!!! #EvilBasket !!!

#EvilBasketBoris drives the decline of civilisation and Britain, #LocksDownLife for 1 year, #KillingPeople and #HurtingEconomy (to protect against 99.99% survival non-plague) — before demanding MORE #ControlledEconomicDemolition ‘to save Britain from #RomanEmpire style decline’, caused by #ManMadeClimateChange.

Since #ClimateCycles are natural, this last does not exist. Yet, on its false pretext, #BorisJohnson’s communist #NetZero drive would cause needless and unprecedented decline of wealth, freedom and true consciousness.

The #GreatAwakening has a golden chance to #ShineTheTruth into the manipulative shadow, cast by this destructive, psychopathic confidence trickster.

GlasgowBelongsToThePeople !!! #LetGlasgowLive !!! #ShineCityLights

ResistDefyDoNotComply !!! #TakeToTheStreets !!! #KeepStreetsAlive


Mad #FloodWall coercion for Scottish town PUSHES UN #Agenda2030 on the false pretext of #ManMadeClimateChange — but may yet face a grassroots backlash that goes viral.

Flooding is caused largely by the abandonment of #RiverDredging, in line with SEPA policy. This has been a problem all over the country. Resuming dredging will solve the problem without need for an overreaching council to force a community-splitting ‘Berlin Wall’ on Langholm life.

Flooding is not made worse by #ManMadeClimateChange which, since CO2 change is a RESULT, NOT A CAUSE, of sun-driven climate-cycles, does not exist — except as an energy-taxing myth.

The world IS presently entering a #GrandSolarMinimum, with several decades of reduced sunspots and lower solar activity. This leads to more earthquakes and volcanoes, as well as bending and tropic-shifted jetstreams, and natural weather extremes amid overall cooling.

There are fewer Atlantic storms, but those that do occur are stronger — and wetter: hence the poetically wet weekend for the flood meeting!

The UN and the IPCC know this, but want to use the false excuse of #ManMadeClimateChange to impose energy rules on the world, along the lines of those drawn up as #Agenda21 at the Rio #EarthSummit, back in 1992! So, even when Paul Homewood has caught NASA, NOAA and GISS cheating data to fake warming, these organisations and Globalist politicians have carried on, regardless.


The Langholm community’s staying strong in the face if this illigitimate, external coercion, and its refusing the wall, will keep the town’s peaceful beauty intact for future generations — along with its rugged autonomy, and ability to withstand the #NewRaj of the UN.

In this, it can lead the country.

The link below describes the frosty onset of natural global cooling’s wonders, and the comically, damagingly corrupt politics of the #ClimateCO2N. Freedom has an ally in Neil Oliver, @thecoastguy.


Facebook has grown as the world’s common room for 15 years. Its digital social connection has been a para-world.

Does the Meta-branding of its holding company plan for a desired future monopoly of control over humanity, in a virtual world based on the internet of things? ‘Meta’ — roughly speaking the Ancient Greek for ‘para’ — signifies a proxy; aptly so for the would-be manipulative squashers of life to an enslaved, holographic shadow.

The classical reference creates a timeless sense of cosmic vastness: Facebook’s super-ego thus seems to be before the past, and beyond the future. With its warped infinity sign logo, Meta styles itself as a gargantuan envelope of life, bigger than Facebook itself: an arrogantly Satanic replacement of God, and commander of human awe, via its induced ignorance, in a digital control grid.


Thankyou Sun, for shining heat and light and fun for so, so long:

you cooked the street’s pneumatic beat;

you blessed the coke, and loved the throng!

you scorched Ibiza’s nineties decks,

as Twentieth Century lovers kissed:

the planet’s pulse at solar max,

on febrile, shimmering, sultry mist.

Such galactic nuclear power – 

which breathes the oak

from seed to tower –

doesn’t know or give a toss 

what Al Gore says our fuel should cost.

Twentieth Century ice was melted

by the hyperactive sun:

not us, nor cars, nor gas emitted, 

nor by Bernie Ecclestone!

CO2 can’t warm the air – 

and blaming it just isn’t fair! 

Released by cars and warm conditions,

levels grow with each ignition, 

up and up – while temps now fall,

as brilliant Helios sets to stall.

As the fiery orb gets tired,

turns down its dial,

and chills a while,

the Earth cools, too,

as glaciers grow, 

and blizzards blow – 

through schools of fools, 

who scream and panic at the heat;

numbed to thought by group-deceit,

as fatal frost

now scores new veins through glass and ice,

confounding myths of sweaty vice.

1645 was cold, 

when shivers froze

the floods of old!

Decades died and winters grew,

with sunspots gone, and summers, too;

The Bank of Engand crept to life,

in frozen 1690s strife.

Now, round they come, untamed, again:

dank, summer lows and light-whirred snow.

“You’re all to blame”, shout Warmist priests. 

“We warned you of the Sooty Beast:

Until we steam in Hell (as planned)

Your life is cold — for summer’s damned!”

“… But this cold snap is just a trap, 

while the arctic leaves the map —

melting into murky depths,

thus cooling flows that warmed the West:

changing weather patterns, fast,

so ‘barbE’ summers never last!”

“You must”, they say, “pay carbon dues, 

and sponsor windmills, built on cue —

for now, the answer’s blowing in”,

(as birds are smashed by blades that spin):

power comes from ghostly towers —

unless it’s calm for several hours,

while UNocrats debate the fate

of the world they didn’t make —

“whatever happens, it’s CO2: 

it’s from your car — and so from you!”


They want your taxes — and your fear:

more and more of them, each year.

They’ve spun a yarn of humid sweat,

inflaming guilt and wretched sorrow.

“Now? The freeze — but soon the heat,

coming: ‘The Day After Tomorrow’…”

We knew extremist vicars quit

when they outlawed burning witches;

now coal-exorcists get hits

with oppressive science fiction.

Ignore their hogwash and rejoice! 

We’re Walking-on-the-Earth tonight!

See history made, as ‘Arctic blasts’

whisper bicentennial flight,

of Nordic flakes, to drifts that last,

like myriad sparkling Christmas lights;

which lift the soul, 

to twist and jive

through Solar Cycle Twenty Five;

which fly the flag for windblown white —

and heated soup and howling nights!

The Sun will chill for many years —

half a lifetime, it appears!

So sod the cheats who want your cash 

to fund their G8 climate bash —

their pamplets as from brothers grim:

fraud, through fantasies of sin,

from Western witchdoctors,

who need

to blackmail people to succeed;

who yearn

to make us all believe

in blame and debt, and more regret —

that we be cowed

to pay and bow: 

and never try to fathom how

a gas which once ruled frozen Earth

can now purvey a steaming curse:

or how the jetstream’s winding path —

that freezes Greece with Finland’s laugh,

as geomagnetised bends twist

from solar slumber’s cosmic waves,

and stoop 3,000 miles to kiss

Alaskan Frost to Everglades —

can vindicate said Man Made Warming,

when its models need stream flat

and pole-shifted, sliding storming

winds, from tropics, to cold lats;

in imagined, bake-faked scam,

that moves sea-lows a country North,

so counter-clockwise cyclone strands

the ‘Eastern Beasts’ on Arctic course —

and Europe sweats in Irish sauna,

West wind-washed, from system’s base:

drowning Christmas crystals, born to

sharpen land with frozen lace —

Yet even as the BEEB’s false heads

still blackmail joy with vulpine cries,

storm-lows are whipping South instead,

their East wind wake inviting glide

of feathered, Baltic gems that watch

the streets that, long, knew only damp,

which stamped the sleet to road-stained blotch,

and soaked, to dark, night’s moon-flaked lamp —

yet, frigid, marvelling, now inhale

the breath of Beast, as stir of white:

a silent cold that, vacuum-baled,

petrifies the coast with light —

whose herald-flakes skirt gravity,

and dance, as wind-larks of the morning:

crystal witnesses, that free

world consciousness, that cold is dawning;

swooping, bouncing,

soaring up,

as ghosts that hang in causal still;

Siberian dry, that lies, uncut,

in easy, fractal proof of chill,

as visitors from Starjik’s slopes,

whose flux is orchestra of truth,

and drawn, thus, West, by vacuum volts,

of #MiniIceAge patterns’ proof.

Showered with sparks of cold-lit ground,

a small ice-age is free — unbound!

So tighten walks with wind-rapped layers,

and dance with huskies’ bright eyed runs!

Diamond mist, for years, will flare

with frigid holograms of fun!

We’ll rejoice in Helios’ lore,

and surf the snow, and live the show,

of Solar Cycles’ gem-chilled claw —

go, go, go, GO !!!


Click to access An-Overview-of-Scientific-Debate-of-Global-Warming-and-Climate-Change.pdf






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2021: the year of a hashtag-segway, from #PCRtest to #PRCquest.

As Japanese scientists use #PhysicalReservoirComputing to develop a #ThinkingSupercomputer that mimics the brain, the world’s growing, authoritarian technocracy — the executive of the implementation of #ScamdemicFascism — seems to have had its arsenal BOOSTED, AGAIN.

But is this new, transhuman tool beyond even ITS control?



If Londoners are on highest alert in Britain to #TakeToTheStreets against yet more criminal government restrictions, this may be because #SadiqKhan’s #TubeMaskMandate has made the British capital seem less free than other places, and kept restrictions on people’s minds! Perhaps its a good time to remember that he probably didn’t win the mayoral election, that his cynical mandates are not law, and that Dominion’s Smartmatic — his criminal agent of holding power — should never be allowed to control another election.

Maybe we can even thank Sadiq for keeping the freedom movement ready and strong: for it is much better to go #FreeFace in defiance of the NWO than with their obedience-fixing permission.

Further, it is wonderful to be ready to #TakeToTheStreets, with silver chord tuned, and freedom taken, not given.



The very fact that some politicians moot more lockdowns is yet another outrage of their impertinant evil and its doomed dawn gasps.

Luckily, the freedom movement has them by the balls: any mask mandates will provoke, rather than commanding, and restrictions will pull millions to the streets. The #SickRegime of #ToxicBoris may fall soon.

The palpable rage that saw Bill Gates’ car need two attempts at entering Downing Street last week was a good sample of the volcanic fury against the callous complacency of system globalists, who let the ease of setting in motion the computer programmed #CovidCharade lull them into dismissing the eventual, billion-fold human response.

Soon, this last will want to engage with them.


As the globalist drivers of jab blackmail and lockdowns are used to threaten freedom and Christmas, we are reminded of the untrustworthiness of blackmailers, and of any product or action that they recommend.

We are also hit by the irony of winter lockdowns on the basis of scamdemic stats every bit as fake as those of the #ClimateCO2N, and which would amount to the coming true of the late #ClimateRealist’s, Christopher Booker’s, prediction of blackouts due to inadequate energy amounts sourcable from solar and wind.

The ensuing reality of a #GrandSolarMinimum’s natural global cooling, instead of mythical #ManMadeGlobalWarming, will make starker the energy shortfall of the UN’s #GreenNewSteal to #NetZero.

It will also render the fight for life-fueling fossils, a fight for civilised liberty, genuine science and political truth. Globalists choke energy as the currency of life. Their false, twisted church declares human energy nourishment a sin, as an excuse to punish by taxing.

As peaks of climatic cold, human happiness, energy conversion, and #ClimateCO2N debunking, mid winter festivals (Christmas, for the Northern, Christian world) are attacked by UN #CarbonPuritans. Their eternal forecast of hell and high water continues through a cooling climate and falling seas, even as they lockdown energy-consuming life, fusing the covid and climate pantimimes in an anti-human fall of lies without light.

To borrow from C.S. Lewis’ famous, ‘Lion, Witch and Wardrobe’, their evil will always be winter, yet never Christmas.

Humanity says no.


When opportunism gets used to finding its most convenient fit, regardless of underlying ethics that are easily forgotten amid political comfort, and where vice does not, as now, bring mortal danger, then, little by little, decent people can find themselves compromising more and more.

A glance at different nations, now, amidst the Godless NWO’s attempted #GreatReset, shows that the freest seem to be the most conservative, which have kept their moral fibre guarded by their economic backbone, by a work ethic which defends the liberty of endeavour against the tyranny of socialism, and by a commitment to divinity over technocratic convenience.

This way of thinking and being is such that the assault on liberty, truth, life and divinity of the #CovidHoax each tripped the alarm, and was clocked as evil fraud — as witness Florida’s being open, right through the #Scamdemic, and the #RedStates’ general success in sustaining America in the face of the #DeepState’s destructive #PuppetPresident.

As humanity’s saviour and light-keeper, amidst the UN’s dark hypnosis, conservative piety recommends itself very easily to everyone who had forgotten its power.

#ResistDefyDoNotComply !!! #KeepAmericaGreat !!! #RepealTheSteal