The UN power-grab, pushed with the twin frauds of the climate and covid hoax, is often described by leftwing anti-globalists as fascist, and rightwing libertarians as communist.

The communo-fascist pyramid of the NWO involves both. Its summit combines governments, banks and mega-corporations, a state-corporate partnership for world governance that is the definition of fascism. Its base is left of centre, culturally Marxist, national puppet governments, whose fake-progressive mantle licences their tax and power grab, in the name of the covid and climate con, in their mission to become bloated platforms for imposition of NWO edicts.

To stop this process, as well as busting the #CovidClimateCon, we need to identify its author: we need to expose the sober, suited criminals of government, business and mainstream media, or — riding blind public trust in pinstripes — they will reoffend with a new, life stopping hoax.

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