!!! * * * SNOWFLAKES AND STRIPES * * * !!!

Following Breitbart, London’s declaration of the new Mini Ice Age, the world chill has strengthened its US and Russian grip.

Last night, all 50 US states were below freezing.

The rest of the world will soon feel it, too.


Following their correct Mini Ice Age call over 6 years ago, London’s “WeatherAction.com” have been pinpointing storms, from weeks or months in advance — blizzard by blizzard…

…as they did ALL last winter, for a grateful, but frigid, America.

With not just the British winter, but also a historic Mini Ice Age, poised to strike, their unique, solar forecasts are vital for Britain — yet STILL ignored by the very government whose job protection of the British people, and the NHS, is.


The natural news story of the decade is sitting on a plate — for the first mainstream news outlet to pick it up.

Who wants it?

Copyright TruthExcites, 2014

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