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Met Office forecast on the domino principle: that Earth’s weather is an intra-atmospheric chain reaction, in which each day’s weather has been determined by the previous day’s.
This will not work over a timescale longer than 10 days: our weather is driven by the sun’s activity. So Earth weather forecasts come from sun activity forecasts.
And the greater number crunching capacity of the Met Office’s new computer will not help forecast weather better: it will just apply the wrong method — and get the wrong answer — faster.

But it will still cost the taxpayer money.

And its failures may cost lives.

WeatherAction.com are the best indie forecaster by a very long way — the pioneers of solar forecasting, and predictors of recent freezes; as well as of the Polar Vortex, as She chilled the “Land of the Freeze” last year!

Enjoy the winter!

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