Happy New Year!

As our blue planet begins another round trip of our dazzling, life-supporting, information-transmitting host star, it is interesting to take a moment to think of the inspiring brilliance of creation.

The enlightening positivity of being spiritually attuned was captured with unforgettable beauty by Graham Kendrick’s Shine, Jesus, Shine.

Jesus, Light of the World, shine upon us,
Set us free by the truth You now bring us —
Shine on me; shine on me!

Shine, Jesus, shine!
Fill this land with the Father’s glory,
Blaze, Spirit, blaze!
Set our hearts on fire!
Flow, river, flow —
Flood the nations with grace and mercy,
send forth your word, Lord,
and let there be light.

The words told of light-borne truth, and its ensuing liberation. It described the holy energy of the river of knowledge: of the flow of wisdom, and the shine of flow; which those with open minds can retrace to God, the Source. The language and imagery clearly shares much with The Blaze’s own Christian philosophy — and with the dreams of the Founding Fathers, secular though their constitution still is.

Key to its spirit is joy and positivity: we feel God’s sacred belief in us, refracted via stellar space, to the diamond dust of life, as it is passed from one, bounding, exploring, giving generation, on, to the next.

Parents inspire children to believe in themselves — and, thence, to have the confidence to think and give. So do business managers, who want to extract the best from employees, in a situation where the flexibility of dollar-calibrated value makes no difference to the ethics of energy, work and service.

Politicians should inspire growth the same way.

But, sadly, many don’t.

When he should be encouraging Britain to believe in itself, to drive for growth and to build something great, in challenging times, the UK’s PM David Cameron instead choses to follow the neurotically negative zeitgeist of the age. He syphons damp, Middle Class guilt in by the back door of Britain’s flooded North: an unseen yet palpable dampener on the country that he is meant to help.

He chose this week to attribute the Christmas floods in Northern England to Man Made Global Warming: despite worldwide evidence of cooling temps and growing ice caps — and despite the bending jet stream’s invalidation of Warmist climate models, which demand a flat jetstream.


Britain’s Daily Express reported Mr Cameron as saying that, “more frequent ‘extreme weather events’, driven by climate change, were the main driver” of the floods. The vagueness of this empty mantra says everything about its purpose: to pay homage to the costly but powerful Big Green status quo; and to keep the Left wing secular progressives on his side.

BBC TV weather forecasts have been delivered in the hushed tones of UNICEF charity commercials — using the word “mild” about 3 times per minute to link storms to Warmism in the public consciousness. The manipulative news reports of flooding, which have come between the forecasts, have taken great trouble to repeat the word “unprecedented” (completely wrongly), and to establish, in interviews with seniors, that they have “never known anything like this before”.


The TV licence-paying British public are made to fund and buy their own lies, by the miserable BBC — which then makes them pay again, by promoting EU membership and carbon CO2Ntaxes to the same, long-suffering population.

One Climate Alarmist newspaper review, shown last week on the main BBC News channel, showed obsessed bias from the outset, obvious from the very phrasing of the sentences which all spoke from a Climate Alarmist viewpoint. Words like “some people have taken a long time to believe that anything is happening” sought to put climate realist “infidels” in some distant loony bin; “happening all over the world” and “70 degrees in New York at Christmas” ignored the jetstream-bending, human-independent mechanism behind the early stage extremities of our growing #MiniIceAge.

The patronising and partial reference to “our friend, Donald Trump”, by the New York Times’ glib Dan Bilefsky, helped us trace the spectacular intellectual blindness back to Liberal group think, via one thoughtless, sneering jibe.

The contrast between the inherent empathy and perceptiveness of market-pleasing business, as typified by Mr Trump, and the BBC’s tax-protected blindness to reality, is the difference between light and dark: between vision and denial.

Though the BBC’s literacy and production standards are rightly famous, its intellectual inbreeding, via conformist recruitment, is killing its once-great talent pool — and its output.

Like all social structures, the BBC and Great Britain both need external light to be shone in: as a challenge to their biases’ recessive monopoly — yet, also, as positive belief in a world of opportunity, on which to report.

If they had that, they just might pass on better vibes, and more wisdom, to the people!

Jonathan Graham writes for The Blaze.

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