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!!! TWIN LIES OF #Scamdemic AND #ClimateCO2N !!!

The lie of #ManMadeClimateChange was trusted mostly by young, liberal, metropolitan, university educated professionals, especially in the South. Thanks to UN networks and offshoots, the universities, their courses, placements and career contacts all combine to promote it and make acceptance of it almost essential to proceed in professional life — this despite its being demonstrably false, promoted with proven upward data adjustment by @NASAGISS and the closing of 6,000 rural weather stations in the 1990s, and — to cap it all — the Supreme Court of British Columbia ruling AGAINST Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick, when he mounted and lost his case against Tim Ball for libel.

This court’s rejection of the premise for carbon taxes levied worldwide went largely or totally unreported by the mainstream media, despite their great interest in climate change.

But — despite blanket and false mainstream media promotion — the #ClimateCO2N had limited appeal outside metropolitan areas, some parts of the South counties and university towns.

In demographic terms, the Brexit voting masses had little time for it. Moreover, it had been their will and independent mindedness that had forced Brexit — giving the UN’s #Agenda21 such a headache that even 3 years of trying to cheat, with the establishment behind it, couldn’t generate a solution.

The #Scamdemic has, until now, deceived and damaged many Brexit voting areas. There, trust domestic media outlets remains stronger than said outlets deserve. Doctors are believed uncritically in the communities that they are often still a part of, where many live near elderly parents. Without being familiar with alternative news online, they play it safe and trust authority.

So now the UN has two hoaxes with which to push #Agenda21 and the #GreatReset (obscenely advertised as a good thing on billboards, even as its constitituent lockdowns wreck more lives).

The globalists’ problem is that the palpably evil, designer psyop of the #FakePlague damages everyday life so much, with closed venues, curfews, #AntiSocialDistancing and #muzzles. Disagreement on climate with someone was academic. But disagreement on #covid determines where you stand!

This upsets people and provokes rebellion — #LifeRebellion.

In its bold bid to rule our neurons, the #PlanDemic is provoking a reaction and meeting resistance. And — even worse for the UN, the #WorldEconomicForum and — it is encountering the highest resistance amongst young metropolitans, who check news online and love to party.

They also know that others in their city are not getting ill.

The #CovidHoax — with its #NetZeroPusch and its #LifeEnergyCrushingLockdowns — is also starting to expose climate truth to the metropolitans who once believed in #ManMadeClimateChange.

As the universal need for freedom unites demographics against #DoomBuffoonBoris and the #UN, libertarian bloggers’ exposé of 91% #FalsePositives, and other debunking stats, are going to spread amongst people from all walks of life.

How long will it be before the globalist pyramid’s untruths fall like a house of cards?


In 2011, Glenn Beck, then at #FoxNewsChannel, devoted a live talk show to chronicling the illegitimacy of the #FederalReserve, in an hour that featured a live interview with Edward G. Griffin, author of ‘#TheCreatureOfJekyllIsland’, that describes its formation as an illegal cartel in 1913 — and the invalidity of the credit it was declared licensed to issue.

In the forms of food and heating, energy that harmonises with our body’s Schumann resonance supports life. People communicate and agree on deals — swapping an avocado for an apple, or a task. That agreement is money.

Collectively agreeing on an exchangeable commodity — a currency — makes more transactions possible than bartering because product demand doesn’t have to be two way — so trading volume goes up.

This fact frees everyone to extract, create and sell. Everyone becomes positive, and the collective ship floats. If everyone waits to receive, they are negative and the ship sinks, as happens with government dependency and socialism.

But, the floating ship needs to be buoyed up by real value — not fraudulently declared value, used by a cartel to blackmail the world, which is the situation that pertains through the FED and the world banking system.

Fraudulent money printers are also energy-suckers: they issue credit and thence debt from their declared yet uncreated wealth, thus acting as blackholes: drawing in others’ energy, having given nothing out themselves. They are financial and therefore physical cancers on in the planetary web of humanity.

When the #Scamdemic is unpicked, the debt that the central banking system may declare governments to owe it, on behalf of the people, for the life-wrecking privilege of being locked down, will not exist.

It will not exist because the #lockdowns were carried out illegally and on the basis of lies and manipulation — and, separately, because the central banking system and the FED are illegal to start with.

Making this point will invalidate further power grabs from the cartel, including the insultingly celebrated #GreatReset, which can be met with the #GreatReject.

Once restored, the real banking system will free, rather than enslave, humanity; to thrive, communicate, hug, congregate and share the light of God — not the dark voltage of a blackmailing vortex that seeks to frighten, divide and rule.

!!! #ShockHorror !!!

British people have an entrenched tradition of trusting their government and domestic media. The idea of Covid being a hoax is an enormous leap because of this.

It is also very frightening. The phrase #ShockHorror — that normally refers to a dated notion of tabloid sensationalism — describes the condition of the human subconscious now, with simple truth.

If the government would lie and destroy deliberately and on this scale, what else would they do?

What will they do?

Which forces are in charge, and what is their agenda?

Simple belief in one’s reason allows for the SherlockHolmesSolution: to eliminate the impossible, and follow what remains.

91% false positives, and a government that claims to seek a vaccine for a grossly exaggerated or non-existent yet ignores other, non-disruptive success stories from Sweden, show that #DoomBuffoonBoris’ aim IS that very disruption.

He wants the of the #WorldEconomicForum, #WEF.

Even though he and Matt Hancock wear suits, and look official, their current mission is not what they say. It is actually described at and on the World Economic Forum website.

Trusting ourself enough to act on our reason, without being put off by its sounding unconventional or way out, is the path to understanding and freedom.


If #DoomBuffoonBoris and his destructive government change policy, they may be out of office, and even imprisoned, due to the damage they have done.

The shift will also reverberate around the world, with even more impact than Brexit had, since UK politics — anchored by the City of London — is a cornerstone of the global power structure.

So the #UN, the #WEF and the UK government are cornered as partners in crime.

To continue their careers — as well as their paymasters’ #Agenda21 — they no choice but to ignore reason and truth, and continue to use groundless lockdowns as a destructive tool to crash the economy for the great reset — described on the World Economic Forum website, as well as at

To have a hope of making the public accept the great reset — a bad thing for freedom in itself — they had to impoverish and injure society on the basis of a lie that they invented.

As a #CrimeAgainstHumanity, the #CovidHoax is unprecedented.

But if it works, it will not be the last of its kind. For this reason, their criterion for decision making has to be exposed as irrational and corrupted by the hidden agenda that spawned it.

Its authors must be punished and removed from office — along with its promoters.

Punishing — not paying — the blackmailers will #MakeCrimeFail — and stop repeat offence.

To free the world, share this light.

#NoNewNormal !!!

#KeepTheLight !!! #KAG !!! #KBF !!! #Trump2020 !!! #GoVote


The postwar, pacifist integrity of ‘peace-and-love’, in the early hippy movement, has gradually been hijacked by the forces of fascism, which it had originally sought to neutralise with light.

This can be seen in the present #Covid #Scamdemic: an evil, technocratic dictatorship, comprising the UN and its chain of command, which has been palpable amid its authoritarian falseness, strongly though insecurely backed by the shadow government and the world banking system.

TruthExcites invites Patrick Moore to comment on the hijacking of Greenpeace by the #ClimateCO2N lobby: a fascist Trojan horse that seeks to fetter the world with the bogus science that falsely declares energy use to be responsible for #NaturalClimateChange (now disproven many times) and seeks to clamp and reduce life’s energy conversion on the strength of this orchestrated lie.

This attack on the power of life is now aided by fascist lockdowns, continued for months despite evidence of their medical failure — if that had ever been needed — and the success of countries that have not used them.

Interestingly, the Aquarian Zeitgheist of self-help, artistic expression and positivity — expressed well, though without integrity, by Obama’s slogan #YesWeCan — has been trampled in 2020: art and music have been attacked on tenuous grounds, along with holistic medicine, as, for maybe the first time, the malevolence inside globalist communication has become aggressively clear.

It is almost as if its authors have made this happen deliberately, since fear — the vaguer and more confusing the better — is their key weapon. They transmit false reason to the conscious mind, and fear to the subconscious. Afraid, the latter takes refuge by deceiving itself into believing in the former.

Authority keeps the fear small enough to fit neatly inside the herd consensus, sustaining people’s dignity and keeping their cooperation.

Confidence and self-belief in one’s reason and freedom of action in a just society are the solution. Love and joy underpin psychological freedom to recognise the truth of a political coup, not a medical emergency.

The early hippies were right about genuine love. But, in their abandonment of the family, and local defense against wrong-doing, though they cleared a path to ascension, they left life in this 3d realm very vulnerable to evil.

Accordingly, they were hijacked, and we are seeing the result now.

Understanding the political not medical nature of what we see is enlightenment on this plane and everyplane above. On Earth, that enlightenment takes the form of countering it to restore human freedoms, as triangulated by God.

Shared, this information frees the world.

#KeepTheLight !!! #KAG !!! #KBF !!! #Trump2020 !!! #GoVote

!!! #HumanSacrifice — to the #FalseGreenGoddess !!!

As #DoomBuffoonBoris slowly chokes the country, in compliance with the UN’s recommendations, and the #WEF’s plans, is he also squashing life as a romantic gift to Carrie, his #ExtinctionRebellion-minded partner?

Does the ease of simply following the UN line create a sick but addictive euphoria in him, as going with this life-destroying flow siphons human life energy as a vampiric tribute to his muse?

This would explain his despotic trance, and the sociopathic smirk that seems to hide behind his destructive and senseless edicts.

Perhaps this is wrong. But it would be compatible with Boris actions that go against his old stances on world affairs, before meeting Carrie.

TruthExcites urges him to work with positive energy and the freedom that makes human life a precious platform for happiness.


#DoomBuffoonBoris, Britain’s sorry Primeminister, is acting like a sheepdog, controlled by the energy-sucking UN farmers of humanity.

He drives people towards real, hidden dangers of enforced vaccination and AI enslavement — by making them run away from the promoted yet false threat of the #Scamdemic; just as sheep flee a dog to be herded into a lorry.


Like the dog, Boris’ acceptance of this rôle enslaves him. In his case, he is controlled by, and dependent on, the UN paymasters and their corrupt forces. His reward from them will be in the currency of their energy, acceptance of which will invest him in it, as he pushes their cause.


Realising this, and subscribing to love and light, not this blinding Satanic control web, is freedom — and within everyone’s capability.

#GodBlessAmerica and GodBlessHumanity

#KeepTheLight !!! #KAG !!! #KBF !!! #Trump2020 !!! #GoVote