The imagination- and logic-powered revenge of the adult geek on those who ostracised them as children is a film cliché.

Has it come true? And is a vision and mindset that programmes intricately nonetheless fatally flawed by the very blindness to the human soul that left it, by default, to perfect the contrivence of three dimensional, Earthly patterns, rather than ascension beyond this realm?

If we compare those well-adjusted, who negotiate life with human-to-human deals, often made in the bar or restaurant, thus bypassing the contract protocols that authority would otherwise impose, with their socially awkward counterparts, who nonetheless reach influential positions in IT and the public sector, we see a barely visible but growing problem: together, IT and government are the fabric of the NWO: driven by the analytical revenge of the wargaming outsiders, like Bill Gates, whose political psychopathy has them build — with slow, sure relish — a slowly forming prison out of the glamourised convenience electronics of daily life.

They web is getting very thick. Yet it is already failing.

It is failing due to the same condition that made them chose their souless path of tech-manipulation: lack of empthay and lack of self-love. Because they don’t possess these attributes strongly, they don’t recognise them in others. Yet just these elements of a healthy human being are driving the world awakening.

People can feel their divinity. They know that the Godless hubris of Yuval Noah Harari, in celebrating ability to act as a god, and in declaring free will to be over, is the mark of the beast.

Deep inside, silently at first in many cases, they are outraged.

Then, as the first rebels’ voices grow, the awake arise too, and their empathy — driver of earthly success, and love of God, alike — bonds them. Self-love values the gift of ones endeavour to the group, whose survival, via that empathy, is ones own.

Rather than reaching for the divine and unique Centre of Creation, the Satanically synthetic web tried — like a symmetry-destroying, egotistical cancerous suburb — to start again on its own.

This mistake has history.

Thanks to God’s grace, it is failing again, as intuition’s speed and harmony overrides mortal photocopies with the quiet ease of destiny.

The Word still is God.


The very phrase ‘Thanksgiving’ shows the unstoppable positivity of American gratitude, and its freeness from both the complex of apology and the laziness of complaint.

The following extract is from AllAboutHistory.org:

Following the Mayflower’s arrival at Plymouth Rock on December 11, 1620, the Pilgrims suffered the lost of 46 of their original 102 colonists. With the help of 91 Indians, the remaining Pilgrims survived the bitter winter and yielded a bountiful harvest in 1621. In celebration, a traditional English harvest festival, lasting three days brought the Pilgrims and natives to unite in a “thanksgiving” observance.


I am writing from the Atlantic Ocean’s happiness-shy East side. Here, Blighty remains the monarchy from which some of America’s founders had escaped, to build a society where freedom made a mere British dream their new world’s reality; a reality that still echoes in the energy and the smile of American English, and nowhere more so than in the word ‘Thanksgiving’, which links thanks, self-love, optimism and success.

Giving thanks genuinely — not as a reluctant child, but as a free adult — goes with accepting a gift. It thus goes with belief in one’s worthiness of the gift: it goes with self-love. By focusing on good fortune, it creates good vibes, rather than the vicious spiral of negativity and complaint. Its good vibes attract others with good vibes — and build winning teams. In modern terminology, this is the law of attraction.


If an external force takes responsibility for your life, and then manages it badly, the temptation is to blame it — to demand compensation. It is only by realising that we are each, ultimately, responsible for ourselves all the time, that we shake of this sulky inertia. Even as Biden blames forces other than his designer destruction for America’s economic problems, the Thanksgiving festival has reminded us that the foundation of America came from people’s counting their blessings — and being responsible for using them to go forth.


‘Noone will rescue us’, say many in the freedom movement that opposes the #UN’s and #WEF’s unlawful #GreatReset. With the core of active self-reliance in each, noone is needed to rescue us. The mass non-compliance that will stop the globalist agenda flows naturally from the individualism of American society, and from its foundation in the humanity- and divinity-sanctification of its constitution.

Instead of moaning about misfortune and incapacity, humans give thanks for God’s energy and their free will: the twin validators of our actions and ascension, as — through coded language — energy becomes holy contracts, and a divine web of light.

To an awakening world, Happy Thanksgiving.

!!! SIMPLY THE BEST: #PieroDelCorbino è il futuro !!!

2 years and 8 months after his March 2020 arrest for opposing the #ScamdemicLockdown — the lowest point of British peacetime civil liberty since the industrial revolution — Piers takes freedom on, in the indestructible medium of spreading consciousness.

The NWO know they are losing: hence the G20’s self-defeating haste to restore a permanent #GreenPass for all international travel — just as #JabDeath and #JabInjury are becoming recognised crimes of the UN, WHO and domestic politicians.

Astrophysicist and meteorologist Piers has shared climate truth for decades, from #WeatherAction.com, his forecasting company. He stands not just as the originator of the movement, but as one with a physicist’s specialist expertise on several of its legs: the #ClimateCO2N, #5Gradiation, and the #Scamdemic, not to mention his logician’s speed of undestanding of the logistics of corruption, the better to expose and counter them.

!!! #VaiPiero !!!

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