The British Daily Express has, in recent years, made itself known for melodramatic weather predictions of freezes and heatwaves, that often contradict each other, as recently archived ‘forecasts’ remain linked to divergent current ones.

That said, Leftwing Trinity Mirror’s recent Express-acquisition, from Brexit-crusading mogul Richard Desmond, has seen the Express remain the most open-minded UK publication regarding sun-driven climate change. Before the takeover, it warned — several times — of growing global cooling, and of a forthcoming ice age, great or small.

Why, then, does this East Atlantic publication continue to sully its factual integrity, and confuse its theatre, with the outdated and contradictory lies of #ManMadeGlobalWarming — as in the scientifically groundless feature linked below? Alone of mainstream papers, it consults with #WeatherAction’s #ClimateTruther, Piers Corbyn (shown above) whose prescient, #CO2NBUSTING solar-lunar weather forecasts part-shape some of its stories; yet it feels a need to quote, and lend undeserved credebility to, the promoters of the failed global warming scare — even as growing polar ice, along with bent, tropic-shifted jetstreams, and swinging yet overall-cooling temperatures, support Trump’s belief in natural climate cycles. https://www.express.co.uk/finance/city/1038556/Bitcoin-news-mining-global-warming-temperatures-2-C-by-2033-study

In this awkward accommodation of oppressive globalist falsehood, the Express buys the tired data-fakery of NGO’s, the #NOAA, and the international #MetOffice establishment, whose income the Warmist myth drives. This journalistic submission to #BigBro is despite its ‘#TeaParty’-aligned readers’ being wise to the #ClimateCO2N.

So why DOES it defer to corrupt authority, in costly discord with its cavalier soul — and just as the world is awakening?

Does this policy stem from new, Leftwing editors and owners — or is it merely an oversight?

TruthExcites.com invites Express.co.uk to lead the way amongst the UK press, by abandoning establishment climate spin, and investigating and relaying the rare drama of a #MiniIceAge’s onset; perfect for an über-British brand, with a tradition combining the national obsession of weather, civic freedom and some esoteric wackiness — especially when this last takes the form of the climate scoop of the century, and is just waiting to be splashed, cover-to-cover, with depth and drama.

If the Express still befits its ‘world’s greatest newspaper’ tagline, then — following its continent-shaping rôle in forging Brexit — breaking cold climate truth, while rivals choke on silence, would prove it, nicely.


Europe’s artist soccer coach has gone to Britain.

With choreographed Renaissance animations produced, live, by his finely tuned direction of league-winning Manchester City players, Pep Guardiola has not just conquered Blighty’s windswept, chaos-injured game with his crystal midfield, but has brought trust in free reason to a society often failure-frozen by regard for personality-cult over principle.

Manchester City’s mid-Eastern owners show all the wisdom that grew their wealth. A revving flow of Arabian gold has whispered smart billions of belief into Guardiola’s organic mix of supersonic geometry and brotherly warmth, as his mind and heart leave false status obsolete. He has massaged this team from a crude, provincial, lower mid-table side, to precision engineers of tik-tak’s ephemeral angles; a flowering reflected in their away kit’s golden purple, that has illuminated British soccer’s rain-sodden abrasion with his own, politically insurgent, Catalan fire.

It is interesting to note the greater closeness of European anarchy to the American dream, than to Britain’s gloom-preserved status quo. For instance, would such ‘Tea Party’ heat negotiate Brexit better than Teresa May — not just through liberated personal force, but through a cool, ultimately professional focus on the system, and not the supposed opponent? In being principle powered, Guardiola’s system is people powered — and reliant on thought, not authority. Seen as a political structure, it is neither ancient monarchy — nor a modern, celebrity-following equivalent, the latter so despised by royalist traditionalists, yet so similar in its mal-wiring of civic ambition.

Further, Pep Guardiola’s enlightenment — ironically via a populus-sedating ‘circus’ — verges on redefining the game’s structure, and shifting the focus of identity and loyalty from club to coach — and, thus, from tribe to principle.

Manchester City’s single winning goal, scored Monday this week against London’s Tottenham Hotspur, was a Guardiola goal: a vapour trail of similar ones hang in the recent history of Barcelona and Bayern Munich, his previous clubs. The goal was born of a wide player’s balletic, space-making deception, and of speed off-the-ball; of mature indifference to which player actually delivered the final touch — and of an easy, organic-robotic sureness in finding him, as reliably as possible, to do it. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ILqRtJv7LGs

Does this constitute a single, definable constitution, emerging from different groups’ common essence, as developed by one leader? The British often regard the America First movement as nationalist. Yet, to do this ignores America’s basis in a concept, not in a tribe or in that tribe’s lauded leader. To say ‘America First’, is to say ‘People First’ and ‘Freedom First’. It is to prize the principles of money’s and energy’s flow structure within a society, the better to maximise the multiplicity of connections — and, with that, understanding and prosperity.

As Pep Guardiola’s free thought becomes an brand of objective soccer enlightenment, beyond any one team, can this aspect of world awakening see President Donald Trump’s prioritisation of the American Constitution connect more widely and deeply with individual people, and their tuned endeavour and prosperity: a light untwisted by the vampiric energy-predation of ruling personality-cults, and one that reaches Brexit Britain, Brazil and the world?


!!! A notion exists in the modern Western establishment that Right-of-Centre governments must dilute their winning, low-tax, people-powered formula with some tax-heavy social democracy to chase Dem votes — the ‘centre ground’ in British speak. This is a costly, Leftist-elite delusion, as Trump’s simple success is reminding us !!!

From Left to Right of the political spectrum — from #BigGovernment Communism, to #SmallGovernment Classical Liberalism — it should be possible to devise a scale calibrated in units marking the ratio of tax take to GDP. This scale would go from a Leftward extreme of 100%, in a Communist, state-owned country, to a Rightward extreme of 0% in an Anarcho-Capitalist Republic.

According to Conservative and Libertarian thinking, absolute tax take, and so public service benefit, rises when tax rates are lowered, through the increased incentivisation of individual wealth creation, and consequently increased number and flow intensity of taxable transaction currents — ‘liquidity’.

This inverse proportionality is simple to understand — and easy to explain and sell as a vote winner. Its formulaic clarity happily celebrates success and wealth as the foundations of giving, and brooks no indulgence of faux-charitable, mistakenly-funded government management.

Its waffle-free truth vouches for its BS-free credentials.

Most people, whose life quality is the direct result of their effort, have an instinct for economic rules that give them the elbow room and oxygen to make a living.

They connect to the world their way — and either find life-energy directly (farming, like the Amish) or supply someone else with an element of theirs (productive work within the economy) in exchange for equivalent energy — bought food.

Expressing this in ‘New Age’ terms can help trace ‘value currents’, boosting efficiency and calling out fraud! With that in mind, workers use their endeavour to tune to energy frequencies that they can consume; absorbing digestible food — in molecular, atomic reactions, the feasibility of which is governed by Max Planck’s observations of electronic energy and frequency — just as a radio tuner latches onto an energy-occupied frequency. To connect properly, worker’s initial investment of input endeavour is intelligence enabled, tuning through understanding gained from previous, educational connections — whether taught, sussed or experienced.

Without needing words, people know all this.

They know that Trump’s release of the economy will let the rivers flow, naturally and optimally — helped by his removal of the Swamp’s superimposed, warping ‘force field’.

That is why Centrist Conservative leaders fail — and confident, Rightwing ones win! Uninhibited Right-wing arguments’ truth makes them simply expressible, understood and victorious! While Centrist Rinos — and British Whets — have to disguise their flawed case with confusion, which patronises and is lost.

When — after 3 Blairite Labour election wins — David Cameron tried to rebuild the British Conservatives’ powerbase, he was confused — and did it wrongly.

Tony Blair — whose Leftist Labour was economically wrong to start with — had an easy job in rebranding it, because Rightward change would, inherently, be bound to improve it! So strongly did he condemn Labour’s Leftist past, and embrace the market — a PR man’s instinct to make the change visible throughout its theatrical extremity — that he ended up appealing to the Conservative Right, more than the Rino-Whets on its Left.

Blair became like Thatcher or Reagan, not Heath or Nixon.

But Cameron’s problem was that British Conservative ‘Tories’ were economically correct to start with. So a Leftward rebranding would only make them worse — and confuse their message.

But this is still the course he chose: instead of a populist rebranding, bringing the party to the people, and taking off from the street’s runway, he removed its profound, grassroots rationale, and chased the Leftist elite vote — a few hundred thousand deluded metropolitans, spread between the #HuffPo, #TheGuardian and #TheIndependent, instead of the millions of money-savvy swing voters, reading popular newspapers, who would determine his fate.

He failed to win. He needed Facebook’s new spin doctor of October 2018, Nick Clegg, to support him in Parliament with Liberal Democrat votes.

Had he sung the economics of freedom with palpable belief — and via a populist rebrand, not an illegible, elite-leftward one — he could have one outright …

… as Trump now has.

As Danny Tarkanian correctly notes in Breitbart, the strategy remains as sound as Cameron’s — and the Rinos’ — does flawed.

This November, let’s paint the town Red !!!



With freedom, even now, both a constitutional given and a subconscious driver of each life, every day, it may be hard for Americans to realise how far short of this the Old World can fall. The Brexit debate is highlighting this.

Yet, East of the Atlantic, the notion of surrendering sovereignty, via obliquely willing submission to a supra-government’s deceit and fraud, is viewed as reasonable by intelligent people, if both the benefits of federally assured peace, and the dangers of war between sovereign nations in its absence, seem real.

EU supporters worry about war, should the EU end. They think that bloc politics has created our current golden age of travel and prosperity; and, vitally, keeps the peace.

Yet, if war’s only — and guaranteed — alternative is beaurocratic dictatorship, would that suggest that the drivers of war and beaurocratic dictatorship are the same people? And, in Brexit’s flagship case for European freedom, does Remainers’ fear for peace show that they believe this; that they consider future, contrived wars inevitable unless the globalists get their way — yet that, unlike Brexiteers, they believe that such forces cannot be surmounted?

What would that tell us about the honesty of world power’s highest echelons?

Is conflict’s driver simply humanity’s tribal abrasiveness and corruption, amid life’s universal need for cartesian space on land, and incident energy flows to individual body and mind; or is it a hidden but powerful group of former sovereign leaders and business owners, whose transformation into an invisible cartel begins to serve only itself, not the distinct sovereign populations that were its customers and civic employers?

Interestingly, as today, the 20th October, 2018, sees London Remainers march to keep Britain in the EU, their concern for peace suggests a belief consistent with that of many Brexiteers on the Alt-Right: that the EU is peacekeeper — against contrived globalist wars, because the globalist cartel wanted it to be, and — having scared populations into accepting it with puppeteered World War II — made it such: to streamline and centralise their power, and boost their profits and manipulation potential.

Similar interpretations exist regarding the formation of Israel, a possible 9/11 conspiracy between the US Deep State and Saudi Arabia, the illicit removal of Saddam Hussein, the Arab Spring, the cynical, fake operations of the White Helmets in Syria, and the farcical attempted demonisation of Russia, amid Trump’s vox pop victory over globalism and mainstream media.

Does acceptance of globalism as good by politically centrist professionals in Britain show that those whose intelligence works in harmony with global corps and the Fed, and whose  earned life-energy, of food and shelter, is payed by them, avoid checking their powerful sponsors’ integrity?

Benefitting professionally from globalism, in a world where its might often attracts the cleverest and nicest as fellow contributors and company, they are more than ready to accept the conditional peace of its dictatorship.

However, accepting dictatorship — like any surrender to blackmail — fuels the malign intent, and crime-repetition, of the blackmailers; whose success ensures that their granted relief of peace will only be temporary, before more demands are made, and more blood shed.

Negotiating with evil grows it. Removing its core, and building elsewhere, allows networks of energy and communication to grow from healthy sources.

Today, it is not just David Icke who says such things!

Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Roger Stone and Nigel Farage have all suggested as much, as one hoax after another — from mainstream media honesty, to ManMadeGlobalWarming — have hit the rocks.

In its Brexit negotiations with Britain, the EU’s negative disrespect exposes the inherent ill-intent behind the covert project of a Federal Europe. The EU believes making trouble will help stop other countries leaving so — having no guiding principals beyond the acquisition of wealth and power — it uses crude, subjective aggression to suppress, in a manner utterly unworthy of sovereign Europe’s renaissance greatness of reason and communication.

So — now more than ever, as freedom is, variously, attacked and championed — forza la libertà. Further, strength to the people’s recognition of globalist mal-intent’s entrenched, evil signature, whose blackmailing seal of peace guarantees only poverty and war in the long term. As the US Constitution recognises — together with honest proponents of positive spiritual power — liberty and generosity come not from conmens’ theiving promises, but from our inner, individual strength.

To be happy, we need to use it!


!!! Will MAGA momentum help British Conservatism to ‘conserve’ the release mechanisms of human potential, thus restoring the infinite power of free thought and action — instead of preserving recent decline, driven by the post-Blairite EU’s Social Democratic consensus ???______________________________________________________________

The soggy, Centre-Left establishment is epitomised by the expensively illogical dogma of anti-Brexit Chancellor Philip Hammond, who would have Britain an EU colony, not an Atlantic nation.

Following the international order’s globalist consensus, instead of surfing logic, Hammond’s twisted caution replaces conservatism with inertia, in a #BrexitBlind soup.

!!! CAN #BlueSkyThinking FREE BRITISH TORIES ???

Yet, even in Britain, the web is letting sunlit truth enlighten the darkness of the once restrictive, BBC-dominated media scene. Can a new strain of #BlueSkyConservatism raise the traditionally coloured flag, Phoenix-like, from such #OldWorldGloom, giving the British renewed belief in the reason that 60s bourgeois guilt snuffed, and harmonising with the optimistic blood red of Republican endeavour: a transatlantic purple, not of Soros’ soft-communism, but of an Empire of the Common Man, founded and powered by Freud’s creative, industrious, generous id — and a living, wealth-generating, body-political monument to philosophers from Hayek, through Mark Twain to Rand Paul — and, now, President Donald Trump?


So powerful is the individual mind — for intuitively creative soccer and reason, alike! — that its being targeted by corrupt authority is inevitable. After decades’ elite-driven dumbing down, the absence of confidence to surf the grid of reason leaves people allowing the media ask the wrong questions on their behalf; like why, when he called the Brexit referendum to strengthen his Conservative voterbase against ‘Tea Party’ UKIP, David Cameron put party before country — when the question should be why, after years of covert, denied power transfer to Brussels, no other politician had offered a vote for reasons of honest democracy.


A tacit public acceptance — even from leading Brexiteers, so numb has years’ media bias made them to distorted debate-framing — of EU Remainers’ sense of entitlement to a revote which, had they won, would have been laughed out of town by Leftists on BBC shows #Newsnight and #MockTheWeek — displays Leftist #MainstreamMedia’s entrenched power to defy logic and justice.

It also indicates the degree to which power lies behind the scenes of official democratic protocol, and outwith the offices of state; just as the victory of non-establishment US President Trump has been a litmus test for the #DeepState’s extra-Presidency control of media and government. These ‘disconnects’ between democratic vote and political outcome constitute strong evidence of invisible, supra-government power — but only if public minds have the confidence to trust themselves, not #BigBrother’s socially cosy bread and circuses.


In a project spear-headed by Ivan Atanasoff — colleague of #WeatherAction.com founder Piers Corbyn — the Academy of Climate Events (ACE) is due to launch from London, this Christmas, acting as a lecture and discussion forum for politically unspun thought and intellectual advance, free from the politicised science that, arguably, has poisoned the mainstream university sector. It’s early pilot slots have already featured a profound presentation from the #ElectricUniverse group, as natural climate change accompanies a renaissance of interest in metaphysics, and the transmitted solar and sidereal vibrations common to both.

‘England Expects’, Ivan told TruthExcites! Certainly Britain deserves some honest discourse after decades — or centuries — of lies.

But #TruthExcites.com wonders whether England should detect and project, more than ‘expect’! Only individual initiative will restore people-power, raw thought — and the Libertarian Right.

Conservatism should not be of recent, bad laws that have bureaucratic momentum. It should be of freedom.

In its constitution, America’s core is an idea, that frees and motivates all. Yet Britain’s equivalent point is the monarch, an unelected human being, assigned inherently higher status than the citizens, without cause, and acting as subconscious limit on popular achievement.


If Brexiteers Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson — opponents of Teresa May and Philip Hammonds attempts to stay in the thought-policing EU — can match words with deeds, maybe individualism will ovrecome groupthink once more, freeing national discourse in the style of ACE, mentioned above.

Could it be that, to surf their thought fully, people need only read the cosmos; ‘drinking from the stream’ of God, whose incident flows — as radio telescopes know — describe every star that sends light, without need for a leader’s permission, or guidance in interpretation?

Then, with everyone powered correctly, society thinks, soars — and shares!