Craig Bennett, Director of Policy for “Friends of the Earth”, has described a possible Climate Change TV debate as potentially “misleading” for the public.

This is despite his ALREADY having taken part in one, against Cambridge educated scientist The Rev Philip Foster — in private Brentwood School, for the benefit of their Sixth Formers.

Speaking to WeatherAction and TruthExcites on Wednesday the 26th November, he referred to a “99%” consensus amongst climate scientists supporting the notion of Man Made Climate Change — and the rise in CO2 levels.

Yet, he didn’t answer the need to discuss the SCIENCE, not just OPINIONS of it.

Nor did he deal with World Cooling, now concurrent with CO2’s rise to 0.04%.

He spoke of his NOT being a professional scientist, working in science on a daily basis — yet he WOULD NOT confirm that he thought a climate debate with SCIENTISTS ON BOTH SIDES was a good idea.


Mr Bennett described scientist Philip Foster’s Climate Realist information, which he had NOT READ, as “ludicrous”.

It seemed the fact that CO2 feeds plants — so its decline from FAR HIGHER levels in past ages has undernourished them — “shocked” him; along with other pieces of information in the carefully researched climate sceptic argument.

Mr Bennett’s further claim that reading Philip Foster’s document was “not a priority” fitted with his fact-bereft reliance on the “99%” consensus.


He DID MAINTAIN that, if contacted by a broadcaster, Friends of the Earth would consider a TV debate.

But his refusal to COMMIT to a PUBLIC DISCUSSION, despite a cooling world — and DESPITE having staged a PRIVATE one, for a small group at a fee paying school, shows inconsistency, and CONTEMPT for DEMOCRACY.

It FURTHER suggests the Global Warming theory’s INABILITY to withstand scrutiny.

BBC legend Peter Sissons spoke, in 2011, of the BBC’s unquestioning belief in Man Made Climate Change, and their STATE FUNDED SUPPRESSION of dissenting voices.


If Craig Bennett believes in Man Made Climate Change, then he, or scientists from Friends of the Earth, need to step into full view of the carbon-taxed, often fuel-poor public, and debate this multibillion dollar question.

To do so, they should call TruthExcites on 07881 954 810 and we will arrange it.

The public deserve no less.

Copyright TruthExcites, 2014

2 thoughts on “??? INFORMATION BLACKOUT ???”

  1. Reblogged this on the WeatherAction News Blog and commented:
    So the 97% canard becomes 99%?* As a judge said yesterday

    “When Mann’s lawyer sneered that the defendants did not believe in “climate change”, Judge Easterly interjected, “Man-made climate change”. It was interesting that she thought it an important distinction to draw.”


    I think FoE may be suprised that Climate Realists believe very much in ‘climate change’, it is the man made quotient that is unquantifiable and very much up for debate.

    * Notably when Cook’s less than rigorous ‘peer reviewed’ tome was subject to scientific rigour 99% is correct for ‘climate change’ affecting temps but less than 1% view this change as dangerous – the lower end of IPCC ‘projections’ being far more ‘likely’ than the nightmarish visions of rent seekers and idealogues. Presumably in the age old tradition of self preservation FoE will ignore the rather apparent elephant in the room. This is a tremendous shame as green groups should not be coattailing officialdom for existence but making a clear cut case that pollution is not acceptable – something I would say from being aware of both sides of the debate, is a point of common cause between sceptics and warmists.

    Instead by an unswerving ability to avoid debate we lead to a sheepish acceptance of totalitarianism in the name of ‘saving the planet’. Beware greens of the monster you are trying to unleash. Inconsequential bugs have a habit of being squished by larger beings.

    1. Very, very true, Craig! Thanks a million for that.

      Indeed, honest environmentalism suffers as much as climate truth from the FakeGreen lies.

      How many rhinos have died — while WWF paid for polar bear TV ads?

      How many honest charity donations by the public get mopped up in this beaurocratic con-machine?

      The Polar Bear is certainly in the room — and it is a huge one, as growing ice caps, falling temperatures and worldwide heavy snow make a nonsense of Man Made Warmism.

      Be really green, and for biodiversity — not fake green and for totalitarian quangos

      !!! Be happy, NOT CO2NNED !!! 😉

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