Partiality College London


“University” means “totality” — and, by implication, its study: the study of everything!

This is an ultimately inclusive notion…

…except in University College, London’s case: there, matters which their in-house academics deem offensive have been banned from formal discussion — as has the society which has debated them.


The irony of a university’s banning ideas is clear…

…and presents a dismal outlook for London as a progressive, culturally rich world centre.


One thought on “!!! PARTIALITY COLLEGE LONDON !!!”

  1. I’m guessing but presumably philosophers favoured by those who murderer in the name of socialism would be ok? How many millions of deaths is Marx responsible for?

    This tendancy to shut down opposing views is tyranny. The happy clappy left are signing their own death warrants. There are some aware of the trap being laid but it is being left to the libertarian right to sound the sirens. A shame as we face a common enemy. Getting the Pavlovian dog’s to realise this is insurmountable.

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