!!! EPIC FAIL !!!

The Met Office’s recent “mild, wet and windy” winter forecast — “at LEAST until the New Year” — is “foolish babble”, say leading longterm forecasters WeatherAction: the MetO prognosis is 95% certain to FAIL.


According to WeatherAction founder Piers Corbyn, the doomed prediction has been distorted by the designer Global Warming misinformation, with which the Met Office feed their computers.

Mr Corbyn says the wet, muggy call “should be ignored: absolutely”.

He expresses regret that, due to the British government’s strange refusal to fund WeatherAction’s globally proven forecasts, they cannot release potentially life-saving information, free, to the public.

WeatherAction will continue to campaign for the government to abandon this policy: a dereliction of duty which sees Global Warming propaganda take unforgivable — and possibly fatal — precedence over the government’s PRIMARY duty to PROTECT its people.

In the absence of such common sense, WeatherAction are doing their best — and offering a 55% discount on a FULL WINTER FORECAST.

Just visit http://www.WeatherAction.com

To quote WA: “The whole winter WeatherAction package, of ALL winter months forecasts for Britain + Ireland (and all detail updates, as they are issued) are available — for a 55% reduction in charge – time-limited for subscriptions taken in the 4 days 12-15th November (GMT)inc.”

From everyone at TruthExcites — have a great weekend !!!

Copyright TruthExcites, 2014

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