In 2011, Glenn Beck, then at #FoxNewsChannel, devoted a live talk show to chronicling the illegitimacy of the #FederalReserve, in an hour that featured a live interview with Edward G. Griffin, author of ‘#TheCreatureOfJekyllIsland’, that describes its formation as an illegal cartel in 1913 — and the invalidity of the credit it was declared licensed to issue.

In the forms of food and heating, energy that harmonises with our body’s Schumann resonance supports life. People communicate and agree on deals — swapping an avocado for an apple, or a task. That agreement is money.

Collectively agreeing on an exchangeable commodity — a currency — makes more transactions possible than bartering because product demand doesn’t have to be two way — so trading volume goes up.

This fact frees everyone to extract, create and sell. Everyone becomes positive, and the collective ship floats. If everyone waits to receive, they are negative and the ship sinks, as happens with government dependency and socialism.

But, the floating ship needs to be buoyed up by real value — not fraudulently declared value, used by a cartel to blackmail the world, which is the situation that pertains through the FED and the world banking system.

Fraudulent money printers are also energy-suckers: they issue credit and thence debt from their declared yet uncreated wealth, thus acting as blackholes: drawing in others’ energy, having given nothing out themselves. They are financial and therefore physical cancers on in the planetary web of humanity.

When the #Scamdemic is unpicked, the debt that the central banking system may declare governments to owe it, on behalf of the people, for the life-wrecking privilege of being locked down, will not exist.

It will not exist because the #lockdowns were carried out illegally and on the basis of lies and manipulation — and, separately, because the central banking system and the FED are illegal to start with.

Making this point will invalidate further power grabs from the cartel, including the insultingly celebrated #GreatReset, which can be met with the #GreatReject.

Once restored, the real banking system will free, rather than enslave, humanity; to thrive, communicate, hug, congregate and share the light of God — not the dark voltage of a blackmailing vortex that seeks to frighten, divide and rule.

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