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‘Discontinuity’, by Marcela Dorantes — an artist also known as Mod Art — has been showing at Greenwich Peninsula’s Flux Exhibition, in London.

In this triptych of triptychs, Marcela Dorantes’ montage navigates a euphoric, floating state.

Chapter one’s gale-blurred strokes shimmer in a brightly flickering crosswind that tickles our airy ascent to dark mountains. Dream-height ridges hang the traces of moonlit hammocks above the purple rockscape, in a line-lullaby that breathes tranquillity onto vertigo. Air becomes water in a surreal metamorphosis of palpable darkening, as we dive, through new perceptual operators, into the smaller, second and third images of this opening section: complementary microcosms of the bottomless skies above, where white dots rise like bubbles, revealed by the dusk’s new density.

The central, second chapter flips ninety degrees into gold. The trip’s reduced frame heralds a portal’s new awareness as, looking down, we spin into a heat haze of desert bubbles, suspended over the buzzing enlightenment of a summer plâteau. Waves ripple onto sand, evaporating to bleached light, from which dark pebbles emerge in a shower of heat-disturbing weight.

From this sunny stone-storm, we plunge into a swirling forest: again purple, but now tangled and dense, after the wind’s unbounded mountains. On closer inspection, this forest remains the mountains, with their fabulous, heaven-tickling turrets; yet, on our tuning to the fine structure, this perspective has faded, our evolution now scanning the atoms and currents of the scene’s fractal source. This swirling, third chapter falls asleep into small-frame echoes, surfers carving their balance down walls of silent water, amidst the solar pebbles, now grown to boulders, whose rising trails light the brilliance of the universe’s eternal noon.

Our sliding, pivoting transcension of the three large images, forges the multiple viewpoints, and parallel transformations, of expanding consciousness. Immersed, our perception flips with the strobing euphoria of orthogonality. Though unseen during chapter three’s quantum dive, our vast environment’s jagged horizon remains our corollary and energetic neighbour.

To quote the artist, ‘The life of an electron is not a line in space: it is a dotted manifestation of events, one here and another one there. Events are punctiform, discontinuous, probabilistic, relative’.

Mod Art continues: ‘There is no future: just possibilities’.

Her own analysis touches on a physically timeless world: like her triptych, an inter-vector cascade, where duration is simply relative wavelength, and where consciousness is ascension from squashed turbulence to the peace of elevation, as higher dimensional views map lower dimensional structure, and calm the claustrophobic strife of the plane. 

By living this process in ‘Discontinuity’, Mod Art shares with us its endless euphoria.

!!! The #FreeWorld’s #EndOfLifePathway !!!

In the course of #WEF #KlausSchwab’s global assault on life, one #Scamdemic mantra has focused on #ProtectingTheVulnerable.

Yet end-of-life pathways, including use of the sedative medazolam, have been followed for years, showing government and NHS do not care about the vulnerable. This is noteworthy for anyone who finds the idea of a murderous government a step too far: in truth, the government and NHS have been killing on the quiet for years.

They just pretend to care about the old and vulnerable to try to force lockdowns and jabs, in a fascist, controlled demolition of society for #KlausSchwab’s #GreatReset.

There excuse is a man made virus with a survival rate of 99.99%.

!!! #NazisAreBack says #JohnMappin !!!

!!! To #FlyLikeFlorida, #StandWithAustria !!!

!!! #FearHasFailed !!! #UseNumbers !!! #TakeToTheStreets !!!

!!! #ResistDefyDoNotComply !!!

!!! To #FlyLikeFlorida, #StandWithAustria !!!

The 9 week-distant February deadline for Austria’s illegally forced vaccinations is meant both to give time for compliance, and to loom ominously during that period; thus affording its crime-victim citizens maximum motivation, means and ease to take the easy route of compliance.


The Austrian government’s crime is not delayed until February: it has been committed now, through the psychological abuse in the statement of intent, and the contract that this tries to force on the people.

Now is the time to refuse that contract — and break the new Austrian lockdown, before it starts.

By the million, in Austria and worldwide, take to the streets and stay out on them !!! #VivaLaFiesta

#ToFlyLikeFlorida, #StandWithAustria !!! #TakeToTheStreets


!!! BIBLICAL !!!

!!! Ealier this year at Westminster Magistrates Court, and now, #NurseKate IS the #SageOfAquarius !!!

As Austria’s #ForcedJab and #LockdownBlackmail OUTRAGES HUMANITY, the world rallies behind Kate Shemirani’s cosmic insight and strength.

#ThisWeekend, to WIN FASTER, #StandWithAustria and #TakeToTheStreets: their lockdown and their #JabLaw BOTH ARISE from people’s jab-rejection.

The #FourthReich’s fear campaign failed. That is why they are using force instead. That is why their pronoucments have become openly fascist as — with desperation’s growing radicalism — surveillence and segregation make neoNazism their clear aim.

!!! #KeepOnWinning !!!

Authority knows that it is corrupt, guilty and cornered. The public’s defiance of their Nuremberg-breaking coersion will leave them a fallen government, as well as a disgraced one, and it will pave the way for a domino cascade of freedom around the world. With new, criminal and unenforceable rules intoduced, a shift is imminent: either to entrenched government fascism, compliance, shorter, sicker lives and enslavement, or to defiance, as pushback and jab-refusal make the genocidal government’s position untenable.

The people outnumber the criminals by many millions. With fear gone, respect for government gone, and their lives to fight for, there is nothing to stop them.

Go, go, go !!!

#StayOpenAustria !!! #HillsAreAlive !!! #ResistDefyDoNotComply


In declaring the Austria’s low jab-uptake ‘shameful’, its Chancellor assumes the right to judge and control his citizens’ personal health decisions, as he seeks to impose a criminal and unenforceable lockdown punishment on the unjabbed: the once-free children of the HeadMasterGoneBad.

In doing this, he shows his own unfitness for office, and a corresponding unreliablility of any course of action that his blackmail tries to push. He also demonstrates that the jab is not needed since — if it were — it would have been in automatic demand, without any coersion needed.

The misplaced confidence of those words, that tell of his outrageously presumptuous fascism, establish that those behind the #CriminalCovidCoup still feel as if they are on the front foot, when — after much debunking exposure far and wide — they should be on the run.

But the NWO are desperate.

Unless a dictatorship sedates people before they rise in consciousness, it can only betray them on this global level once. The 10% to 85% of unjabbed people in different countries around the world is too high, either to proceed with a mind-tagged, enslaved populace, or to control the unjabbed for blackmail purposes: their numbers are too great.

Keep on winning.