God empowers via connection to the genitive source of divine conscious energy at the centre of the universe.

If one imagines creation as a sphere, accepting God’s warming rays would be drinking in light from its centre — as from the fabric of the Big Bang. Rejecting these divine rays — due to ego’s desire for local independence from God, in a falsely claimed capacity as rival, life-generating equivalent — would leave the individual concerned cold.

Not having the internal structure to make and exhale energy, and having severed the radial link to God, the rejector would need to steal from a peer to access life-force through a roughly arc-like, not radial, path. This would make the Godless ego rapacious and destructive: like a vampire, it would be an energy-sucker made desperate by isolating pride. Perhaps aptly, Buddhists sometimes call such beings ‘hungry ghosts’, describing their lack of light, heat and cosmic nourishment.

Adam and Eve, too, felt cold when they broke from God’s central fount. Thus offline, ego was streamlined to nature’s twisted beauty by the hostile dynamism of competition for energy, amidst the shortage of removal from God. Low vibrations tempted souls to feed, as the law of the jungle hooked fallen man, via the vulnerability ensuing from his investment in predation.

The asymmetric dynamism of a pentagram’s five fold spin grins cyclonic hunger.

But the truth of radial connection to divine light remains simple — and ultimately powerful.

!!! #PurityIsPower !!!


Many of the pre-Covid circuses, including Hollywood entertainment, pop-music and professional sport, were owned and controlled by anti-human forces, who used their shows to dumb down and enslave.

The music elites — like J Lo and Lady Gaga, who both promote masks — addicted people to cheap thrills, thus weakening them, and making them more dependent on herd belonging, with less individual critical judgement.

Then, the corrupt authorities behind such figures withheld the drug: with mass CovidHoax brainwashing, they banned nightlife, social and sexual interaction, and mass gatherings for sporting and cultural events.

As drug supply controller, they had the addicts at their mercy.


Yet the addicts had only been enslaved by choosing the cheap stimulation of evil’s outskirts in the first place.

In 2021, those who still yearn for the same institutions and entertainment establishment that are now blackmailing them with anti-human and medically useless restrictions, are ready to accept their prison. They are accelerating a needless reality of Orwellian Health Passports, which have gone from ‘conspiracy theory’ to government project in less than a year.

But those who recognise the corruption of the Covid Project — and of the establishment institutions that, for decades, have entertained the world in order to gain enough traction to exploit it, can start anew: profoundly.

Taking a leaf from the Amish book, they can connect with their own amusements and creative output, connect with God by their own means, and access and share energy from their own platform.

They can link to no one — or two millions, as fits their mood and the situation.

They can do what they want — if they give their choice divine reality by triangulating it with God, not with tempting but treacherous evil.