As we watched Hurricane Matthew roll towards Florida, we prayed for the safety of those in its path.

But we also waited, resignedly, for the Clintons and the Mainstream Media to start blaming the storm on Man Made Global Warming – in a world which is actually cooling, due to natural solar decline; and in which there have only been 2 land-falling American hurricanes in the past 11 years – the opposite of the forecast increase in frequency.

The Big Picture is not a cyclone, however damaging. Rather, it is the world’s approach to cosmic cold, which, as solar activity declines over coming years, will soon build on recent cold winters to crystallise a 17th Century chill around modern America – and the world.


Disgracefully, the mainstream media still ignores this and promotes alleged Man Made Global Warming: government justification for taxing working people’s energy. Yet, despite NASA’s bake-faking upward adjustment of recent temperatures, the world continues to cool overall, as shown by satellite temperatures.


Time and reality are against the diffuse “green blob” of environmental charities, whose existence and funding requires public belief in Man Made Global Warming. Despite Al Gore’s 2007 prediction, the Arctic wasn’t ice-free by summer 2013. The Sierra Club’s bold-eyed defensiveness in response to Ted Cruz’s surgical questioning last year, showed their fear of cold truth’s penetrating public consciousness: bringing their music to a stop. Their $100 million annual budget is inflated by suing the EPA for profit, when they consider it is “failing” in its environmental duty. They often receive damages out of court, from the EPA or the Federal government – and thus, ultimately, from the taxpayer.

Not that the EPA may object much, such is the revolving door between itself and various green activist groups like the Sierra Club. According to one report, it colludes with them on shielding proposed EPA regulations from congressional review.

The more blind faith the public has in scientists – whose job title makes them the infallible priests of the modern world, followed by the wannabe worthy as a badge of enlightenment – the more the Green movement becomes communism: able to claim anything it wants to have a reason to tax the money of success – and its creators, energy and carbon.
If scientists’ are credited with sole understanding of ideas considered beyond the tax paying public, their accountability vanishes – along with the public’s money.
They become dictators, who, like the UN this weekend, announce without a public outcry that they will impose a world carbon tax on airlines – projected into the billions by the 2030s. This will see the public pay for unproductive, bird-killing windfarms in their flight tickets.

The UN draw problems on the wall and charge for them.

As Shakespeare said, “it is the eye of childhood that fears a painted devil”.

A healthy world is happily self-sufficient, not craving the costly bedtime stories of a wicked nurse.
!!! TruthExcites.com !!! 2016 !!!

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