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Truth Excites shines libertarian news. Founded in 2014, our principle is people’s ability — through reason — to discern truth independently, without government guidance.

Waves carry information from source to receiver, whether electromagnetic, sound or another type. Each vibration’s nature is the story of its source, relayed as a corresponding vibration in the receiver: a frequency matching, harmonic ‘excitation’.

If a lie is told, a mismatch between the start and the finish will stop the chain reaction from ringing true: the speaker’s expression will be dead, and the writing will lack passion — and the receiver will feel doubts, and check them out!

That is what drives us to explore, source, think and communicate. Astronomers know whether a star is approaching or receding from whether its transmitted light has a frequency higher or lower, respectively, than its default emission frequency. We judge all sources’ integrity similarly, their tone adding the stamp of authenticity — or a telling lack thereof — to their communication.

In ‘Careless Whisper’, George Michael sang, ‘Guilty feet have got no rhythm’.

We agree. Rhythms are waves and, if present, their encoded truth matches their physical essence, which is its carrier. The resulting harmony then resonates with our consciousness.

!!! #TruthExcites !!!

Our belief in independent judgement springs from the 21st Century’s #AquarianAwakening, as people come to understand the world and the cosmos themselves, seeing past government myths and manipulation. Individuals thrive by energising their Schumann frequency independently, through food, water, sunlight and communication. They can then create, give, sell and connect — and grow an enlightened, Jungian web of truth, love and shared being: free of governments, who disguise vampiric, manipulative authority in progressive clothes, which never ring true.

Our sharing exploration is happy to be part of this instinctive, deductive enlightenment.

!!! We wish a happy journey to the world and our readers !!!

Real events transmit real waves: fake events don't. So, only truth excites !!! #DrinkFromTheStream !!!

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