A Telegraph report paints a worrying picture of Prince Charles’ bias-driven lobbying of the British government, and his active support for the Labour Party — despite the political neutrality demanded of the Heir to the Throne and future Monarch.

Will his reign, if it comes about as expected, have elements of neo-feudalist direct control: returning politics to a state like France’s pre-revolution ancienne-regime?

Can Britain afford an unelected, yet obsessively interfering “Royal President”, whose reverence for money-burning, mythical Man Made Climate Change — as June snow buries South America and Utah, and as the sun weakens — will risk the economy and chill the old with fuel poverty?

Can Britain afford a leader with the self-indulgence and arrogance to make the sacred, tax-sponsored throne not a focus of national wellbeing, but a back door to unelected rule?


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