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!!! DUMBED DOWN: the law and its victims !!!

As SAGE-weaponised news media and public announcements frightened the collective subconscious into the refuge of believing fraudulent statistics of a claimed public health emergency, false logic corrupted both establishment sellers and public buyers of the hoax.

After decades of the education system’s deliberate corrosion by the Globalist-Fascist sedative of Cultural Marxism’ race to the bottom, removing — along with Latin, grammar, and rigorous mathematical proof — the liberation inherent in the teaching of thinking, the public conscious has become less critical, less astute and more gullible and vulnerable to abusive authority.

My thanks go to fellow activist Chris Woodward in drawing my attention to the words of a judge this week. In finding against Simon Dolan on his prosecution of the government for the lockdown, the judge said that there had been ‘no deprivation of liberty’ because there had been a public health emergency.

This is factually and philosophically incorrect. Even if there had been a genuine public health emergency, there were restrictions too — and, therefore, a deprivation of liberty. That a judge can sum up with such sloppy logic shows poverty of public debate and, therein, abuse of the population it serves.

Moreover, as Chris observes, the public health emergency has not happened: officials who cite it to justify life-wrecking lockdowns must be made to prove their assertion, and must be held personally liable for their policies, if necessary — and as with the police — using common law.

!!! WE’VE BEEN DOING #FergieTime !!!

When, on March 25, Neil Ferguson reduced his death prediction from 500,000 deaths to 20,000, government policy — as now, 9 months later — remained unchanged. As Chris Woodward also notes, people have not been dropping like flies — 73 year old Piers Corbyn included. Lines of police, protestors, bus drivers and shop workers are fine.

!!! 1 IN 330,000 !!!

As Dolores Cahill said to John Mappin on #CamelotCastleTV earlier this year, the odds of a fit adult dying of Covid are less than those of being struck by lightening (1 in 330,000, as opposed to 1 in 320,000). Only 200 healthy people under 40 have died out of 70 million — from a complaint and virus not isolated under Koch Prostulates, as confirmed by Public Health England.


Why has government policy followed its script without responding to a manifestly pandemic-free reality? And why, as it has done this, have adverts supporting the lockdowns as energy savers appeared on London bus stops, from the #WorldEconomicForum and

GreatReset’s celebration of private property’s imminent end has been aided by the locking-down of small businesses and free lives — and the forcing of more human beings to accept establishment’s Agenda2030-based terms for recovery aid from a fake problem that the establishment itself simulated.

When official information is honest and helpful, instead of modelled and manipulated or lying, there will be a basis for life and growth. To that end, the government needs to recover British sovereignty from the UN, the WHO and Klaus Schwab’s fascist WEF.

For the domestic political and judicial class to serve the public, not rule them for the UN, media and education must be plural and independent, and inductive of critical thinking, not blind conformism. This will fit with a return to celebration of divine humanity, thriving by tuning energy to life in a customer-led, demand economy, not suffocating under technocratic command fascism, built on computer modelled fantasies that programme people as a projection of themselves, and their human coders political will.

!!! #FalsePremise !!!

!!! #LockdownsDontWork — even at Christmas !!!

The UK Gov’s nominal price of #LockedJanuary for #OpenXmas SHOWS THAT THEY KNOW that a Christmas #CaseSpike would result from their own, crazy #NovLockDown: really part of their illegal #ControlledDemolition of economy for the #GreatReset !!!

There is NO PANDEMIC !!! #FalsePositives are 91%, on PCR tests that do not work !!! ‘Plague’ #SurvivalRate is 99.8% !!! The #FalsePremise behind the proposed closed Christmas — wrecking the #SantaRally, and the human life it powers — will hurt small business more. But, of course, that is what the #WorldEconomicForum want.

The plague must be exposed as #FalseReality — and removed as a future #LockDownBasis !!!

!!! #HappyNewYear !!!

Judging by government announcements last year — when Nov 2020 normality became Nov 2021 normality, and suggestions of imminent freedom became a reality of draconian restriction — the suggestion of a restriction-reduced January is likely manipulation that won’t happen. The gov will say that their #LockedChristmas wasn’t observed, so — having wrecked the vibe anyway — they may well lock January too (all a far cry from #Lockdown2’s Dec 2 re-opening, after the failure of #Lockdown1).


Those who accept the basis for lockdowns, and the false promise that they create future freedom when, as the world now knows, they don’t, are accepting the terms of their own ridiculous, outrageous and illegal imprisonment.

When we reject this, real freedom will return.

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!!! TSARFACE !!!

Death threats are made to lawyers, by politicians, to stop them working for #TeamTrump to expose the NWO election fraud. That is according to Trump lawyer Rudi Giuliani, in the video below.

Is the FBI involved in the fraud investigation, supported by strong evidence of heinous crime at Federal Level?

And are further criminal investigations looking into the threats themselves?

If the answer is ‘no’, then the Western world appears to be in the grip of a very powerful criminal gang. The silent media would seem complicit, as #TeamTrump lawyer, Rudi Giuliani, outlines the gargantuan fraud that the world ignores.


Stepping back, the combination of establishment Covid measures’ illogicality, psyop choreography and illegal yet draconian enforcement, shows pre-planning and great commitment, rather than opportunism, in keeping with a #DeepState of such monstrous scale that it seeks to orchestrate a covert coup on the planet’s capital of democracy, and has the establishment media MSM in its pocket.

If this shadow government and false reality date from the fall of the Berlin Wall — as suggested by #WinterOak — what happened before that? Even when the USSR existed, much of the architecture of the West was the same as now, with its lobbyists, and unofficial dynasties.

How much history of the past few centuries, as taught in the mainstream, is true? As #TeamTrump works to overturn the evil NWO’s anti-human crime, we may find answers to just this question.


Democrat indifference to Joe Biden’s pathetic campaign performance, and minuscule audiences fits with the fact that they needed neither quality nor popularity for their plan — on which all their effort and leverage was based.

That plan was to orchestrate massive cheating on a national scale. Their intent was also shown by their outliers’ saying that a defeated Trump should ‘be a man and concede’ — showing their anticipation of the fraudulent victory claim they and the NWO were engineering.

!!! #RudiROCKS !!!

In Rudi Giuliani, #TeamTrump have not only incisive clarity but genial humanity, that defuses smoothly the terror projected by #DeepState corruption, in the process of exposing its illogical fraudulence with calm.

As, and for, humanity, he wins.


A comparison between Donald Trump’s America — the living epitome of The Republic that it safeguards — and sedated, UN-colonised Britain; and an invocation to keep humanity great by voting #Trump2020.

Until recently in Britain, public announcements from big business (supermarkets, airlines, trains) came with deference that acknowledged the patron’s importance, free choice and thus human sanctity.

With the #CovidHoax — and its imprisoning #FakePlaguePanto of shadow dangers and psy-op rules — that changed.

Slogans and announcements swapped courtesy of service for an oppressive tone. The #NewNormal slogan accompanied commentary, that suggested only temporary restrictions, with the shocking fear of vague, life-sentence allusion — leaving the scared subconscious seeking refuge in sedative government propaganda.

This happened in Britain — but did it happen in those parts of America where The Republic holds sway?

When I compare Boris Johnson’s #DoomBoom of confusion, that frightens with vagueness and rule-change chaos, to President Trump’s reassuring optimism, decisive competence and visionary humanity, I see the difference between evil and good.

This spring, in one breath, the POTUS defunded the corrupt WHO, boosted the people and made the road map real. Yet, in his shameful rôle as rented life-assassin, Boris bullied with deceitful bluster — and an insufferable note of entitlement-borne coercion.


Does the governmental and corporate switch of public address from deference to naked authority go with a general adoption of the Chinese model of command-regulated capitalism, used to install OS-UN directly into screen-trapped British life, as replacement for the Brexit-rejected EU’s provision of a globalist substation?


But how can Britons — famously, the nation of shopkeepers — be made to accept this UN invasion?

The UN’s approach, executed by hired hitmen #WreckingBallBoris and #Matt Hancock, seems to be the use of fraudulent, scamdemic-based laws to enforce mass self-bankrupting with business lockdown; creating dependency on government, and a need — given surrendered bargaining power — to accept the UN’s recovery-aid terms.

!!! #MassiveAttack !!!

These terms would be those of driven by #ExtinctionRebellion, #Greenpeace, the British royal family and the anti-human #WorldEconomicForum. They would attack and tax human life-energy, locking it into rationed, 5G-commanded #SmartCityPrisons.

#GreatReset posters, celebrating life-wrecking lockdowns and the 2030 end of private property, have been showing in London for a month.

!!! #MakeCrimeFail !!!

The light of immersion in social media’s #CovidBusting stats is painful, because it shows the enormity and entrenchment of UN scamdemic fraud — and the serious intent behind this depravity. Yet this truth is ultimately liberating: seeing the real problem removes denial’s fear — and lets us solve it.

Truth is a lasting antidote to the psychological abuse of weaponised #FakeNewsMedia, and their destructive lies. 99% of Covid deaths are co-morbidities, and deaths from flu are ten times higher. Plague PCR tests are over 90% #FalsePositive and its overall survival rate is 99.8%.

On this ridiculous basis, the world economy was shut down.


But in Britain, when truth emerged about near-absence and widespread curability of plague, rather than seizing this to rescue the economy, the government drowned it out with complicit, alarmist media. They carried on regardless with the controlled demolition of their society, in readiness for #GreatReset UN colonization.

Now, in Britain’s groundless second lockdown, this political computer-script of #ControlledDemolition — pre-agreed, abusive and immune to reason — is being run again.

If this fear-leveraged destruction succeeds, the concrete of its prison will set in illicit but normalised fascism. Even worse, like any successful crime, it will be repeated in other forms: vaccine and chipping enforcement, smart meter energy rationing and control of life through driverless cars.

Much of Earth really will be a Prison Planet.

To avoid this fate, Britons must take their own lives back and stay open, defying the illegal, immoral and ridiculous second lockdown, so that freedom cannot be held hostage, to be returned only partially, and on terms of the undemocratic, coup-leveraged #GreatReset.

Failure to stay open would reward the criminals who have stolen the year with fear: the rotten #NewNormal of their #HashtagDictatorship.


We can stop this happening.

In the spring, many feared the plague. 

Now, more and more have identified the real problem: the UN coup, in a year like any other, with seasonal flu, but no pandemic.

With health not an issue, only fear of authority remains. Supported by safety-hiding masks, and the psychological barrier of their cynical normalisation, fear of law is the lockdown’s main tool — hence the draconian fines which sustain it.

!!! #SaveLife as we know it: #StayOpen !!!

Furlow payments giftwrap debt to otherwise productive citizens, as disguise for their self-ruination and surrender to government blackmail.

Who would want to be behoven to Boris Johnson’s criminal gang?

Britain is 70 million strong. Unless it chooses to, it cannot be made to close pubs and businesses, by a gangster government, on the basis of lies that push a now-manifest hidden agenda.

!!! #KeepOnRunning !!!

Staying open will boost civic independence. It will hasten #WreckingBallBoris’ fall.

The governing Conservative Party is a mere UN tool: their readiness to use it for destruction, sullying forever its venerable name in public eyes, shows these puppeteers’ great power elevation — and suggests that they do not expect to account for their actions later.


Stay open! People the streets with life! 

Doing so will liberate Britain — so easily. 

Citizens only need the courage to defy illegal authority, and they will win. Their continued lives will then reassure the Covid-fearful!

!!! #TeaTime !!!

This will also — finally — be a British #TeaParty.

Winning freedom from the Tories and the Royals will demand a Republic to release human potential on the Atlantic’s upper East Side! The human spirit that opens the streets against occupying government is the red pulse. 

It enlivens veins and resolve.

Two weeks ago, the red torch of human capitalism that opposed airless Tory blue was Liverpool’s resistance to Boris’ #ConservativeCommunism. There, it kept gyms and pubs open. Business thrived. 

It marked British protest’s switch from demanding government help, to fighting government off. From a formerly socialist city, this is a huge vindication of America’s constitution and Trump’s government.

!!! #GreatReject !!!

The Covid lockdowns have shown the dystopian horror of inescapable, global, fascist technocracy. By instigating them, the Globalist Left have unintentionally shown the world America’s human and divine value.

This has been understood.


Free will has sacred configuration. 

In the globalists’ desired AI revolution would lie a robotic society at odds with it. If AI controlled life, and programmed human DNA away from God, towards a soulless internet-of-things, where #ComputerSayingNo was final, life would be hellish.

!!! #HighFive !!!

Donald Trump, and his proudly human, 33%-growth, V-shaped recovery, offer the road to divinity, with an ascending human spirit: not assault on life by tech and chemicals that poison genes and soul.

As individuals we work. We exchange love via God, and we rise. 

In Aquarian language, we reach the 5th dimension — the opposite of the base frequencies in which the hungry vampires of the NWO seek to trap us, now more than ever, as our high awakening energy burns them.

!!! #LifeRebellion against #ExtinctionGovernment !!!

The anti-globalist rebellion has a cause. 

It is not teenage bonding, which only enlists a new generation to conformism — as witness teen wolfpack leaders’ tendency to be gullible flock prefects in later life.

Like the constitution of 1776, the anti-globalist movement is a thought revolution: recordable, communicable and enduring. It is a strengthening of the soul — and of love. 

To help win Trump’s battle with darkness, Britons need only live as normal, so lockdown attempts atrophy. Boris and other globalists will fall beneath their words’ outed fraud. The inconvenience of refusing fines and making court appearances will also be empowering — and worth the busting of creeping, adhesive World Economic Forum’s despotism.


As human energetic accord, money is sacred. Visionary, strong and braver than any politician for decades, Donald Trump is freeing it from the blackmailing pyramid that has hijacked it as a ‘financial instrument’: a humanity manipulator.

In Donald Trump, 2020’s lying coup on consciousness has a huge problem.

Writing from Britain, I would like to thank, humbly, all Americans who voted #Trump2016.

That day, you began steering reality to salvation.

This Tuesday, please lend us your help again.

God Bless America.

#KeepTheLight !!! #KAG !!! #Trump2020 !!! #GoVote

!!! #HoaxBuster !!!


When the #CovidHoax … makes the world a joke … who you gonna call?

#PiersCorbyn !!!

Anti-Lockdown protesters and freedom fighters cheer Piers Corbyn’s arrival at Westminster Magistrate’s Court in London, as he exposes the farcical lies behind the MASKED, #CovidHoax ‘Phantom of the Operating Theatre’ — the only musical currently running during #WreckingBallBoris’ #ControlledDemolition of theatreland, as well as the UK economy.

!!! Who ya gonna’ call ??? Piers Corbyn arrives at Westminster Magistrate’s Court, where he was greeted with support from over 100 supporters of freedom and truth !!!

!!! #NeverWalkAlone !!!

Ever since the spring, when Fascism precipitated in its farcical disguise, Piers Corbyn has laboured, suffered and inspired to free the public from the wretched #CovidHoax.

Now his light is spreading around confident London, and from Liverpool’s triumphantly open gyms, to the #MainstreamMedia; freeing people’s consciousness from the UN’s open prison of #scamdemic fear.

More and more are starting to see the #ControlledDemolition of the country for the #WorldEconomicForum’s desired #GreatReset — executed by #WreckingBallBoris with his shabby, lying bluster.

Now, restrictions are retightened on the basis of 91% #FalsePositive tests, and the #Casedemic’s low numbers are seen to consist mainly of asymptomatic people. So both the absence of a significant health problem (0.13% death rate is like seasonal flu), and the presence of a hidden agenda, become ever clearer.

And freedom’s tunnel-end profile is seen to link to the exposure of crimes against humanity from many politicians, advisors and business leaders.

As Piers takes his stand at Westminster Magistrate’s Court, at 9:30 this Friday morning, his truth will enjoy the official stage it merits — and the prominence and leverage to free the many who will listen.

Their numbers will grow.

StandUpX !!! #NoNewNormal !!!

#DrinkAgainstTheCurfew !!!

!!! BACK TO LIFE !!!


If the shocking reality of the UN’s #Scamdemic power grab is hard to believe, it is useful to factor in the other likely false flags, scams and test hoaxes which may well have been trialed, with much lower stakes, to perfect dark arts before they were used radically, and in a way likely to encounter opposition — when their fine-tuning would be important.

The ozone hole scare of the 80s and 90s attacked sunlight and happiness with a fear of cancer, when the latter is largely caused by poor diet and acidic conditions in the body, not natural exposure to the summer sun as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Expensive, chemical sunscreens were thus sold as a hidden tax on sunlight — a form of energy otherwise out of reach of greedy government levies. Like the #CovidHoax, which recommends masks, and their irreversible brain damage, over oxygen, governments’ promotion of UV phobia made people fear the very thing that empowered them.

The promotion of man made climate change (from 70s cooling, through 80s, 90s and 00s warming, to today’s catch-all climate change) is a cringeworthy fail as a lie, collapsing under bogus science, failed predictions and inconsistency. 

But its global promotional platforms are so large, and a credulous public so used to sensing reality from secondary media, not primary experience, that the deception has lasted a long time.


And so, now, does the Covid hoax — despite a manifest lack of widespread sickness, and the fact that city dwellers living amongst millions of others often know no one who has had it. They are now waking to the 0.13% death rate and the 91% false positives.

The global flow of web news has attacked the UN’s information monopoly, once enjoyed via the #MainstreamMedia.

Their attempted Covid power grab is a last ditch attempt to establish #Agenda2030 — a controlling, dystopian technocracy, and also a return to the higher population control levels that pertained before the 20th century.

But, as city after city is proving, and as Gandhi once showed when opposing parallel, dark forces, non-compliance is powerful.

Here, it is fueled by knowledge of the absence of the promoted health risk, and of restrictions’ legally and morally flawed status. This lets us ignore them — and fortify freedom with a wisdom enriched by the debunking corollaries of other bust myths, as our reality becomes primary, and less gullible.

Therein lies confidence to live again.


The American Constitution of 1776 is an idea which was agreed upon as a social contract.

It is not a person, or a dynasty — still less an event, that society can judge as a arbitrarily generalised legal precedent for the future.

Because of the precision and durability of a refined, written idea, American freedom has long had a secure platform, which cannot easily be eroded by fashion, corruption, ignorance or criminality.

There might even be a comparison with The Word, as it is mentioned at the start of The Bible.

‘In the beginning was the word, and the word was God.’

‘Creation’ is a phenomenon. Linguistically it is an abstract noun, and also a hypothetical generalisation the gerund ‘creating’, which itself is an instance of the enactment of the verb ‘to create’.

So ‘the word’ becomes ‘the verb’ — a process, that a mathematician would describe with a matrix: a set of multi-dimensional vectors. Words are messages, not heralds. Words that carry meaning truly project it, without consciousness’ capacity for distortion.

Words are safes for truth.

This clarity of 1776 has wrought lasting civic stability for great success.

The euphoria of the free vacuum realises America’s creative imperative. Courtesy is routinely extended beyond friendship, as the prospering, limitless empathy of business — and its honest, energy-web construction. Atlanticist civility is friendship’s exploratory extension, not its replacement.

!!! REAL POWER !!!

Business outreach is therapy, that finds the inner self. It has helped build America. 

Britain’s greater emphasis on convention-signified hierarchy than on achievement creates a culture of herds, defined and manipulable by fashion, not freed by logic: the same herds that sacrifice their freedom for the undemocratic, farcical #NewNormal, that brands UN will, brazenly, to enforce it with hashtag dictatorship. Like their country’s non-existent written constitution, their inexperience of one-to-one business leaves their bargaining power without principal.

For self-worth to fortify citizens against big, bad government, the empathy of business is invaluable.

Perhaps, as the UK’s government-controlled economic demolition proceeds, need will prevail, and Britons will tune to others well enough to sell — without needing permission.


America’s constitution has safeguarded many things.

One is freedom of religion.

Another is the divine sanctity of the human spirit — protected ever since the moment of independence from the British crown.


From the monarchy’s presence stems destructive self-doubt, that afflicts many Britons subconsciously: their having accepted Britain’s social contract declares them inferior to the monarch — to the Head of State.

This programmed low self-esteem distorts protest, making it demand corrupt help, not freedom for the self. Thus authority, like a drug dealer, has made people need it, and can manipulate them as addicts.

Significantly, since Henry VIII, the British monarch has been the head of the Church of England. This focus of worship on a being other than the Holy Trinity is wrong — and dangerous.

!!! BAD VIBES !!!

This has become palpably clear during the #Scamdemic months of 2020. 

From the strange tone of guilt that underlay the Queen’s initial lockdown speech to the nation, to the manipulative fear-mongering of BBC Church of England broadcasts, wrapt in tones of odious conformism to establishment deference, a false spiritual guide seems to have hidden truth’s light.


Yet, in the toughest of conditions, the POTUS has honored the truth and service that is essential to his office.

From March, onwards, his briefings carried the torch of human liberty, from what felt like the gates of hell.

Instead of using vagueness to scare and control, he brought clarity, decision and reassurance.

He did not present himself as a false god: he pointed to the real God.


The Republic’s Freedom of Religion leaves choice open — and choices genuine. And religion’s separation from state leaves it politically uncorrupted.

As Britain has shown through troubled contrast, in 2020, this has been invaluable for America and the world.

In the Republic, the Constitution and Donald Trump’s outstanding stewardship of both, lies the basis for life’s prosperity and salvation. In Joe Biden’s UN globalism — interestingly promoted by the quasi #NWOmonarchy of exiled royals #HarryAndMegan — would lie the same twisted darkness that has been afflicting Britain, but this time on a global and inescapable scale.

In 1776, the Consitution kept a light which would prevail for over two centuries.

On November 3, the American voters of 2020 can secure this again — for their country, and for humanity worldwide.

God Bless America.