A CO2 leaves a cooling world untouched, save for marginal greening.

Growing icecaps are denied by the Warmist mainstream media – even as they are chilled towards #MiniIceAge expanse by a weakening sun. Corrupt politicians and NGO’s safeguard future income with lies – at the cost of public power cuts, even as that same public is ├╝ber-taxed for its energy.

The wind power that Big Green insists on, while vital fossils abound, causes calm-period blackouts, like the one in Australia, below. This will occur more and more, as fewer storms result from greater cold.

Will web wisdom fire a conscious revolution in 2017?


!!! COG OF WAR !!!

Is Hilary Clinton bent on NEEDLESS WORLD WAR with Russia – to support the ISIS that she helped create, in order to let Israel and Saudi Arabia dominate the Middle East?

Will it take a Trump win to work WITH Putin AGAINST ISIS – and thus to fortify post-millennial peace?

!!! TruthExcites !!! 2016 !!!

Video: U.S. on the Verge of War With Russia Over Syria Time Bomb


The Hull Daily Mail repeats mainstream media myth of 2016 as exceptionally warm so far – yet still forecasts a cold winter, due to low solar activity.
September’s record 34C hit – perfectly forecast, along with other hot bursts, by WeatherAction.com – blew in on the bending jet-stream, that WeatherAction have, since 2008, said is creating a new worldwide #MiniIceAge. Associated hot-cold extremes also brought a variable Jan-Feb 2016, and a frequently cool summer in the UK.
How long before the warmist, CLIMATE-CO2NNING mainstream media – and the compliantly trickle-down local press – are forced by cold reality to stop fitting observed weather to the incompatible Man Made Global Warming myth.

When will the viral truth, now harmonising cyberspace evermore widely, make it in the media’s credibility interests to admit that the sun drives climate; and that, with our weakening sun, we are cooling? Such slowly falling temps┬ácan be ignored during a merely cool summer, especially with the NOAA’s #BakeFaking, #HeatCheating data. Denial is harder during a cold winter.

From Truth, enjoy the Autumn – and be conscious, not CO2NNED!

Image: Lake Hills in April, 2016, in the winter’s final cold couple of days.
!!! TruthExcites !!! 2016 !!!


Ginger excites Truth – because it BURNS COLDS AND FLU, before they have begun …

… and without using vaccines, which may contain mercury, and thus pose longterm risks to the function of the nervous system – leaving users open to dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

Here at Truth, root ginger is often munched like a carrot – but it’s clean, spicy heat is delicious grated and sprinkled over cool avocado and tomato salads too! Just add the olive oil, or even better hemp oil!

What better cold burner than powdered sun?