ClimateRealist Physicist and commentator Terri Jackson gives #TruthExcites.com the green light to share from his site — and we thank him for this analysis of the farcical 90% data distortion, on the basis of which the world economy has been attacked.

But who has done it — and why?

And what will happen to them, to prevent repeat offence ???



!!! From the UN and WHO to #SadiqKahn: #Agenda2030 blocks London traffic —

and #NetZeroBoris watches — as #DailyTelegraph and #MainstreamMedia awake !!!

This is the spread of OS-XR from Camden to the whole of London: Agenda2030 — as reported by TruthExcites.com in December, 2019, shown below this Telegraph link.



!!! Courtesy Neil Jones !!!

“Several bridges across the Thames may be closed entirely to motorists, while congestion is destined to soar as pavements are widened and streets are closed. Supporters of such schemes claim that only a small number of drivers in the city centre will be affected. But what about the thousands of delivery drivers, small business owners and sole traders who cannot get around except by car or van? These are groups that are already struggling financially thanks to the impact of the lockdown.”

He’s also creating unsustainable bottlenecks that the city will have to suffer.


Charles Moore’s heroic #DailyTelegraph piece of Sat 16 May, calling out the lockdown’s effectively being a preview of needless #NetZero2050 austerity, is timely, as the liberty-minded journalists, like himself, Toby Young and Peter Hitchens, lead the mainstream press into freedom-focussed corona perspective.

!!! MORE, MORE, MORE !!!

But they need to highlight the fact that this taste of #NetZero50 was no accident: the purpose of the handling — and perhaps the creation — of COVID19 was to push Agenda21 on all fronts: controlling behaviour, creating financial dependency to boost government power, pushing vaccines, reducing energy use needlessly and damagingly, as per the #ClimateCO2N, and imposing a surveillance state — with military-grade 5G that assaults blood oxygen and life, in separate parallel to Covid19.

This all happened with known cures to this virus — notably quinine, as found in tonic water — readily available.

If crimes and criminals are identified, repeat offences can be stopped.

Yesterday, the police arrested Piers Corbyn for speaking the truth in Hyde Park — on the subject of a health and wealth-threatening lie that the UN and WHO have imposed on the British people with the help of the UK government.

If the free media highlight and oppose this giant construction of a false global consciousness for humanity, then they can make future lockdowns and other such hellish assaults on life much harder to bring about.

!!! #SlyNews !!!

As the Shoreditch grafiti has long said, SkyNews are, indeed, SLY.

They dismiss the #AntiLockdown protest’s misinformation: without examining the separate but parallel attacks on the blood’s oxygen by the corona virus and 5G waves. The latter have been proven to damage cell structure and impede breathing.

This would mean that the military-grade 5G transmitters — installed on some UK streets during the supposed lockdown — made any corona sufferers worse, since the two, separate causes have the same, single effect.

5G transmitters are part of the smart city UN #Agenda21 — along with #NetZero50, despite the sun’s driving a currently cooling climate’s natural cycles, and CO2 changes being a delayed result of past sun-driven temperature changes and a cause of no climatic effect.

The upshot? To support Agenda21, SlyNews have attacked the liberty and health of the people — and dismissed Piers Corbyn’s liberating wisdom and climate realist honesty.

His arrest for speaking the truth in a Hyde Park, London, on a Saturday afternoon disgraces the country that he loved, and that VE Day heroes thought they had freed.

Luckily, truth needs only one angle to resonance, not the 360 degree fakery of the mainstream media.

That is why it — and Piers — will win.

Piers founded WeatherAction.com, whose call of a natural #MiniIceAge cycle is now coming true and accelerating.