Tonight (at just about five past ten …!) the music channel VIVA and Britain’s Gina G rewound the creeping cold of winter 2017 to Eurovision’s summer of ’96, with her still-floor-filling, 2nd placed, signature hit.
As “Ooh, aah; just a little bit!” pulsed driving synths through that year’s radio DNA, it sustained the unending consciousness of pop music: mind-tuned art, driven by the science of sound technology and of the brain – as Leonardo’s had been, centuries before, by the Renaissance’s spontaneous, holistic thought.
A cultural generation on, we are still without a major new music revolution.
Yet a political one is blowing round the world: from Brexit to Trump, civic freedom is awakening: a little bit more, please!
May Europe now join it, starting with Marine Le Pen, and connect its inherent consciousness to free expression: politically, culturally, scientifically and creatively; having rid itself of the cynical, vampiric authority of the EU’s choking governance; whose culture-coated communism mocks – so callously – the popular spirit behind the architecture which false political authority would now claim.
TruthExcites.com, Jan 2017

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