!!! @CamdenCouncil’s OS-XR !!!

Camden Council, in North London, have made themselves the pilot region for general design of laws and regulations around the behaviour-controlling myth of #ManMadeGlobalWarming’s imperative for carbon dioxide emission reduction. This, combined with a school curriculum and official texts falsely cross-referenced to the same myth, across all subjects, will entrench the notion, and its self-funding cashflow patterns, as the foundation of society’s functioning.

It will be OS-XR: a falsely taxing operating system, arcing beyond the keyboard, to control life with a lie, from an unaccountable government base.

#TruthExcites was at Camden Council on Monday  7th October, 2019, to watch and listen.

“How do we make sure that everyone is as angry as we are?”

The cheers and applause pour around the meeting chamber, and public gallery of CamdenCouncil building, on Monday, Oct 7, 2019. About 300 members of the public are present. Shockingly for democracy, they celebrate a Labour Councillor’s assertion that, with only one Green councillor’s having been elected by the public, the Labour contingent need to act like Greens.

“We have only got one green — so we are ALL going to have to act like green councilors.”

Over the course of 30 mins of unchallenged alarmist rhetoric from a series of invited Green activists and councillors, the debate reveals itself to be a religious service to the #CalvernistGreenChurch: beyond science, and with a hungry collection.

For a local government — in a borough of the capital of free, democratic Britain — to celebrate MPs’ enacting the policies of unelected parties, and to enjoin in mantras of intent to stop parents driving to school, is terrifying.

!!! #DictatorshipDressedAsFun !!!

‘Make climate Change fun’, they say, as they discuss embedding their agenda — ‘green issues’ — deeply in the school curriculum.

In a society where #PearsonLongmann educational publishing giant, and the various exam boards, are already doing this, further entrenchment would make a dark mockery not only of open scientific integrity, but also of education’s general duty to stimulate free thought and exploration.

It would be a crime against the young — which powered another against humanity. Like Pennywise, Stephen King’s killer clown, the fake #GreenDream would be the playground — whose parent vampire lay beneath, sucking — and taxing — the future’s energy.

“Write all legislation in terms of climate change so that it is built into life”

Protection of freedom is cynically and childishly labelled fascist by those who would manipulate and dictate to people. Yet it is a tendency of mainstream, #DeepState-linked politicians, usually officially centrist. It was PM Theresa May, unpopular enough on the Green Left, who bent over backwards to entrench the globalist cause with the much vaunted legislation committing Britain to net zero emissions.

“Change local and national constitutions to put climate change first”, they say. “School children get it — so why can’t we?”

The feeble farce of indoctrinating children about the mythical existence of #ManMadeClimateChange — and then saying that they get it better than those unindoctrinated and free-thinking — is pathetic; and ironically telling of the soup into which state-choked education is pulping independent reason.

Councillor Pearson laments the lack of action following the 2008 Climate Act — ‘wasted’ by Tory government.

Frighteningly, they openly want to stop people driving, as an end in itself. They propose car free zones, months, days — not because of congestion or need, but because of their logistic-indifferent, anti-car ideology. Before this de-industrialisation aim, electric cars — and their acknowledged toxic heavy metals — are a temporary solution, on the way to a near car-less society.

“Those of us who are elected now have colossal responsibility to those not in power in the time that we have left to act”

Has the growth of natural #SolarMinCooling and its #PolarVortex made them panic — since everyone will soon know that #ManMadeGlobalWarming, like the 70s scare of carbon-driven #ManMadeGlobalCooling, is a myth? Is this why they say that they want to legislate to impose their agenda within the next year, to have it fixed before people clock its dishonesty?

Earth’s follows solar magnetic cycles, as honest data shows.


“The 2030 date is really important”, they say.

#OSXR will be a #FraudulentOperatingSystem for humanity.

These elected politicians have embraced @extinctionR to a frightening — and unprofessional — extent.

They exclaimed over the ‘excellent’ paper, given them by XR, through which residents and council ‘can hold council to account’.

They are making formal legislation out of XR’s #FakeGreenFascism.

Its foundation is children’s willingness to champion any cause that lets them rebel, and feel that they are leading authority, combined with some adults’ herd instinct. This combination allows Soros-funded #BigGreen to make progressive sounding, jargon-licensed claims and rules, that bare no scrutiny yet still expand, unchallenged, because of the social and cultural architecture around them.

Parents’ instinct to listen to their children, and teachers’ desire to nurture them, is being abused, to grow humanity-impoverishing #UNagenda2030. A 3D web of false cross-references drowns the truth in a parallel universe of mythical chain reaction, as the lie of #ManMadeGlobalWarming is referred to in the context of everything else: an illusory, towering, holographic totem, visible throughout the government oppressed world, whose energy it syphons.

XR’s very name, which uses the word ‘extinction’ is melodramatic and vague, since extinction occurs naturally, particularly when natural climate changes are dramatic, like the present #GrandSolarMin cooling, and the magnetic changes which underpin it — as explored by Robert Felix in his book, Not By Fire but By Ice, and on his website, IceAgeNow.info.

Warmist media need only show isolated problems in the natural environment, and present them as evidence for a non existent overall context. and promoted in conjunction with the BBC so that multiple sources in top down collaboration mimic the effect that objective reality would have.

!!! #WorldWideWeb !!!

XR and the Warmist movement want to entrench connected beliefs, rules, contracts and methods which entrench their lie credibly, and control humanity and energy. Predictably, they say they want divestment from fossil pension funds.

Their plan is to impose their centralised model of energy and money flow on the world, through ‘internationally integrated initiatives’. Here, their own words are interestingly close to the charge levelled at them, by pro-sovereignty opponents, of using fraudulent carbon taxes to fund UN world government.

“We have to stay in the EU if we are to have any hopes of addressing this”, they continue, the word ‘any’ suggesting that their compulsive group mantras ‘protest too much’, and do, indeed, mask inner absence of belief, from the lack of focal point logic that results from their case’s being a lie.


Friends of the Earth have celebrated Camden’s being the greenest borough of the past 10 years.

Nationwide use of coal-generated power — described as a ‘disaster’ — is down, from 40% in 2010, to 1% now, they exclaim, delightedly: are they delighted about the 2019 blackout, caused by reliance on wind-power, with its inherent intermittence and resulting unreliability, despite expensive storage systems and back-up generators? They late Christopher Booker — whose @telegraph outlet has not replace his column with similarly #ClimateEnlightened material — predicted blackouts, as reliance on wind combined with growing demand in a cooling world.

Now they are happening.


Warmist activists and councillors rejoiced in their near-monopoly in the education sector, the supposed instigator of free thought in students: ‘We have got nearly all schools with sustainability respresentatives’ they said.

‘The only school apologies (for not attending meetings) are when schools are on demos.’

This is open celebration about the successful, institutionalised, political corruption of science taught in schools — in a democratically elected council, in London, Britain’s capital city.

!!! #ShadowRadicals !!!

And, as teachers plan ‘to get green issues embedded deeply in the curriculum’, the #BBC — widely seen as establishment Centre-Left, but not hard Left — are tacitly supporting the installation of OSXR on the nation, and the world.

And OSXR would be micromanaged to siphon individual people’s energy into a government machine, sociopathically certain that any means justify its autocratic ends.

They want a 100% green energy tarif for schools.

Though CO2 is the plant- and forest-feeding gas of green life, they want CO2 emissions down by 34%, claiming that will make Camden greener (irrelevant as CO2 is to climate, it is also a 0.04% trace in our atmosphere — up from 0.03% due to its delayed release by solar cycle warmed water, following the 1,000 AD to 1,250 AD #MediaevalWarmPeriod.

Lorries negotiating Camden would be regulated by a fleet operator system.

‘How do we make sure that climate justice is felt by all?’, they opine, ready to choke life with a net of empty yet destructive dogma, calculated to appeal to any given local group — and make them feel they have a stake in the project.

They want to ‘make society more porous to the climate project’.

Their alarmists herald malaria’s being indigenous to the UK, if #BusinessAsUsual (BAU) continues. They even talk of adults supervising lines of children walking to school: a regimented dystopia that illustrates the tone their piety-licensed #PrisonPlanet, to borrow the name of AlexJones website.

!!! #StealingSunshine !!!

Money is energy, attuned to the human life that it supports. To tax the energy wealthy in currencies, the #ClimateCO2N orchestrators need to say that the energy conversion process used by the wealthiest is inherently bad — making reparations necessary.

They license government — ultimately UN — theft from the people, in the form of energy taxes.

For those who listen to them, they destroy the wonder of our #SunDrivenClimate’s developing #MiniIceAge, being told, as they are, that all events lead to hell-and-high-water for a sin-heated realm: for whose plight their existence is to blame.

Any praise or happiness with themselves can only come from obedience to the establishment.

As they attack wealth and, through education, consciousness, they damage social justice too.

‘Tell the truth but also act as agents of change’, they urge their activists.

Why do they say ‘but’, not ‘and’, in the above call-to-action? If their change sprang from a true cause, they would surely do this naturally.

It will be the lowest income people — that they claim to be-friend — who suffer most from the false dogma, and the outlawing of life-supporting energy: choked under the weight of a Citizens Assembly, named after the people by their oppressors, whose will it conducts.


To impose their will on the society’s circulation of energy and money, they invent a non-existent problem, train and sponsor rented protesters, paid for my @georgesoros organisations — and then declare a license to impose their original plans, on the basis of the fake protest’s demand.

That’s why Councillor Harrison seeks to ‘Amplify the voices of the young’: it is the young who have been indoctrinated by the movement.

They then speak for it: like Greta, unchallengeable by the timid, due to the politically correct sanctity of youth.

!!! @Action4Life_!!!

XR want a balance between ‘getting things right (in their terms) — and getting on with them’.

Knowing that a #GrandSolarMinimum and magnetic reversal is coming, they forecast that #ManMadeClimateChange will cause famine and civil unrest — the signs of an energy-short solar minimum, not of energy-rich, benign warming, historically life’s friend.

Knowing that a #GrandSolarMinimum is coming, they rush to glue the lie, before nature’s coldly cyclical truth exposes them.

Their ‘powerful internal mechanisms’ are, ‘budgeting, divestment, climate lens’.

Yet, despite knowing natural cold is coming, they attack food and life giving agriculture, energy and transport with lie-based regulation.

!!! The #SunDrivesClimate, not CO2: #ShineTheTruth !!!

‘Some of the largest carbon sources are agriculture and transport … we have to start getting moving on that’.

That is anti-human.

‘We have to be doing it right across the country.

They thank the officers who set up the assembly so quickly — ‘when we decided we wanted to do it’.

They thank #UniversityCollegeLondon, who played a huge part.

As the establishment collaborates with academia to by-pass democracy, promoters of freedom have the chance to expose this to the people: whose intelligence and consciousness, love of life and generosity is ready and able to counter this assault on it.

Let’s #SaveLifeFromExtinctionR.

!!! #LightWeb to OUTSHINE the #AntiSocialNetwork !!!



Do we need a #LightWeb? Its technical architecture would be independent of #SiliconValley and #BigTech, from source to receiver, amongst truly free peers.

Please contact TruthExcites.com, @truthexcites, Insta / FB Truth Excites to discuss making this happen !!!




!!! #SilentKiller !!!

If @extinctionR care about preserving biodiversity, and the insect life that is vital for horticulture, why do they remain silent on the danger of 5G?

It will worsen already-harmful electromagnetic smog, which has seen insect levels plummet and human cells damaged.

To avoid their electromagnetic brainwash, and prevent an extinction of higher human consciousness, their harmful plans for humanity-manipulating, DNA-attacking smart cities must be publicised around the world.

Minds can then act to save thought.





!!! #HappinessWins — EVEN against #GrumpyBullies !!!

Are independent voices accused of grumpiness simply because they challenge authority, instead of following blindly?

Has this created the notion of #GrumpyOldMen?


Yet, at the moment, the grumpiness, and accusatory anger, seem to come from elements of the green movement, and @extinctionR: from self-styled, power-sponsored authority, which claims the moral licence of scientifically proven climate crisis to control and tax people’s energy — even as nature cools the fictional heat with a solar minimum!

Like the #DiscountEndsToday salesman, @extinctionR say there is no time to check: that people must trust and pay.

!!! #StealingSunshine !!!

Yet their demand is for more than just energy taxes and energy supply control. 

It is more even than the regulation of independent lives, and human freedom to drive, travel, work and create.

By manipulation with false threats of climate doom, with their famously failing, ever replaced, icemelt #HeadlineDeadlines, they are stealing happiness.

They are injecting it with poisoned lies.

The fascination and wonder of climate, its solar magnetic cycles, and the imminent Christmassy cooling of this decade and the next few, are transformed — for those who trust @extinctionR — into groundless fear and guilt; and a feeling that sunny weather evidences sin: the sin of tuning the earth’s stored energy to human need, in a ultimately beneficial and climate-neutral way.

!!! #NeoReligion !!!

Like old hellfire preachers, their evidence-suppressing church threatens high water and doom to create fear in the public — with which to effect world wide change in energy management, driving costs up and supply down, in a way that would never be accepted by a calm and informed humanity.


This fear-powered manipulation is dark: it blocks energy-borne understanding of the solar truth.

Yet in its falsity lies its weakness: its need to be simulated from every angle, like the warped film set of the #FakeMatrix — while truth needs only revelation from any angle, since they are all covered by reality’s chain reaction so far!

The reality of happiness can then shine — #GrumpFree!

Rejoice !!!