Britain’s BBC News Channel ran an an echoing loop of calculated global warming doom throughout the day on Thursday, reporting — with uncritical reverence — the lastest UN Climate Change report.

The alternation of this top-of-the-hour melodrama with weather forecasts showing a deep summer low pressure centered 100s of miles further south than is usual in August, and dragging Autumnally cool East winds across the country, brought hollow irony in the form of a #GrandSolarMinimum circulation pattern, confirming the #ClimateCO2N-busting predictions of #ClimateRealist forecaster Piers Corbyn, whose long term call of a #MiniIceAge gets truer with every polar vortex, vindicating Trump’s courageous and economy-saving stance in the process.

The true money-manipulating, energy-controlling motivation behind promotion of man-made global warming lay manifest in plain sight, as the UN’s talking heads recommend the developed world reduce energy and meat consumption — their disingenuous aim throughout decades of contradictory predictions and missed ice melt deadlines, such as this one from 2007 http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/7139797.stm

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