!!! From the UN and WHO to #SadiqKahn: #Agenda2030 blocks London traffic —

and #NetZeroBoris watches — as #DailyTelegraph and #MainstreamMedia awake !!!

This is the spread of OS-XR from Camden to the whole of London: Agenda2030 — as reported by TruthExcites.com in December, 2019, shown below this Telegraph link.



!!! Courtesy Neil Jones !!!

“Several bridges across the Thames may be closed entirely to motorists, while congestion is destined to soar as pavements are widened and streets are closed. Supporters of such schemes claim that only a small number of drivers in the city centre will be affected. But what about the thousands of delivery drivers, small business owners and sole traders who cannot get around except by car or van? These are groups that are already struggling financially thanks to the impact of the lockdown.”

He’s also creating unsustainable bottlenecks that the city will have to suffer.

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