God empowers via connection to the genitive source of divine conscious energy at the centre of the universe.

If one imagines creation as a sphere, accepting God’s warming rays would be drinking in light from its centre — as from the fabric of the Big Bang. Rejecting these divine rays — due to ego’s desire for local independence from God, in a falsely claimed capacity as rival, life-generating equivalent — would leave the individual concerned cold.

Not having the internal structure to make and exhale energy, and having severed the radial link to God, the rejector would need to steal from a peer to access life-force through a roughly arc-like, not radial, path. This would make the Godless ego rapacious and destructive: like a vampire, it would be an energy-sucker made desperate by isolating pride. Perhaps aptly, Buddhists sometimes call such beings ‘hungry ghosts’, describing their lack of light, heat and cosmic nourishment.

Adam and Eve, too, felt cold when they broke from God’s central fount. Thus offline, ego was streamlined to nature’s twisted beauty by the hostile dynamism of competition for energy, amidst the shortage of removal from God. Low vibrations tempted souls to feed, as the law of the jungle hooked fallen man, via the vulnerability ensuing from his investment in predation.

The asymmetric dynamism of a pentagram’s five fold spin grins cyclonic hunger.

But the truth of radial connection to divine light remains simple — and ultimately powerful.

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