!!! #HappinessWins — EVEN against #GrumpyBullies !!!

Are independent voices accused of grumpiness simply because they challenge authority, instead of following blindly?

Has this created the notion of #GrumpyOldMen?


Yet, at the moment, the grumpiness, and accusatory anger, seem to come from elements of the green movement, and @extinctionR: from self-styled, power-sponsored authority, which claims the moral licence of scientifically proven climate crisis to control and tax people’s energy — even as nature cools the fictional heat with a solar minimum!

Like the #DiscountEndsToday salesman, @extinctionR say there is no time to check: that people must trust and pay.

!!! #StealingSunshine !!!

Yet their demand is for more than just energy taxes and energy supply control. 

It is more even than the regulation of independent lives, and human freedom to drive, travel, work and create.

By manipulation with false threats of climate doom, with their famously failing, ever replaced, icemelt #HeadlineDeadlines, they are stealing happiness.

They are injecting it with poisoned lies.

The fascination and wonder of climate, its solar magnetic cycles, and the imminent Christmassy cooling of this decade and the next few, are transformed — for those who trust @extinctionR — into groundless fear and guilt; and a feeling that sunny weather evidences sin: the sin of tuning the earth’s stored energy to human need, in a ultimately beneficial and climate-neutral way.

!!! #NeoReligion !!!

Like old hellfire preachers, their evidence-suppressing church threatens high water and doom to create fear in the public — with which to effect world wide change in energy management, driving costs up and supply down, in a way that would never be accepted by a calm and informed humanity.


This fear-powered manipulation is dark: it blocks energy-borne understanding of the solar truth.

Yet in its falsity lies its weakness: its need to be simulated from every angle, like the warped film set of the #FakeMatrix — while truth needs only revelation from any angle, since they are all covered by reality’s chain reaction so far!

The reality of happiness can then shine — #GrumpFree!

Rejoice !!!









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