The vague Liberal hatred of Trump derives – more than anything – from his having re-opened the acceptable terms of debate to their full extent; which they enjoyed before the Obama regime’s heavy encroachment of political correctness, as thought-choking Safe Spaces spread intellectual frigidity around supposed centres of exploratory learning.

As Conservatives are quick to point out, Trump’s refugee policy is similar to Obama’s own, which was not condemned as fascist. Yet, Trump’s tone of voice on this, and other social issues, is radically different: he has torn up the unwritten bans on forthright, flamboyantly conservative language.

It has been this very action which has played a significant part in winning him office – especially from former democrat voters in the Rust Belt.

And now, he is breaking even more unwritten rules: by actually keeping his promises, and doing – at a cracking pace – the unsayable things that he said he would do; at the expense of both Liberals and the Globalist media owners.

It is his perfectly pitched honesty, and promise-keeping executive efficiency, which is making his enemies shout so loudly.



Tonight (at just about five past ten …!) the music channel VIVA and Britain’s Gina G rewound the creeping cold of winter 2017 to Eurovision’s summer of ’96, with her still-floor-filling, 2nd placed, signature hit.
As “Ooh, aah; just a little bit!” pulsed driving synths through that year’s radio DNA, it sustained the unending consciousness of pop music: mind-tuned art, driven by the science of sound technology and of the brain – as Leonardo’s had been, centuries before, by the Renaissance’s spontaneous, holistic thought.
A cultural generation on, we are still without a major new music revolution.
Yet a political one is blowing round the world: from Brexit to Trump, civic freedom is awakening: a little bit more, please!
May Europe now join it, starting with Marine Le Pen, and connect its inherent consciousness to free expression: politically, culturally, scientifically and creatively; having rid itself of the cynical, vampiric authority of the EU’s choking governance; whose culture-coated communism mocks – so callously – the popular spirit behind the architecture which false political authority would now claim.
TruthExcites.com, Jan 2017


As the bending jetstream of the displaced polar vortex blows chill news of a new #MiniIceAge over warmist, Climate-CO2NNED Europe, President Donald Trump’s sharp truth rocks the American establishment – and shines rays of winter sun on a people long-oppressed by faux-liberal lies.

Trump’s thinking energy engenders the primary consciousness of the age of Aquarius, as the planet awakes: its inhabitants able, now, to learn directly from their own perception – from source – without mis-placing hopeless trust in twisted authority; and in its fallen, synthesised structures.

In this deep liberation, the American dream fuses with Oneness: in joyful recognition of the need to forge not possessions (a meaningless concept, ultimately) but connections: the tuned wave channels that wire conscious reality, from a two way phone line, through the Tesla planet, to source resolution.

TruthExcites.com wishes President Trump all the good fortune his remarkable courage and wisdom deserve.

God Bless America, and Source Bless Oneness.


Storm Barbara became the UK’s FIRST imaginary storm, as a 9:30am, London-to-Glasgow, Virgin train’s tannoy announced that winds were restricting its speed.
“Can you see a tree moving?” exclaimed one passenger, in response to the reverentially Dianarist hush with which precautions were announced to reduce the notional tempest’s supposed threat to life.
The damp gloom’s sulky still – whose gentle drizzle smeared the tilting windows, yet left all but the smallest tree twigs unmoved – highlighted the inherent stupidity of a group-think paralysed bureaucracy: one perfectly at home on a train run by entrepreneur-turned-unctuous-globalist Richard Branson.
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The cost of green energy per household will be £584 by 2020 – doubling 2015’s £248 value to beyond the famous sterling monkey, of cockney slang.

That’s according to the Global Warming Policy Foundation – former chancellor Lord Lawson’s think tank. But, since the bending jet stream – which has whiplashed our swings of hot and cold since 2010 – ITSELF DISPROVES Man Made Climate Change, so-called green energy taxes are fraud.

CO2 climate models need a flat jet stream – so, when UN scientists cite weather extremes as evidence of Man Made Climate Change, they are ignoring those SAME extremes’ having been driven by the VERY jet stream bends that DISPROVE WARMISM.


This mad, annual offering to the false gods of the green blob is just £15 cheaper than an iPad Pro – and on the scale of such things as a British Airways flight to New York, a designer suit or a satellite subscription: all to sustain a profitable political lie and the velvet-cushioned egos behind it, at the expense of the hardworking.


Interestingly, the cumulative green policy burden on each household – of £10,800 between 2014 and 2030 – would knock chunks out of a mortgage repayment over a comparable period: adding injury to the CLIMATE CO2N’s existing insult: an insult to both science and common sense, in a cooling world.

As Weather Channel founder John Coleman is joined by an honest chorus of published, non-UN scientists worldwide, the British CO2NTAX cost rises to roughly £2bn per year. If left in earners’ pockets, this money would raise quality of life for the deserving – and channel profits to the productive economy.

If used for the NHS, it would save lives.

As it is, the GREEN REAPERS of government SMOKE hard earned public cash; sponsoring false academics’ junk science reports: licences for FUTURE governments to tax YET MORE. This criminal insanity hurts the old, the vulnerable and the productive the most.

In winter’s cold – now biting the US and Europe, if not Britain yet – this Big Green Lying Machine is the Evil Spirit of Christmas Taking. It confiscates your money – the energy your talent has accrued – for its leech-like ends of entrenching establishment wealth and oppressive control, disguised as charity.


Repealing the Climate Act – which was brought to us in 2008 by Ed Milliband – is the key starting point to saving people’s money from the real drain of mythical global warming: so that it can enrich their ACTUAL lives, not a shady government FANTASY that is a NIGHTMARE for the people.

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Demented Dermot Murnaghan appointed himself judge and jury of his fellow journalists, as he ignored the schedule discussion of the Trump-Farage “bromance” to spend several minutes accusing Breitbart’s Raheem Kassam of lacking respect by not wearing a poppy. Mr Murnaghan returned, obsessively, to this side issue, apparently seeing populist mileage in it for abject MSM network Sky News; despite his having been told, repeatedly, that Kassam had donated £300 to Royal British Legion and had left his poppy on his other coat.
The presenter’s fake spin fell flatter still when, cornered regarding the distinction between deliberate and accidental omission of a poppy, he brazenly tried to change topic – to Kassam’s wry amusement. The whole trivial episode underlined Sky News’ lack of future in a web-powered world where content is key.


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!!! pieces !!!

Ana-Maria Cardoso-Cockerill

Multi media, 2016

Empathy flows, and breathes art.

The viewpoint of an young being, ejected from a swirling migration nightmare to a beach’s dead silt, cries from sight to sympathy.

The mood-morphing child refugee crisis careers through the artist’s mind at a convulsing pace: sharing with us – as more fortunate observers of the same sky – a floating prison of chaos: shone, dully, through the graphic telepathy not of blind journalism, but of Ana-Maria’s warmly bleeding brush strokes.

A spiral plays in lonely space, its dance unable to shake off itinerant tragedy. The reversing flicks of a hanging moon serenade broken life’s extremes – with the comforting perspective of a surreal lens, that digests cosmic hope with terrestrial pain.

Beams of ribbon-lightening pirouette down bright, windswept airs, as a lifeless hat rides a lonely Autumn storm. Wind crashes, pouring through tensile density into fused, solid gloom, as blue lament swims through a black wall; whence blocks of light bound on, over a dark plane.

A living trip of meditated perdition, Pieces weaves a multi-chrome orchestra of varying media, fused by mood.

A nightmare’s unstoppable propulsion has been cried by the artist, freezing the painful frames of fluid reality, their graphic form reactively caressed. Yet ours is a journey in reverse: from the gallery, back, to Ana-Maria’s mind, and to the sorrow that she sees: from the canvas still of her embrace, to the cold, pulsing brine of a boat’s careless wake, as seen by a small passenger. Its callous ripples recall every child’s side view from the rear of a moving vessel – in a horrific new context: not a family day out, but a one-way trip into fate, that greets fear, minute by minute.

We share the child’s watery closeup of grey depths: mechanically animated foam, that dances, chill, as nature waves yet cannot help.

And, as we share, we “subjectify”. The skeletal coat hanger flutters, dead, dangling victim before crime, and we see what it saw.

We dream the same fear.

Our thoughts are then induced forth into flight’s multi-media void, and its fractal confusion. The pelagic wake of wounded waves is installed: ripped, in three dimensions, from a bandage: a tragic trigger, retracing the painful chain that left infancy thirsty, and bereft of its nest’s suspended craft.

The artist’s psychological expertise is clear from the way in which her work listens: she relays what she hears, as pencil, drawing and writing all join paint in migration’s tonally acute projection onto canvas; whose flatness deepens with the pitiful romance of the roaming and the hopeless.

Pieces draws up the endless fathoms of a lost lullaby; of echoes, as recalled by the destitute and heard by us all.

Review by Jonathan Graham, 2016