As the anti-jab drumbeat grew across London on Friday, one taker of the first jab RETURNED — with her family — to a vax minibus parked outside Victoria station, to make them aware of the bad reaction that she suffered to this government-pushed, bigpharma-engineered programme.

More details to follow on this story.

!!! ILL INTENT !!!

Without studying a single Petri dish — never necessary to establish basic, personal freedom, in a reality where genuine emergencies are obvious without needing laws — we know that if BigPharma’s Covid vax programme was an imperfect but genuine response to urgent need, they would pay compensation when it went wrong.

Their indemnity — whether legally valid or not — shows a lack of integrity in their approach.

So does the very notion of holding basic liberties hostage until people accept jab as promised key to freedom. Needed products sell themselves without blackmail — until 2020 unthinkable, state-sanctioned on this scale in the Western world.

The blackmailer — and thence any product they push — are rendered untrustworthy by the blackmail. This is especially noteworthy if their product is an irreversible injection, through which any takers place their health and life in the pharma industry’s hands.

Freedom, and wellbeing through personal effort, are taken, not given. For the past year, the globalist establishment has been showing that.

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