Demented Dermot Murnaghan appointed himself judge and jury of his fellow journalists, as he ignored the schedule discussion of the Trump-Farage “bromance” to spend several minutes accusing Breitbart’s Raheem Kassam of lacking respect by not wearing a poppy. Mr Murnaghan returned, obsessively, to this side issue, apparently seeing populist mileage in it for abject MSM network Sky News; despite his having been told, repeatedly, that Kassam had donated £300 to Royal British Legion and had left his poppy on his other coat.
The presenter’s fake spin fell flatter still when, cornered regarding the distinction between deliberate and accidental omission of a poppy, he brazenly tried to change topic – to Kassam’s wry amusement. The whole trivial episode underlined Sky News’ lack of future in a web-powered world where content is key.


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!!! pieces !!!

Ana-Maria Cardoso-Cockerill

Multi media, 2016

Empathy flows, and breathes art.

The viewpoint of an young being, ejected from a swirling migration nightmare to a beach’s dead silt, cries from sight to sympathy.

The mood-morphing child refugee crisis careers through the artist’s mind at a convulsing pace: sharing with us – as more fortunate observers of the same sky – a floating prison of chaos: shone, dully, through the graphic telepathy not of blind journalism, but of Ana-Maria’s warmly bleeding brush strokes.

A spiral plays in lonely space, its dance unable to shake off itinerant tragedy. The reversing flicks of a hanging moon serenade broken life’s extremes – with the comforting perspective of a surreal lens, that digests cosmic hope with terrestrial pain.

Beams of ribbon-lightening pirouette down bright, windswept airs, as a lifeless hat rides a lonely Autumn storm. Wind crashes, pouring through tensile density into fused, solid gloom, as blue lament swims through a black wall; whence blocks of light bound on, over a dark plane.

A living trip of meditated perdition, Pieces weaves a multi-chrome orchestra of varying media, fused by mood.

A nightmare’s unstoppable propulsion has been cried by the artist, freezing the painful frames of fluid reality, their graphic form reactively caressed. Yet ours is a journey in reverse: from the gallery, back, to Ana-Maria’s mind, and to the sorrow that she sees: from the canvas still of her embrace, to the cold, pulsing brine of a boat’s careless wake, as seen by a small passenger. Its callous ripples recall every child’s side view from the rear of a moving vessel – in a horrific new context: not a family day out, but a one-way trip into fate, that greets fear, minute by minute.

We share the child’s watery closeup of grey depths: mechanically animated foam, that dances, chill, as nature waves yet cannot help.

And, as we share, we “subjectify”. The skeletal coat hanger flutters, dead, dangling victim before crime, and we see what it saw.

We dream the same fear.

Our thoughts are then induced forth into flight’s multi-media void, and its fractal confusion. The pelagic wake of wounded waves is installed: ripped, in three dimensions, from a bandage: a tragic trigger, retracing the painful chain that left infancy thirsty, and bereft of its nest’s suspended craft.

The artist’s psychological expertise is clear from the way in which her work listens: she relays what she hears, as pencil, drawing and writing all join paint in migration’s tonally acute projection onto canvas; whose flatness deepens with the pitiful romance of the roaming and the hopeless.

Pieces draws up the endless fathoms of a lost lullaby; of echoes, as recalled by the destitute and heard by us all.

Review by Jonathan Graham, 2016




World-news heavyweight, the New York Times, professes to “re-dedicate” itself to honest reporting – after a year of deliberate, systematic bias.
But, to borrow from Rhianna, are they sorry – or just sorry they got caught?
They apologise, wrongly, for underestimating the popularity of Donald Trump – a phenomenon which is irrelevant to honest reporting of events, or lack thereof.
Perhaps, before offering their qualified mea culpa, they should think of the depth and breadth of their skewed opinion polls, one sided opinion pieces and selective reporting, on a national election, for the world’s leading free nation – and in their capacity as one of the world’s biggest newspapers?
Their wording certainly gives the impression that they don’t understand objectivity that well; but that they have suddenly tumbled to how much damage their recent, overboiling bias has done to their reputation.
It will take much more than a sloppily conceived justification, disguised as an apology, to change that.



Traditional oriental cultures boast many portals to greater understanding of the cosmos – none more so than their frequent revering of the insights afforded by experience: by age.

Free of Western peer groups’ ageist culture prison, philosophers and elders surf their perception and reason; they can see, think and communicate, unrestrained by conformism – old or new. And so do Donald Trump’s 70 years of discovery and understanding.

Just as the Social Democratic consensus of the late 20th Century is close to crystallising as an authoritarian, bureaucratically entrenched world power structure, the post-60s GroupThink that drives it is being challenged by the individualist energy of age.

Trump’s quietly bullish raised thumbs have an easy rage against the machine; they stroll applause for his fans, before the mellow tones of his seamless bitterness hug popular frustration with real hope.

This is possible.

Globalism is entrenched – yet not officially a unified world government.

The growing blogosphere is alert to banking corruption, including that of central banks; and to the feeble hypocrisy of the establishment’s creating ISIS via Saudi Arabia and Quatar – and then making trouble when Putin attacks them in the name of all that is free.

The #ClimateCO2N is being disproved by cooling reality, as a natural, solar activity-driven #MiniIceAge begins. The pseudoscientists and CO2N-TAX establishment are having to resort to conflicting lies. Their fraudulent taxing of energy, as people suffer and die in the cold, makes them vulnerable to informed whistle blowing – and common sense.

Human freedom is guaranteed by both the constitution – now held in contempt by the establishment – and by Nation States’ independence: separate countries’ existence gives citizens choice about the society in which they live. One-world government would remove this choice – and, with it, government accountability. A Clinton term from 2016 to 2020 would rust the architecture of freedom, from Leftist Supreme Court appointments, to slow collusion with the U.N., as its elites try to destroy the Land of the Free.

Trump, the businessman, has the liberated energy of the elder.

He understands the global danger of political monopoly – and the universal value of freedom of choice: a choice American citizens have for one moment in time, tomorrow.

TruthExcites.com endorses Trump, whose fearlessly honest energy can free Western consciousness from vampiric government.

We hope he frees the world.


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