Congratulations to Piers Corbyn, and #WeatherAction, the weather forecasting company he founded.

11 years ago, he predicted imminent natural global cooling, forecasting a multi-decade #GrandSolarMinimum and attendant #MiniIceAge. Here, Saharan snow is observed, following snow in different North African locations, and increased snow in the Middle East, over the past decade.

As shown by the development, over a timescale of decades, of the #PolarVortex in USA and Russia, snow in South America, and a possible #SummerWhiteChristmas in the Australian Alps, a cooling trend extending beyond one 11 year sunspot cycle is now upon us.

WeatherAction’s forecasts are based on observing the mechanism by which sun spot numbers (magnetic solar activity levels) drive the Earth’s climate cycles and medium term weather.

It forecasts salient weather patterns, months and years in advance.

The extra- and intra-terrestrial climate cycles that it uses remain undistorted, as — following the #GrandSolarMinimum’s 1990 onset — temperatures plateau and fall, and terrestrial magnetism weakens and shifts, allowing greater penetration of cosmic rays — and of solar winds, meaning weaker solar transmissions have, paradoxically, a stronger effect on Earth’s weather.

As Trump’s climate stance is vindicated, #BorisJohnson’s hypocrisy in supporting the #ClimateCO2N’s #fuelpoverty-driving #NetZero is left behind the curve of online Aquarian enlightenment: choked, despite his 2013 #PiersCorbyn #DailyTelegraph article, by his popularity-courting weakness.

#PointlessBoris is a follower, not a leader.

#PiersCorbyn and #WeatherAction, by contrast, forge their own path — which the rest of the world is starting to see, helped this week by Breitbart’s confirmation that #GeorgeSoros has been a major driver and backer of XR: the #ClimateCO2N’s raucous effort to survive global cooling, as expanding snow, North and South, make fools of its knaves.


Boris #SunDrivenClimate article from 2013



!!! #TotalEclipseOfTheTruth !!! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQdqS4jH058 !!!



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