Tonight (at just about five past ten …!) the music channel VIVA and Britain’s Gina G rewound the creeping cold of winter 2017 to Eurovision’s summer of ’96, with her still-floor-filling, 2nd placed, signature hit.
As “Ooh, aah; just a little bit!” pulsed driving synths through that year’s radio DNA, it sustained the unending consciousness of pop music: mind-tuned art, driven by the science of sound technology and of the brain – as Leonardo’s had been, centuries before, by the Renaissance’s spontaneous, holistic thought.
A cultural generation on, we are still without a major new music revolution.
Yet a political one is blowing round the world: from Brexit to Trump, civic freedom is awakening: a little bit more, please!
May Europe now join it, starting with Marine Le Pen, and connect its inherent consciousness to free expression: politically, culturally, scientifically and creatively; having rid itself of the cynical, vampiric authority of the EU’s choking governance; whose culture-coated communism mocks – so callously – the popular spirit behind the architecture which false political authority would now claim.
TruthExcites.com, Jan 2017


As the bending jetstream of the displaced polar vortex blows chill news of a new #MiniIceAge over warmist, Climate-CO2NNED Europe, President Donald Trump’s sharp truth rocks the American establishment – and shines rays of winter sun on a people long-oppressed by faux-liberal lies.

Trump’s thinking energy engenders the primary consciousness of the age of Aquarius, as the planet awakes: its inhabitants able, now, to learn directly from their own perception – from source – without mis-placing hopeless trust in twisted authority; and in its fallen, synthesised structures.

In this deep liberation, the American dream fuses with Oneness: in joyful recognition of the need to forge not possessions (a meaningless concept, ultimately) but connections: the tuned wave channels that wire conscious reality, from a two way phone line, through the Tesla planet, to source resolution.

TruthExcites.com wishes President Trump all the good fortune his remarkable courage and wisdom deserve.

God Bless America, and Source Bless Oneness.