The South Bank’s alluring labyrinth of railway arches sank us underground into a painting matrix, as 8 artists battled for live resonance with the voting audience, at The Vaults near Waterloo, on 18 Nov.

A glowing chasm of laser highways hung overhead in the deejay-ribbed hall, and blended gallery with nightclub; giving creativity depth, as creatives jammed around a stage to shine their model-fired view on the slowly revolving audience’s 30 minute clock.

Columbian artist, Vane MG, gave a midnight sun’s stained glass a touch of Aztec geometry; echoing the venue’s electric night sky and, thence, the evening’s live performance element. Fiona McGregor’s freedom from the labelled object wove tranquil human form from coiling component curves, highlighting the universal, energetic flux which transcends the superficial, macroscale borders of bodies. She was a worthy runner-up. Italian Manuela Capraro magnetised weight and emotion from unblended rainbow tones, their curving graphic purity adding a harmonised Renaissance peace to the human joy of colour.

The winner sculpted day from night, with deep contrast. Simon Bejer’s work let light pour not just forms, but their host space, too, with easy freedom that sang the depth it drank.

With #ArtBattle’s trademark playful inclusiveness, paint had lit the South Bank Saturday; and dreams had strummed chrome alive, as an Aquarian audience celebrated individuals that share, without being moulded.



Another continuum of tone, fusing mountain winds with the dreamer’s still, flowed from Zeyn Mro and Monoco’s progressive mix.

The plectrum’s sparks tickled another trip from Zeyn’s guitar strings, in a jam that slid from quavering spray to the unseen surround sound of barking dogs.

Immersion enwrapt us, in a set that rang without explanation, and sang without words – and left our minds flying.