permission: the only way to have it truly.


Gone are the months of ticking over, in a state of soft denial that the NWO had given up; of just ignoring mainstream media’s threatening covid echoes. More than ever, we now look beyond the crime of the jab and the lockdown, to their authors, who must be identified and stopped, in order to prevent crime repetition.

The pyramid is vast — and deeply false. It will fall hard, and it is already cracking. Much of a waking world can see the inconsistencies — and draw their own conclusions.

This establishment is desperately cornered. We have numbers, truth and will.

It only remains to use them, concertedly, for as long as it takes.

And, from TruthExcites, a Happy St Andrews Day Birthday to one who has played a huge rôle in securing the very considerable enlightenent achieved so far: that is to Kate Shemirani, and the poetry of her courage without compromise which — in the face of corrupt law, arrest, inconvenience, fatigue, threats and abuse — tirelessly lives truth.

Along with the others in the #FreeSpeechFive, notably #PiersCorbyn, speaking below, she appears at Westminster Magistrates Court next week.

God’s speed, Kate !!! We will be there to support you all.



Stylist magazine is a mid-market coffee-table publication.

Yet even this, apolitical title is used as a vehicle to spread groundless ecofear, to further the UN’s #FascistAgenda2030, justified as ever by ridiculous, politicised science.

It targets those without specialist interest in science or politics, since they can be more gullible, and form a large section of the mainstream public.

The propaganda incriminates itself by the subtle abuse of telling people to be afraid on the basis of a lie. Its patronising presumptuousness takes readers for fools, assuming their readiness to be brainwashed and lectured by an empty, liberty-stealing cult, which encourages a negative self-view.

Life on earth is powered by the generosity and profit of self-love, of the individual and the human species.

As truth excites, so The Stylist’s lies bore.

That is why they will atrophy.

#SunDrivesClimate !!! #CO2feedsForests !!! #CO2resultNotCause !!! #CO2isGasOfLife !!! #FossilsFuelLife !!! #SolarMinCools !!! #FakeCrisesLicenseDictatorships !!! #ShineTheTruth

!!! #NO !!!

As Chris Witty’s double-bluffing, manipulative plea for Britons to allow themselves to be imprisoned, makes evil turn pathetic, the latest, ridiculous attacks on civil liberty are the perfect situation from which to #TakeFreedom, WITHOUT its having been nullified by being granted.

21 months after the 2-week curve flattening, this is the time to win our life back from this surreal, evil hypnosis, imposed by a vast global network, with much money, yet bereft of both logic and the pulse of integrity.

!!! W.H.O. ARE YOU ???

Via complicit, traitor governments, the UN, WHO and WEF have choked our lives remotely, with lies that frighten medically and reassure politically, to draw those who seek solice from the #NewNormal’s life sentencing mood music.


They soothe to defer rebellion, and to smother, emphasising the limits to extended lockdowns, and the token freedoms not removed, as slowly full freedom becomes a more distant memory.

But people are waking from this poisoned dusk.


As the protest movement exceeds 30%, fear has failed. And — as the NWO panics across Europe and the world — force is now failing, too.

#TheHillsAreAlive with protest.

As PiersCorbyn has said repeatedly during his valiant crusade, on day one of any new lockdown, #TakeToTheStreets, and #ResistDefyDoNotComply.

Chris Witty’s expressed doubt that Britons may not accept more restrictions may be designed to appeal to the national mindset of tolerance, compromise and respect for courtesy. Let us remember that he is the assassin of basic human liberties, through lies and fear and abusive policing.

His restrictions have engineered widespread deaths and stolen life. It is also quite likely that the weasel dance of his words, enticing the naive to be choked, yet again, is a ploy from SAGE and BITS, the consultancies behind the mind warping psyop that pushed the lockdown, and marshalled new levels of evil into the collective consciousness in return for money.

As we take to the streets — #FreeFace, #FreeMind and #FreeSoul — let us prove Chris Witty right.

We will not be locked down, now or ever again.