As wheels, feet and lights drum a cold, Liverpool Street dusk into a London Saturday night, a rolling piano picks up the downtown ballet, aboard an Easterly chill — and serenades the evening of 2015.

James Tofalli, of PianoAroundLondon fame, began playing in Russell Square, having given up working as a chef — making any street seem tranquil.

He now packs London’s beating night into his keyboard — his roadside piano almost traffic-mounted, echoing Vanessa Carlton’s ivory-locomotive “1000 miles”.

Public reactions drive him, he tells me, after rolling through Celine Dionne’s “My Heart Will Go On”. And he feels those are driven by performance — more than by the composition.

Here, with the lights behind him, that performance rings, from keyboard to a party cast of thousands!

¡¡¡ Feliz Sabato, Londres !!!

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