… says its OWN EDITORIAL, in a special edition that emphasises the COMMERCIAL PRESSURES afflicting private broadsheets — presumably the same pressures that it HAS NOT BOWED TO, hence its “making no apology”.

Resigned DT commentator Peter Oborne painted a different picture on opendemocracy.net

“Mr MacLennan (Chief Executive) agreed that advertising WAS allowed to affect editorial, but was unapologetic.”


The Thursday Telegraph’s student grade acid — petulant yet weak throughout its dismissal of its rivals’ criticism of the BANKGATE scandal — casts doubt on their later claim not to care about their rivals’ views.

It completes a FANFARED yet FATUOUS FIGHTBACK: a charade bearing the same cliched fatigue that has typified the web hit addicted paper’s twittering fall — from the Barclays, to HSBC: a sad slide down one of its own, thought-replacing TOP 10 countdowns, of a once great news and thought bearer.

But the editorial’s generic pique — having all the boardroom’s greyness but none of its thought-forged resonance — is a perfect reminder of the childish, rotten writing that is driving DT readers to Breitbart, where value of enterprise and Atlanticism is real: neither warped by Mary Riddell and Geoffrey Lean; nor a petulant after-thought to counter brand-wrecking sleaze.


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