Grey Major’s sad tale just gets worse and worse.
The trouble is, it is difficult to feel sorry for the human wet morning since, beside the gritty concrete monotone, sits a dangerous spite.
He was indeed closer – in terms of destruction – to Robert Louis Stevenson’s colourful villain, Long John Silver, when his obstinate stupidity pulled Britain into the 90s tradesman’s entrance of an EU vortex.
And that was after being part of an anti-Thatcher coup, which diluted her legacy of self-fulfilling, Atlanticist optimism, with the slightly chauvinistic gruel of conformist, Euro-patrician cronyism.
The globalist belief in Big Government sits at the heart of Major’s prickly, establishment status craving ego – and his small thinking.
That much was clear from his bitter rant today. Luckily, it came from a chippy grandee, whose soup-like political vision no longer has the legislative traction to drown a successful economy in a doomed, bureaucratic bog.




!!! #SUMofUS #SnowflakeDespots CAN’T ABORT INDIGO TORCH !!!

As freedom-phobic #SUMofUS fights Breitbart’s enlightenment of the world – with a despotic harassment of its advertisers, propelled by an ugly, dangerous, self-interested Messiah complex – one advertiser typifies Breitbart’s intelligent, tribeless consciousness: whose vibration lies at the heart of the libertarian winds, now so devastatingly undermining the New World Order’s grimy, group-glued opacity with harmony-heralded truth.

Indigo-herbs.co.uk feed the ascending spirit with waves of organic energy, to enlighten the journey from the gym to Nirvana. As their name’s aural reference to higher planes suggests, like Breitbart, they liberate everyone’s instinctive recognition of truth.


!!! FAKE SHAKE !!!

USuncut.news freeze-frames Trump gesture to Trudeau to give false impression of the latter’s refusing a handshake.

The out-of-context-snip (ironic, given the USuncut name-claim) is a cheap attempt to undermine the new wave of Classical Liberalism sweeping the world.

In truth, Trump is clearly gesturing as he talks, and Trudeau is listening (and quite possibly disagreeing). But the image is not of a refused handshake: the two had a photocall handshake in the same meeting, both smiling.

This meme – and its false suggestion of diplomatic failure by a doomed president – is deliberately misleading; and perhaps a desperate ploy from the Liberal Establishment, whose current powerlessness continues to grate most dischordantly with their sense of eternal entitlement: now shattered by libertarians’ worldwide democratic election, including in America.


!!! #BigSister Teresa’s £60m #HushFund !!!

Teresa May’s Nasty-Party-Tories want to pay MC Saatchi £60 million to fight blogosphere truth.
We must know whether this Orwellian, wit-insulting PR splurge, intended to save Teresa’s “good” Globalist Establishment, will be funded with public money.
This clunky backlash, from the endangered elites, will come from adland’s stained salesmen of cheque book truth – as bequeathed by wife-beater Charles Saatchi.

Its soiled odour may well be joined by the feeble, whet confusion of using – as copywriters – millenially thought-frozen pawns: whose trammelled NWO nurture – as confused as May’s own Brexit flip-flop – may, ironically, stop them from advancing dictatorship’s cause effectively …
… thus demonstrating the inherently doomed disconnect of deceit’s broken consciousness.



The vague Liberal hatred of Trump derives – more than anything – from his having re-opened the acceptable terms of debate to their full extent; which they enjoyed before the Obama regime’s heavy encroachment of political correctness, as thought-choking Safe Spaces spread intellectual frigidity around supposed centres of exploratory learning.

As Conservatives are quick to point out, Trump’s refugee policy is similar to Obama’s own, which was not condemned as fascist. Yet, Trump’s tone of voice on this, and other social issues, is radically different: he has torn up the unwritten bans on forthright, flamboyantly conservative language.

It has been this very action which has played a significant part in winning him office – especially from former democrat voters in the Rust Belt.

And now, he is breaking even more unwritten rules: by actually keeping his promises, and doing – at a cracking pace – the unsayable things that he said he would do; at the expense of both Liberals and the Globalist media owners.

It is his perfectly pitched honesty, and promise-keeping executive efficiency, which is making his enemies shout so loudly.


Tonight (at just about five past ten …!) the music channel VIVA and Britain’s Gina G rewound the creeping cold of winter 2017 to Eurovision’s summer of ’96, with her still-floor-filling, 2nd placed, signature hit.
As “Ooh, aah; just a little bit!” pulsed driving synths through that year’s radio DNA, it sustained the unending consciousness of pop music: mind-tuned art, driven by the science of sound technology and of the brain – as Leonardo’s had been, centuries before, by the Renaissance’s spontaneous, holistic thought.
A cultural generation on, we are still without a major new music revolution.
Yet a political one is blowing round the world: from Brexit to Trump, civic freedom is awakening: a little bit more, please!
May Europe now join it, starting with Marine Le Pen, and connect its inherent consciousness to free expression: politically, culturally, scientifically and creatively; having rid itself of the cynical, vampiric authority of the EU’s choking governance; whose culture-coated communism mocks – so callously – the popular spirit behind the architecture which false political authority would now claim.
TruthExcites.com, Jan 2017


As the bending jetstream of the displaced polar vortex blows chill news of a new #MiniIceAge over warmist, Climate-CO2NNED Europe, President Donald Trump’s sharp truth rocks the American establishment – and shines rays of winter sun on a people long-oppressed by faux-liberal lies.

Trump’s thinking energy engenders the primary consciousness of the age of Aquarius, as the planet awakes: its inhabitants able, now, to learn directly from their own perception – from source – without mis-placing hopeless trust in twisted authority; and in its fallen, synthesised structures.

In this deep liberation, the American dream fuses with Oneness: in joyful recognition of the need to forge not possessions (a meaningless concept, ultimately) but connections: the tuned wave channels that wire conscious reality, from a two way phone line, through the Tesla planet, to source resolution.

TruthExcites.com wishes President Trump all the good fortune his remarkable courage and wisdom deserve.

God Bless America, and Source Bless Oneness.