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When the #CovidHoax … makes the world a joke … who you gonna call?

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Anti-Lockdown protesters and freedom fighters cheer Piers Corbyn’s arrival at Westminster Magistrate’s Court in London, as he exposes the farcical lies behind the MASKED, #CovidHoax ‘Phantom of the Operating Theatre’ — the only musical currently running during #WreckingBallBoris’ #ControlledDemolition of theatreland, as well as the UK economy.

!!! Who ya gonna’ call ??? Piers Corbyn arrives at Westminster Magistrate’s Court, where he was greeted with support from over 100 supporters of freedom and truth !!!

!!! #NeverWalkAlone !!!

Ever since the spring, when Fascism precipitated in its farcical disguise, Piers Corbyn has laboured, suffered and inspired to free the public from the wretched #CovidHoax.

Now his light is spreading around confident London, and from Liverpool’s triumphantly open gyms, to the #MainstreamMedia; freeing people’s consciousness from the UN’s open prison of #scamdemic fear.

More and more are starting to see the #ControlledDemolition of the country for the #WorldEconomicForum’s desired #GreatReset — executed by #WreckingBallBoris with his shabby, lying bluster.

Now, restrictions are retightened on the basis of 91% #FalsePositive tests, and the #Casedemic’s low numbers are seen to consist mainly of asymptomatic people. So both the absence of a significant health problem (0.13% death rate is like seasonal flu), and the presence of a hidden agenda, become ever clearer.

And freedom’s tunnel-end profile is seen to link to the exposure of crimes against humanity from many politicians, advisors and business leaders.

As Piers takes his stand at Westminster Magistrate’s Court, at 9:30 this Friday morning, his truth will enjoy the official stage it merits — and the prominence and leverage to free the many who will listen.

Their numbers will grow.

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If the shocking reality of the UN’s #Scamdemic power grab is hard to believe, it is useful to factor in the other likely false flags, scams and test hoaxes which may well have been trialed, with much lower stakes, to perfect dark arts before they were used radically, and in a way likely to encounter opposition — when their fine-tuning would be important.

The ozone hole scare of the 80s and 90s attacked sunlight and happiness with a fear of cancer, when the latter is largely caused by poor diet and acidic conditions in the body, not natural exposure to the summer sun as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Expensive, chemical sunscreens were thus sold as a hidden tax on sunlight — a form of energy otherwise out of reach of greedy government levies. Like the #CovidHoax, which recommends masks, and their irreversible brain damage, over oxygen, governments’ promotion of UV phobia made people fear the very thing that empowered them.

The promotion of man made climate change (from 70s cooling, through 80s, 90s and 00s warming, to today’s catch-all climate change) is a cringeworthy fail as a lie, collapsing under bogus science, failed predictions and inconsistency. 

But its global promotional platforms are so large, and a credulous public so used to sensing reality from secondary media, not primary experience, that the deception has lasted a long time.


And so, now, does the Covid hoax — despite a manifest lack of widespread sickness, and the fact that city dwellers living amongst millions of others often know no one who has had it. They are now waking to the 0.13% death rate and the 91% false positives.

The global flow of web news has attacked the UN’s information monopoly, once enjoyed via the #MainstreamMedia.

Their attempted Covid power grab is a last ditch attempt to establish #Agenda2030 — a controlling, dystopian technocracy, and also a return to the higher population control levels that pertained before the 20th century.

But, as city after city is proving, and as Gandhi once showed when opposing parallel, dark forces, non-compliance is powerful.

Here, it is fueled by knowledge of the absence of the promoted health risk, and of restrictions’ legally and morally flawed status. This lets us ignore them — and fortify freedom with a wisdom enriched by the debunking corollaries of other bust myths, as our reality becomes primary, and less gullible.

Therein lies confidence to live again.


The American Constitution of 1776 is an idea which was agreed upon as a social contract.

It is not a person, or a dynasty — still less an event, that society can judge as a arbitrarily generalised legal precedent for the future.

Because of the precision and durability of a refined, written idea, American freedom has long had a secure platform, which cannot easily be eroded by fashion, corruption, ignorance or criminality.

There might even be a comparison with The Word, as it is mentioned at the start of The Bible.

‘In the beginning was the word, and the word was God.’

‘Creation’ is a phenomenon. Linguistically it is an abstract noun, and also a hypothetical generalisation the gerund ‘creating’, which itself is an instance of the enactment of the verb ‘to create’.

So ‘the word’ becomes ‘the verb’ — a process, that a mathematician would describe with a matrix: a set of multi-dimensional vectors. Words are messages, not heralds. Words that carry meaning truly project it, without consciousness’ capacity for distortion.

Words are safes for truth.

This clarity of 1776 has wrought lasting civic stability for great success.

The euphoria of the free vacuum realises America’s creative imperative. Courtesy is routinely extended beyond friendship, as the prospering, limitless empathy of business — and its honest, energy-web construction. Atlanticist civility is friendship’s exploratory extension, not its replacement.

!!! REAL POWER !!!

Business outreach is therapy, that finds the inner self. It has helped build America. 

Britain’s greater emphasis on convention-signified hierarchy than on achievement creates a culture of herds, defined and manipulable by fashion, not freed by logic: the same herds that sacrifice their freedom for the undemocratic, farcical #NewNormal, that brands UN will, brazenly, to enforce it with hashtag dictatorship. Like their country’s non-existent written constitution, their inexperience of one-to-one business leaves their bargaining power without principal.

For self-worth to fortify citizens against big, bad government, the empathy of business is invaluable.

Perhaps, as the UK’s government-controlled economic demolition proceeds, need will prevail, and Britons will tune to others well enough to sell — without needing permission.


America’s constitution has safeguarded many things.

One is freedom of religion.

Another is the divine sanctity of the human spirit — protected ever since the moment of independence from the British crown.


From the monarchy’s presence stems destructive self-doubt, that afflicts many Britons subconsciously: their having accepted Britain’s social contract declares them inferior to the monarch — to the Head of State.

This programmed low self-esteem distorts protest, making it demand corrupt help, not freedom for the self. Thus authority, like a drug dealer, has made people need it, and can manipulate them as addicts.

Significantly, since Henry VIII, the British monarch has been the head of the Church of England. This focus of worship on a being other than the Holy Trinity is wrong — and dangerous.

!!! BAD VIBES !!!

This has become palpably clear during the #Scamdemic months of 2020. 

From the strange tone of guilt that underlay the Queen’s initial lockdown speech to the nation, to the manipulative fear-mongering of BBC Church of England broadcasts, wrapt in tones of odious conformism to establishment deference, a false spiritual guide seems to have hidden truth’s light.


Yet, in the toughest of conditions, the POTUS has honored the truth and service that is essential to his office.

From March, onwards, his briefings carried the torch of human liberty, from what felt like the gates of hell.

Instead of using vagueness to scare and control, he brought clarity, decision and reassurance.

He did not present himself as a false god: he pointed to the real God.


The Republic’s Freedom of Religion leaves choice open — and choices genuine. And religion’s separation from state leaves it politically uncorrupted.

As Britain has shown through troubled contrast, in 2020, this has been invaluable for America and the world.

In the Republic, the Constitution and Donald Trump’s outstanding stewardship of both, lies the basis for life’s prosperity and salvation. In Joe Biden’s UN globalism — interestingly promoted by the quasi #NWOmonarchy of exiled royals #HarryAndMegan — would lie the same twisted darkness that has been afflicting Britain, but this time on a global and inescapable scale.

In 1776, the Consitution kept a light which would prevail for over two centuries.

On November 3, the American voters of 2020 can secure this again — for their country, and for humanity worldwide.

God Bless America.

!!! The #FalseLight of the #EnemyOfThePeople !!!

#TheSun newspaper DISMISSES London’s truth-spreading anti-Lockdown protest against the #CovidHoax of #FakePlaguePanto — an asymptomatic #CaseDemic, inflated by 90% #FalsePositive #PCRtests, which licenses deliberate destruction of economy for #WorldEconomicForum #GreatReset.

??? WHY ???

As Liverpool is ATTACKED by this covert, irrational and gargantuan economic destruction, #TheSun supports the government’s #LifeLockDown — and #DoomBuffoonBoris’ sociopathic cowardice in his pronouncement of a #FakeHealthCrisis — to engineer a #RealEconomicCrisis.

!!! #NeverWalkAlone !!!

The government used the consultancy SAGE to frighten people about this non-problem back in the spring.

Can Liverpool and London shine their human solidarity to break the evil spell of fear — maintained by masks that hide safety to make it scary?

Can they stand strong, against the #ControlledDemolition of their economy — and of human lives?

This #CrimeAgainstHumanity is a UN-orchestrated, government-implemented programme of lies and manipulation, with the fake stats of a 90% asymptomatic #Casedemic and 91% #FalsePositive PCR.

The #LightBack against this illegal assault has begun.

#StayOpen and #LiveRealLife !!!

Visit @simondolan on Twitter, and check KeepBritainFree.com — the website for his legal opposition to the government’s lockdowns.


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