!!! ESCAPING THROUGH “P4”, by Anne Paillardiz !!!

A SHIMMER of confusion trembles from “P4’s” sphere-pixilated circles: each spanning over a metre with a deep, swirling world; its pull dramatically orthogonal to the unforgiving neutrality of its host white wall, through which it affords a perception-widening, energy-funnelling conduit to the invisible next step.

I am sitting with Anne Paillardiz, at the window bar of a Hoxton gallery, one week after the launch of her installation, P4, at “504”, in Bow. She watches my every question grow from mind to utterance with the easy alertness of an artist wholly intent on thoughts that resonate, and unhampered by time-delaying reserve.

She exudes a wry, yet happy, wisdom, and — as we know — a graphically-immersive multimedia expression of it.

What had been her original idea, behind P4?

It had stemmed from a “strange relationship with a guy”: “Did he like her? Was he playing?”.

She had been stuck in a confused loop, and had wanted to express that paralysis — but to do so generally, as a therapeutic, analytically schematic route map for all, without making it personal to her instance of a common experience.

She had been fascinated by the circularity of emotional confusion, as brief escape attempts alternated with yet more failed effort at making a connection work; creating the self-esteem corrosion of identical, repeated, failures — hence the myriad, psychedelically sliding ping-pong pixels: individually, escapable hamster-wheel cells; together, a hypnotic, collaboratively distracting gang — in a sculpture of confusion’s mesmeric ability to make elusive liberation still harder to reach.

The shifting orbits — each around emotionally gravitating entrapment — balloon from single ball, to intra-frame group, to entire frame; a fractalesque expression of loops’ exhausting, circumferical, scalar expansion across the hopeless vectorial nihilism of growing, yet useless, round trips.

P4’s intuitive accessibility sublimates from deep, graphical logic. It carries mathematical philosophy to the social realm; charting fizzing fatigue with palpable formulae.

Its easily navigable symbolism invites us into our own minds, as, frame by frame, kaleidoscopic bubbles escape the 4 circles (2 black and 2 white, complementary colours showing parallel prisons of oppressor and oppressed).

Anne has sculpted the perceptual, source-code of inertia – and its decay.

Geometry is emotional: being lost in a city gets worse when, after an hour’s searching for somewhere, we end up back where we started.

Conversely, net movement pleases us — especially if it is away from the Earth’s centre, firing our nerves with the hardwired, scripture-moulding high of overcoming gravity: our invisible, kinematic parent, and oppressor; and an analogy to the familiarity-glued cling of entrenched and negative social ties — whether these bind us to a job, a social circle, or a relationship.

P4 defies bully-gravity.

French wit is earthily simple. And orbital prisons are optional: if you want to go, go!

As, frame by frame, the balls vanish, the fizzing warp chills to a clear null. Emptiness is heavy, and it requires effort to re-start from scratch.

“The first one is full of circles,” Anne says, enthusiastically. Her self-therapy now complete, she seems to take pleasure in the painful, early drama.

“The end is the weak one. I hate the one that is almost empty… It just doesn’t work, it looks so crap.”

But the therapeutic, general solution of the concept works very, very well. I wonder if she is mathematical?

“I am a literary person, not mathematical.”

I believe that possibly, like many great communicators, she is both. Her architect’s empathy comes through: “It is spatially interactive: a world in which people have control.”

“Part of its purpose is to make people feel in control: to see how simple life is, and how simple choices can be — if only one is strong enough to take them”.

She wants to help the struggling avoid “the pity look”: real art therapy.

Inspired by Marika Mori’s reincarnation-themed circles, when Anne got the idea, “her body wanted to do it”: a telekinetic precipitation from thought, to action, to production — and escape?

“Doing the installation has fixed me. I want people to feel invited in, to feel the inside. It expands.”

“Maybe I will make the same mistake again”, she says blithely — easy, in her new-found control.

Naturally, she likes constructing things. Circles are endless. But the Right Angles of the square exhibition room are boundaries, awaking the mind from autopilot. P4 is sculpted, consciousness-raising therapy, with intense, immersive impact.

The still room and open door carry the comic obviousness of a life coach’s escape solution. And, as with the lifecoach, it is P4’s enveloping presence, as much as analysis, which makes the therapy fly.

As the haunting pop-song tells us, when she “found love in a hopeless place”, Rihanna “shone a light through an open door”.

At critical moments, people often decide not to pass through an opening — despite their wanting to be on the other side. The brain wants to repeat circles: yearning for other loops’ greener grass, yet still trying the same one, one more time, with a forgetful, futile hope; one which humours regressive guilt over stifled anger — inflaming it to rage.

“Many are afraid to go to museums because they feel low culture”.

But Anne’s installation is a lifesized playground — freed by control, and flipping victims into empowered therapists, as bubbles of fog swirl to leave a heady calm.

Choice is activated as laughably simple, and reassuringly immersive: an installed womb, in which we have the courage to believe the truth — and play with it.

Photo at top: the artist, Anne, surveys her work.

Jonathan Graham for TruthExcites.com


“SCIENCE, INTEGRITY and TRUE FAITH are being SACRIFICED at the SHABBY ALTAR of ORWELLIAN, BIG GOVERNMENT LIES — by the SUPPOSED LEADER of CHRISTIANITY; and starting in his CLIMATE CO2N ENCYCLICAL”, says Jonathan Graham, writing for The Blaze, on behalf of WeatherAction.com in London, UK.

Jonathan is the founder of the Libertarian blogs TruthExcites.com and @truthexcites
In his recent Climate Encyclical, released earlier this year, His Holiness, Pope Francis, issued the following, humanity-chastising warning that our society must change — or face disaster:

“A very solid scientific consensus indicates that we are presently witnessing a disturbing warming of the climatic system. In recent decades this warming has been accompanied by a constant rise in the sea level and, it would appear, by an increase of extreme weather events, even if a scientifically determinable cause cannot be assigned to each particular phenomenon…

… Humanity is called to recognize the need for changes of lifestyle, production and consumption, in order to combat this warming…

… Doomsday predictions can no longer be met with irony or disdain. We may well be leaving to coming generations debris, desolation and filth…”


CHRISTIANITY is empowering: its enlightening philosophy guides our reason instinctively to truth — promotion of which is the Pope’s job.

But controlling governments are afraid of people power, since it makes manipulation harder. In producing a lying Climate Encyclical that urges deep concern about imaginary Man Made Global Warming, and urgent, expensive action to tackle it, Pope Francis has helped Barack Obama abuse the faith of millions — while the sun, not any “Greenhouse Gases”, continues to drive our climate (more explanation of that later in this article).

Far from enlightening, such false faith deceives and confuses — to sell Obama’s climate lie, and slide us to carbon-based world cashflow-control.

In exploiting Christians’ trust to give government cheating traction, the Pope has sullied his Christian office, deeply: presentation of the ultimate truth is incompatible with falsehood; as is Christianity with support for theft (namely the fraudulent CARBON CO2N-TAX).

This Pope’s behaviour verges on making communion with God seem conditional to acceptance of political dogma from secular progressives — who typically celebrate having no Christian faith. The Pope’s lying Encyclical is thus flagrant, cynical and heretical convenience — advanced with the brazen confidence of a spin-backed movement that is grotesquely complacent in its unaccountability: an amoral “neo-ancienne rĂ©gime”.

Helped by the eco-fascist vogue of Naomi Klein’s economic illiteracy, this movement plans “progressive” U.N. shackles to fetter the creative generosity of individual human enterprise; in the U.S., and worldwide.

Tragically, The Word that counts in 2015 is not God’s.

Rather, it is “The Directive”: the will of the truly sinister clowns of the U.N.’s “IPCC”, or Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: discredited beyond ridicule by a chain of improvised and failed predictions yet, unbelievably, persisting in their supreme soft-power: the world’s local government, still driving fuel tax and energy policies.

Their pronouncements’ jargonised confusion is telling of the very emptiness that it is meant to hide. Yet this SAME scripted nonsense has authorised confiscation of carbon tax billions — and consignment of many to designer fuel-poverty, and death.

Whether in the form of food, heating or completed tasks, wealth is dollar-calibrated energy — transferred to a life-compatible form.

Declaring that energy-currency transfers (like buying petrol and driving to work) damage the planet is an excuse to tax SUCCESS, not penalise ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE.

As such, it helps the U.N. to redistribute — and control — world wealth. The U.N. profits in proportion to the West’s hard work.

Humanity’s effort simply funds its OWN future enslavement to an effective World Government. This will extend to a dependency-addicted developing world: initially beneficiaries of redistribution, having transferred less energy, and been taxed less, but ultimately, growth-stunted victims of a cynical patrician dictatorship.

Across the world, from Africa, where carbon taxes make electricity unaffordable, to New York, the CLIMATE CO2N chokes the capitalism of giving. Generosity should be enabled by energy-driven, effort-forged surplus.

It is now attacked by the Pope.

His fake-green, anti-human, fire-and-brimstone puritanism has risen from the ashes of 20th Century Leftism: twisting education and consciousness, and spreading a recessional guilt that our existence is intrinsically bad, and will lead to “hell and high water” — unless we submit to government control, and pay higher taxes.

His appalling re-invention of Christianity, to suit the world powers who would socialise and rule, is not spiritual guidance, but a “GREEN” REAPER’S blackmail: banking the people’s induced guilt as government control.

But, we have a choice.

Blindness is voluntary: the CLIMATE CO2N, like the emperor’s admired though absent new clothes, only oppresses the willingly gullible.

Groupthink’s elusive invisibility makes it strong. The CLIMATE CO2N is the new postmodern faith, hallowed by the superglue of fashionable consensus: an unofficial membership card for the “bien pensant” — hence the power of the Pope’s unification of his trademark progressive youth support with traditional Catholics.

Uncountered, this would be a formidable pool of popular momentum.

Independence invigorates more than conformism. Discovered truth fires chain reactions of thought. Unlike dead-end lies, truth spawns corollaries. Where a lie needs to be faked from every camera angle — like a complex film set — truth is simple, requiring just revelation, not staging.
!!! COLD FACTS !!!

Let’s look at the truth which the Pope should have told the world.

First, the Arctic is not melting overall. It is growing — despite National Geographic’s recent redaction of half its very substantial summer 2015 area, as can be seen at this link.


Today’s extent of ice is almost identical to 1971 levels.

Claims that a “gin-and-tonic” ocean effect is causing the “GLOBAL WARMING PAUSE”, as ice melts into the sea — repeated this week by MSNBC — fail completely once the net ice increase at both poles, and satellite-measured sea-level fall, are acknowledged.

Envisat data, showing steadily falling sea levels, can be viewed at the Iceagenow.info link below.


Arctic ice re-growth, and sea-level falls, began in 2012 and 2010, respectively; over a decade after world temperature’s sun-driven, 1998 peak, after which we cooled, slowly. This is shown by honest, satellite data. Moreover, the past 17 years’ cooling have happened despite the rise of irrelevant CO2 to 0.04% of the atmosphere.

This shows, strongly, that the whole premise of Man Made Global Warming is false: CO2 has no effect on temperature.

Actually, the causal link is the other way round: rising temperatures, driven by solar activity and its knock on effects, release more CO2 from oceans, after a time-lag of 500 to 800 years. CO2’s temp-irrelevant rise over recent centuries comes partly from industry — and partly from the sun-driven Mediaeval Warm Period, 1,000 AD to 1,300 AD, when Greenland was melted green; 500 years BEFORE industrial carbon emissions.

The Roman Warm Period, which saw vineyards in Scotland, was hotter still.

The fact that rising CO2 is a time-delayed effect of past warming, and not a cause of future warming, was famously fudged by Al Gore in his documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”. He used a graph with a tiny scale, which made Temperature changes and CO2-level changes look in step — ignoring the fact that the TEMP changes were the DRIVER, and ALWAYS happened BEFORE CO2 level changes.

On the false weight of this lie — now endorsed by Pope Francis — he decreed that the world should be taxed.

It has been. It still is being.




ClimateChangeDispatch.com have crucial CO2N-BUSTING information.

The link below, shows the difference between the past century’s measured, FALLING U.S. TEMPERATURE TREND, and the reported, RISING TEMPERATURE TREND. As reality chills NASA’s predictions by more, their lies may get hotter still, as they claim THE WORLD IS WARMING — and MUST BE CARBON TAXED.

FIGURE 5http://realclimatescience.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/ScreenHunter_10009-Jul.-27-12.16.gif

Yet, with damning inconsistency, NASA also claim that the Global Warming pause — which their HEAT-CHEAT temps deny — happened, due to the Western Pacific Ocean’s trapping of atmospheric heat: in one fixed area, close to volcano vents, for 15 years. This is completely impossible as fluid atmospheric warming would not have been static in its effects. NASA’s data’s politically driven atmospheric bias blinkers their intelligent researchers. More information is available at this link


Deliberately adjusted data — including from the omission of 6,000 cooler, rural weather stations — and contrived interpretation, have been used to support the multi-billion dollar Global Warming industry, comprising failing renewables, NGOs and bogus charity work: all funded by the worldwide, fraudulent CARBON CO2N-TAX.

Ironically, this summer, the UK Met Office and the mainstream media — ever CLIMATE CO2N alarmists — divulged the news of a likely Mini Ice Age. This, of course, came with schizophrenic contortions to sustain Warmism.

The Mini Ice Age announcement was 7 years late — at least. Piers Corbyn, founder of WeatherAction.com, has been predicting a Mini Ice Age since 2008, along with more extreme weather — as hot and cold bursts are created by huge, North-South jetstream bends, since reduced solar energy lets this high-altitude hoola-hoop wobble — amid overall cooling.

Falling temps and falling seas mean more cold and less icemelt — ruling out “GIN AND TONIC COOLING”. Further, the U.N.’s “SNOW-IS-HISTORY” computer models, which have failed to cook, INSIST on a flat jet stream: the opposite of current reality, as the Mini Ice Age’s signature, waving jetstream snakes, wildly, in 3000 mile meanders, from Canada to Florida.

Piers Corbyn’s SOLAR-LUNAR ACTION TECHNIQUE foresees weather 1 year in advance, by correlating past planetary and moon orbit phases with past weather. Related science and 22 year sunspot-cycle data show that orbital cycles drive climate — not any Greenhouse Gases.

The 17th and 18th Century Mini Ice Ages coincided with multi-decade minima in solar activity. The image at the top of this article shows that solar cycles have been declining since a 1990 maximum, which fits entirely with the many NON-CO2N scientists around the world, who have used REAL PHYSICS to predict a REAL, SOLAR-NAP DRIVEN Mini Ice Age, and confirmed that man’s activities CANNOT CHANGE CLIMATE.

Many have paid for their honesty with their careers, such is the corporate, academic and government interest in the CLIMATE CO2N.


NASA-allies, the NOAA, push on with their sweaty DATA-FAKING. Wildlife charities waste donations on lying climate propaganda.

Belief in the nonsense of carbon combustion’s warming of the planet, and its consequent need to be taxed, licenses destructive wealth-redistribution from First to Third World, and is used to legitimise tight money-flow control; by an all-powerful U.N., by the private, unaccountable Federal Reserve, and by the shadowy global banking system.

That humanity’s link with God, namely Pope Francis, should twist his sacred vocation to bolster corrupt, disastrous politics, is shameful.

Without using the word lightly, it is also evil.

All is not lost.

We have human thought and, thanks to Tim Berners-Lee, powerful internet communication.

Perception is the result of every witnessed event: and, ultimately, such data flows cannot lie — however much shabby middle-men try to force them too. The truth will out. We have science, and some honest scientists. We have an election, soon. We still have much freedom — with which we can win more.

Despite the Pope’s Global Warming lies, we have God.

Happy Fall from WeatherAction.com

God Bless America.

!!! TruthExcites !!! wrote for THE BLAZE, on behalf of WeatherAction.com