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#BrandsExcite is #TruthExcites’ new branding and logo agency.

We combine sharply distilled marketing concepts and straplines with beautiful production, that lets quality ring true, so it is discovered.

We were proud to work with #GianlucaChefArtist, and write the strapline #FoodIsTheMusicOfLove, to express his vision of love as the genius at the core of great cooking. This accompanied our portrait of him, which shared the creative joy that drives his expert talent.

His outdoor restaurant — already an institution at Kensington Olympia — is gaining renown across London and internationally.

The launch of #BiddyMulligan’s pub — formerly #TheKeep — had us hand-painting the sign over the door (its font and text layout were ready designed). We chose to use 3 of their shamrocks, to work with a Fibonacci-ratio composition, along with an illuminated ‘B’, and a light line-echo.

Before long, we were waking the Celtic magic with #BiddyMulligan’s famous song lyrics wrapping around a niche in the ceiling; immersing drinkers from their moment of entry to the Irish pub.

To commission a brand, logo, sign or mural — or any other art project — just call #BrandsExcite on 00 44 7881 954 810.



Real events transmit real waves: fake events don't. So, only truth excites !!! #DrinkFromTheStream !!!

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