!!! #PartyLikeIts2020: #Gov’s #SatNightFever SHOWS plague was always fake !!!

!!! #TurningPoint !!!

The leaking of the #DowningStreetParty is the exposing of the government’s lack of fear of assembly, despite their professed, lockdown-justifying declaration of a plague. Their lockdown mockery, partying as the public suffered and died alone, show callous malintent and unfitness for public office.

Yet, the day that his lockdown 2020 Christmas party was exposed — showing that government had had no health concerns — Boris had the nerve to impose restrictions for mythical next phase of the #GreatReset’s phantom scamdemic.

As before, his fascist assault on life is introduced with manipulative gradations, that make acceptance easier than fighting for many, and present as reasonable the outlandish, unreasonable fascism at the policy’s occult, destructive heart.

But the exposé provides a new context, which the slowly tightening choke of #LockdownsPast did not have to contend with. After #PartyGate, both the truth of Covid claims, and the integrity of the government’s social contract with the people it serves, have been shown to be non-existent.

With public trust in government intent gone, does anything remain to stop successful rebellion against #BrazenBoris and the permanent prison of his betrayal of Britain to the #WorldEconomicForum, the #TriLateralCommission, and the #CityOfLondon?

UseNumbers !!! #AnyComplianceHarms !!! #DefyNOWforFreedom