From the people who brought you THE BIG MELT





Is this a cynical attempt to recognise the growing cold and explain it to accommodate their Global Warming lie?

The world has been cooling since 1998! So why only tell us now, when people are getting suspicious?

If their public service aim is to educate as well as entertain, why didn’t they make this public ages ago?

Could it be that they are motivated by bolstering belief in Man Made Climate Change — anyway that they can!

And that the truth comes a long way down the list.

If they are genuine, they should hold a live debate between scientists, for the education and entertainment of all licence fee payers.

Further, they should not rely on empty references to consensus, and subjective statements about the relative merits of different scientists: rather, they should examine the science alone and openly — including the many voices now predicting cooling and a Mini Ice Age for several, if not many, decades.

We are waiting.

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