!!! Happy Birthday, Lady Gaga …

… from #TruthExcites.com !!!

For a decade, Lady Gaga’s electric echoes have enchanted their small hours watch — over the sepia dawn of synth-ribbed, 21st Century feminism.

They have tuned airwaves and dancefloors to female sexual empowerment. The fine art of her pop music’s Freudian symmetry rings profoundly, and thus accessibly; distilling dreams that enrich a mass subconscious with sado-romance. Borne on her Renaissance chords, from Hecate’s underground to the enlightened prominence of Venus’ starry heights, melody has freed minds!

Truth wishes her, and all sirens, the lithe freedom of the sea, which breathes their curving beat …

… and shares #BeatingDreams.com’s signature poem, #EternalRhythm, as tribute to her heady night-beat.

Eternal Rhythm

On a floating, natal, purple whine,
with a dulcet heartbeat’s four-four power,
vocals fly and soar and climb:
hugging sadness, hour by hour;

mixing memories; tickling dreams,
that die in crash-linked laser bursts,
as ident heaven flips the scene,
but keeps the beats from last to first;

as sound drives on,
from life to life:
from fast to slow,
from dark to light;

to dark and deep;
where synths awaken ancient sleep,
which gives its breath
for hungry sirens’ liquid death;

born this way,
to drown in song;
to be the flesh, the food, the thong:

to serve the curve,
and feel the beat:
to quiver, plucked:
to be the meat.

Jingles echo-scratch the rhyme.
Notes free thinking, leaping trips.
Pop is soul, and music, time:
eternal rhythm breathes Smash Hits…

Copyright Jonathan Graham, 2013

Photo image courtesy of FanPop.com — no rights claimed by TruthExcites.com

Video of Lady Gaga and Bad Romance courtesy of YouTube.com — no rights claimed by TruthExcites.com

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