They lie to frighten. They say keep calm and cry on. They say loved ones will die, to frighten more and create demand for prison.

They announce House Arrest, shocking and hypnotizing. Their #NewNormal slogan passes a #LifeSentence — driving us to believe their assurance of 3 weeks (or was it 12). 

We sleepwalk a tense nightmare.

But the stats are flawed — and the blogosphere shows 90% of deaths in those seriously ill from other causes, merely included on the pretext of being ‘with Covid’. Believing this is scary — and drives us back to trusting government to reopen, even if they were wrong.

A month later, a slow reopening is reversed to more lockdown. This is despite Sweden’s unlocked success — and PCR tests 91% #FalsePositive. The government have the option of opening.

But they don’t take it. They go against all logic, humanity and the libertarian mainstream media in #TheDailyTelegraph, and the lockdown again.

And again after Christmas. And, with half the population vaccinated, they ban holidays (which took place last year) making post-vax life less free than pre-vax life — already.

US military website Deagle.com predicts a 70% fall in the US population by 2025. What makes them so sure? And why are vaccines for a 99.9% survival condition being forced with draconian and ridiculous measures, while media has been weaponised with Covid hypnosis for a year. See link below.


And why have deaths in some areas got worse since the vaccine roll out?

Behind the #GreatReset lies KlausSchwab and his transhuman fascist technocracy.

Driving the #GreatReject are free humanity and love.

#MarchForFreedom !!! #MakeKlausFamous !!! #CosWeWantTo

!!! FLOW RIDER !!!

Much of recent entertainment has absorbed Hollywood’s pop-occult, epitomised by select performances from Lady Gaga and Rihanna, as well as a vibration of being. Big business became acquisitive cronyism, not an individual endeavour of survival, creating, selling and giving.

But the Super Bowl, Hollywood films, and cabal sponsorship of sporting events continued — and everyone turned a blind eye, content to enjoy the cheap thrills of evil’s borders.

The public had subscribed to the dark — because they had stopped caring about doing the right thing for its own sake. It is from that self-judged morality — and not convenience-conformism to authority — that the confidence to resist bad authority, like the #CovidHoax, comes.

Big business has morphed from a success story of personal freedom, to an international blackmail cabal, now merged with international government, and treating its bosses — the customers — as slaves.

This is fascism.

Now, the same people that went along with the seductive twilight of the old, evil mainstream, feel confused and powerless in the face of Covid propaganda: yet those who retain the empowering thrust of their inner moral authority are still free. The core voice of their moral compass holds their heads up, mask-free, amidst the muzzle-despotism of shops and public transport.

It is this liberating morality that the US constitution has crystallized into law — without the divisiveness of affiliation to any one religious body. In doing so, it has endowed the #RedState freedom of the American Republic with vital strength.

 As open Florida shows, when that strength becomes a habit, freedom keeps critical mass — great news for Britain as it counters Boris Johnson’s illegal outlawing of going abroad.

#WeAreFree !!! #CosWeWantTo

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The orchestrators of the #Plandemic are thought — in a #UKcolumn discussion show — to have in place vaccinations which strengthen and amplify virus transmission, making it more powerful, until more people are convinced to take the vaccine against what is, by then, a vaccine-engineered superbug.

!!! #PainReaction !!!

Vaccination makes people amplifying superconductors of a virus which was originally pretty harmless — but could become problematic. Is that why we are now seeing more ‘cases’ in countries which have rolled out the vaccines, compared with last year?

Mass refusal of the vaccine may prevent the formation of a virus-amplifying circuit — as well as leaving individuals with intact immune systems, and without criminally vaccine-engineered vulnerability to future viral releases (like the one released by teenagers last Autumn generated by a supposed nasal spray flu-vaccine).

Dr Sherri Tenpenny explains the vaccines’ harmful mechanism of continued antibody-generation, which attacks organs. The vaccine is an on-switch without an off-switch, which changes the body’s disease combat method, and exposes it to its own misfiring immune system, setting up a system in which multiple organ failures can occur — and be attributed to Covid, licensing more lockdowns, futile and harmful as they are, and would be under any circumstances. See link below


The answer is simple — and easy once you have decided.

Reject the vax — and join the awaking masses, who marched for freedom on March 20 and will be back soon — in even bigger numbers. This shared light, truth and love is the type of #ChainReaction that we want.

#WeAre8billion !!! #WeAreFree !!! #NoNewNormal !!! #CosWeWantTo

!!! WRONG WAY !!!

We are one year after the first lockdown.

Of this manifest non-plague, open countries have had fewer ‘cases’ than locked ones. Yet spike-driving lockdowns continue, as governments ignore liberty’s Swedish and Floridian success. This is separate from the also-damning 90% plus co-morbidities, and the 91% PCR #FalsePositives.

Normally governments steal tips and breakthroughs readily. Here they plough on with proven failure. So what is their aim? Is it controlled demolition of the industrialised economy, to bring about the #WorldEconomicForum’s totalitarian #GreatReset? The #GreatReset ads that celebrated the lockdown do nothing to dispel that idea.

Medically useless #FlyFenceMasks were imposed as ‘mandatory’ after a show of hesitation by government, despite their own admission of an unclear case, the vast infringement of freedom involved, and the difficulty of enforcement of a policy that would have been totally ‘unenforceable’ without the draconian measures and media brainwashing used to date.

The successful example of non-masking nations was not followed. And the rule was not allowed to die quietly, either, as non-designer government errors and over-reaches often are: this act of oppression was sustained with supermarket announcements and media.

Why? What was their purpose? Are they trying to manage a viral outbreak (one that was over last year, according to ex-Pfizer boss) — or are they trying to habituate people to an authoritarian state, and using fear of an imaginary threat to make them submit initially, before habituation kicks in?

Those who allege gradually increasing, frog-in-pan restriction of people’s freedom have plenty to support their case.

The ‘3 weeks to flatten the curve’ has become a year. Masks — imposed after 6 months of so-called pandemic without them — persist as policy, even as people go #FreeFace. Holiday flights which happened as planned for the independent minded last year, have now been attacked with travel permits, talk of vax passports (an outrageous attack on the body and life-choice freedom of the individual. And government ministers continue to manipulate and postpone without apology, in the same tone of fear-factory complacency: not the people’s servants but their masters.

Now they talk of #MasksForYears.

#JustNo !!! We do not need a microbiology PhD — which would still be debatable for ever, like everything — to have basic freedom.

After lockdowns, after some vaccinations (their claimed solution, not ours) the restrictions have got worse — when they should have gone.

Florida and Texas are wide open.

This suggests that either policies are failing honestly (if so, adopt the Swedish or Floridian approach and end lockdowns) — or that the government’s real agenda is to take more and more control of people’s lives on behalf of the UN and the WEF, whose #Agenda2030 is aided by the restrictions, as by #ClimateCO2N energy rationing aims — also promoted by the same UN and Davos authors.

The tiny health threat of Spring2020 has fallen — even by the government’s own measures — but some people’s tolerance for restrictions has increased. Is this why rules remain and travel gets harder?

Following reason — not unverified trust in familiar media and politicians, and community pillars like state-backed doctors — suggests to many that their freedom is their responsibility — alone.

Trusting government to deliver your liberty is, after all, highly oxymoronic. Yet we have got used to doing just that: to believing that government protects freedom when — since freedom must be declared, not granted — it can’t!

We can.

#NoNewNormal !!! #WeAreFree !!! #CosWeWantTo

!!! #CosWeWantTo !!!


This week, Canadian conservatism held strong — against its OWN Globalist leader.

Later this year, Conservatives contest a federal election against Globalist authoritarian Trudeau — and his aggressive and unpopular attacks on humanity through the #ClimateCO2N and the #CovidHoax.

But if O’Toole, the Conservative leader, supports the Globalist agenda, the Canadian public will not be given much choice — or reason to vote.

Do Canada’s Conservatives need a new leader, who has the principle and vision to free the country?


!!! #JustNo !!!

!!! #DrinkFromTheStream !!!


After half summer 2020 without masks, and mask-free Sweden with fewer cases than the UK of this non-plague, the fence-to-stop-a-fly #muzzle may be needed for years.

So says Mary Ramsay of widely discredited Public Health England. Even if this fake pandemic were real, demanding masks and distancing for years after virus wave, because some people on the planet were not vaccinated, is terrifying and outrageous. In reality, with HCQ cure available for minor problem, without need for DNA-programming mRNA vaccines, there is no need either for vaccines or to stop travel. No government that considers such things should be taken seriously.

To prevent this fatuous assault on liberty, more freedom marches, like those of 2020, will work wonders.

But what is the motivation behind this medically useless, unpopular attack on life — a sure vote-loser in any democracy without the now-failing media fear campaign? 

The level of corruption and totalitarian intent behind such behaviour on authority’s part is the ultimate motivation for us to take to the streets — and ensure that we do not live the nightmare that they would like to prescribe.


!!! #ReadySteal !!!

The official use of slogans, like the outrageously undemocratic and high-handed #NewNormal, as well as the #GreatReset’s #BuildBackBetter #LockdownCelebration, even as livelihood and life were choked, played a big rôle in warning the alert that this was a scam.

If it had not been, government would have highlighted that restrictions were temporary and had end date. The tone would have been apologetic and reassuring. It would have sought to calm, not frighten.

Instead, it sought to use needless fear of contagion to isolate people from each other — and to make establishment-controlled media their main information source.

A real plague would not have seen world population rise, as in 2020 it did. This virtual plague was a fear-levered attempt at stealing life, which unfolded with a seamlessness across multiple government, corporate and media organisations that suggested it must have been a long time in the planning.

The good news is that, unless they can hack consciousness, no one can steal freedom.

Keeping our DNA, immune system and minds vax free and uniting with all free spirits dooms this historically evil project.

Thanks in no small part to Piers Corbyn and his fellow activists, March 20 saw many wake.

Let’s make the light brighter still !!!


After a winter frozen by the #GrandSolarMinimum #PolarVortex, the Canadian Conservative party has voted decisively that the #ClimateCrisis does not exist.

As the UN and #WorldEconomicForum seek to use the premise of #ManMadeClimateChange to justify energy tax and regulation, this shot of truth from the political establishment of a major economic power, with a lot of arctic territory, will provide much needed clarity in the face of often unchallenged UN distortions.

It will also mean that the anti-industrial policies of Trudeau are opposed by a genuinely independent counter-force, and that Canadian political debate, unlike British is not a charade of froth hiding a consensus of convenience for the elites at public expense.



Boris, Spring, 2020: ‘We can’t have a situation where everyone just goes their own way with their own health’ (words to that effect)


We will also ascertain Boris’ aim and who — if anyone — he is working for, in light of the harm he is doing to Britain, and the terrifying divergence between reality and his claims and actions.

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… just like a pill: instead of making me better, you’re making me ill !!!