“Poison Pat” has terrifyingly naive views on carcinogenic GMO crops.

But, on other issues, from the tyrannical, corrupt EU, to the Global Warming scam, Owen Paterson, MP is perceptive, forthright and concise: and fearless, in both utterance and deed.

David Cameron’s “performance-reshuffle” — which saw Owen sacked — epitomised the doomed, rudderless plasticity of the PM’s very being, as well as that of his operation: each a 2014 soundbite machine; tribally cloned to keep office — to which aim even key policy detail comes a poor second. Ironically, less futile courtship of the Middle Class Liberal vote, and more attention to the country’s real needs, in the way that Owen Paterson made his hallmark, would pull in millions of accessible swing voters to the Tory fold. Alas for Cameron, they can’t be seen from Notting Hill.

Owen Paterson’s article, below, deserves a better home than the modern Telegraph.  It is, nonetheless, a great summary of various problems stemming from one corrupt, reason-free political pantomime; whose pandering to playground anti-establishmentism, and stale resentment of success, are combining to create the poverty of discourse that now spoils so much opportunity — and so many lives.


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