Like the Polar Ice Caps of 2014, John Prescott’s body continues to expand inexorably.

The exact causes are thankfully unknown. But perhaps his physics defying folds could help the wind-seeking Alex Salmond design the perfect heat engine: a belching reservoir of hot air, stored to power tartan turbines during the power-cutting calm between erratic gusts of Atlantic squawl?

Maybe the twisted metal of Prescott’s oratory could yet help make Salmond’s plans for pound-tethered, monarchy-retaining, wind-powered Scottish sovereignty seem logical.

Here we see Prezza plugging Global Warming and sustainability to teenagers at a London school, as the education system continues to suffer from criminal, Orwellian bias on this topic; part of its back door faux-theocracy of phoney, socialist science.

While the educational Left — and the urban teenagers they deceive — sense an anti-establishment gene in the carbon scam, it will have their support. Neither reason nor rhetoric will effect this.

But, over decades, students are not usually slow to question what they were taught. The chattering establishment’s hardwiring of Warmism to the curriculum, sans reason, sets their puritanical, neurotic faith up to be overturned by the next peer group — just as it has been powered by their own one.

The fact that the next revolutionaries will be right may also mean some of them are intelligent: the sapient antidote to Occupy.

I have hope for the future.


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